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The invention of Google’s smart mobile operating system – Android is still one of the most popular things in the app technological sphere. In fact, it powers more than 80 % of the world’s mobile devices as well as tablets. According to stats, games dominate as the most popular apps registering a 36 per cent score of all downloads. Moreover, games contribute a whopping 89% of all revenue as far as Google Play store is concerned. According to a study conducted by Google in 2015, there are 1.4+ billion of Android users globally. This study continues to point out that android app development is a vital aspect in this technologically-informed business era.

Our Areas Of Specialization

  • HTML5 Mobile Game Application Development
  • Facebook Game Development
  • iOS Game Development
  • Window Game Development
  • Android Game Development
  • Multiplayer, Single & Multilevel Games
  • 2D & 3D Game Development
  • Casino Games
  • HTML5 Mobile Game Application Development - Bestowed with highly skilled and dedicated developers/designers, we can handle any HTML5 game app development in a timely and at an affordable rate.

  • Facebook Game Development – Equipped with the finest technologies, our developers look set to build any lightweight game application for Facebook,which can help promote the business prolifically.

  • iOS Game Development - Our extensive proficiency in iOS development framework has continued to help us build superior iOS game apps that create superb gaming experience.

  • Window Game Development - With us, you can experience our new,but fantastic features on Windows platform. We offer specialized Windows Game development services that conform to the highest level of designing proficiency.

  • Android Game Development - We are experts in coding techniques. Thus, trust us to impart feature-rich Android game apps based on diverse scenarios.

  • Multiplayer, Single & Multilevel Games - We have a team who are adroit in game development who can work around the clock to develop any level of the game - multiplayer, single or multi-level. Therefore, you can dare dream and we will ensure that your dream is actualized.

  • 2D & 3D Game Development - Our staffs are equipped with contemporary skills on 2D and 3D interfaces to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Our staffs are equipped with contemporary skills on 2D and 3D interfaces to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Others Include

  • Action & Educative Games
  • Sports Games

Auxano Global Services: The Power To Unlock Your Dreams

Within a few years, we have managed to deliver numerous projects with 99% customer satisfaction. Quality and domain specific development team has been the key secret to our tremendous success. Since our inception, we have managed to build customized mobile apps that meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Gaming is a serious area you should seriously consider and Auxano Global Services is the right company to partner with to actualize your dreams. We are one of the leading Android Game Development service providers with cutting edge Android game development expertise. We know no boundary in this sphere and we won’t fail you.

Although it is lithe, the Android platform can be very complex and tricky. Therefore, before you rush into getting your game app development done, it is vital that you task a company that is expansively conversant with app development environment as well as the real platform.

Fortified with massive app development experience, our developers are highly gifted with advanced Android Security Architecture skills, Android Media APIs and Software Development Kit plus other vital Android app development tools.

Over the years, Auxano Global Services has been working hard to develop robust Android game development muscle. This has enabled us to successfully deliver projects in different business settings. We have always relied on our strengths to deliver result oriented services. Our strengths include:

  • Good App Design Techniques
  • Skilled Android Game Developers
  • Quality Assurance and Timely Delivery

Auxano Global Services– Unrivaled Android Game Development Company

We always strive to equip our developers with latest game development technologies on the market today. We let our staffs attend ongoing workshops on android developments on a regular basis. With technologies such as the Cocos2D-x, the advanced Unity3D, Unreal and Angular JS, we look set to redefine your gaming experience. So for all your Android game app development needs, we are just a call away.

Why Us?

  • An Unbeatable User Experience
  • Top Android Developers
  • Quality Deliverables
  • Porting Apps To Different Platform
  • Monetization Support

Our Exclusive Services

We offer a wide range of android development apps. They include:

  • Adventure and Action Games
  • Educational and Puzzle Games
  • Racing Games
  • Sports Games
  • 2D and 3D Games
  • Multiplayer and Casino Games