Powered by 20+ years of Asp.NET development experience, Auxano Global Services designs and creates contemporary .NET business applications using its powerful .NET Framework dominant programming model plus extensive API set. With .NET framework, you can create business solutions that can work just how you want. From the public, private cloud, to client devices like desktops and smartphones, the customized .NET development services will let you design and create your business’s particular business solution.

Asp.Net Development Services

Asp.Net Services We Offer Include:

  • Windows Azure Development Service
  • ASP.NET Development Services
  • .NET Mobile App Development
  • .NET Application Migration

Windows Azure Development Service

Windows Azure, Microsoft’s leading cloud-based operating system, is one of the hottest .NET services being sought after in today’s technologically informed era. With our highly-skilled Windows Azure developers, we look set to develop almost all Azure based websites. We are also knowledgeable in distributing applications, developing cloud services, devising data storage, and offering promising mobile and windows azure migration services.

ASP.NET Development Services

ASP.NET is a highly reliable scripting language that’s becoming increasingly popular for its ability to network with tailored web applications. It offers bespoke web solutions to facilitate the operations of complex business operations.

We only hire dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced ASP.NET developers with immense experience in handling DOT NET technology.

Hiring .NET programmers from a reputable company like Auxano Global Services would help you enjoy the benefits, features, utmost security, and functionality that come with the robust ASP.NET.

.NET Mobile App Development

Auxano Global Services possess years of app development experience to take your mobile app experience to the next level. What this means is that we can develop apps on virtually any Windows platform. Some of the past projects we have managed to successfully undertake to include Windows Phone 8 and 7 apps, cool Windows Mobile apps featuring excellent user experience. These apps have managed to solve many business problems, giving users ample time to concentrate on other pertinent matters.

.NET Application Migration

We have heavily invested in .NET allocation migration or Legacy Modernization in helping our clients with different solution across an assortment of scenarios. As such, our clients can leverage our extensive experience in migrating their existing legacy / web app into .Net. So, you can account on us to migrate:

  • ASP to ASP.Net
  • ASP to MVC
  • VB.Net to C#
  • VB6 to VB.Net
  • Javascript to .NET
  • .NET 1.x, 2.0, and 3.x to .NET 4.0 and 4.5

If you’ve been looking for ways to move your current .NET app into the technology of your choice, we are just a call away. We have a team of dedicated .NET Migration team who can work around the clock to fulfill your needs, including to migrate:

  • ASP.Net to JavaScript
  • ASP.Net to Node.js
  • C# to JavaScript
  • C# to VB.Net
  • ASP.Net to MVC

Auxano Global Services At A Glance

Auxano Global Services’ .NET development experience snaps from Asp.net web application development , E-commerce cart development, to 3rd-party integration and customization. With Auxano Global Services, you will also enjoy the benefits of .Net data management solutions (like SSIS, SSRS, and Crystal Report), Asp.net web API development as well as .net web services. This company is experienced in handling .Net 3rd party tools integration plus .Net maintenance & support. In addition to these services, we can also help you with:

  • .Net Extension

  • Asp.net MVC Development

  • Asp.net Migration Services

  • Windows Communication Foundation

  • VisualWebGUI, Resharper etc And .Net Application Performance Based Tuning

Why Us

We value our clients, and we will do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with the .NET solutions we offer. Besides our quality services, you will get the following benefits:

  • Higher Efficiency - We build highly effectual website solutions by utilizing robust wed development platforms that support a good number of languages.

  • User-Friendly Solutions - Since ASP.NET solutions are very effective and have been trusted and tried, we can help you leverage all its benefits.

  • Robust but Scalable - We pride ourselves in developing robust and customized web applications featuring reduced number of codes, which helps boost its scalability and viability. This helps clients meet all their business needs.

  • Trusted Web Solution - We use a holistic approach with proven methodology to develop customized web solutions for clients globally.

Quality Service Is Our Forte

We always strive to become the industry leader in providing .NET web solutions. So, whether you need .NET migration solutions or ASP.NET mobile development application, coi8nt on us to deliver. We are efficient, accurate, and thorough!