Cross Platform Mobile App Development

The current world has fully gone mobile. Technology has taken center stage in every organization’s day-to-to-day activities. Undoubtedly some enterprises can focus only on mobile operating systems and neglect the others, yet it’s vital for them to concentrate on a myriad of devices with numerous OS. Gone are those years when you were contented with having a single mobile application. Today, it’s essential that the app should support BlackBerry gadgets, Tabs, iPads, Amazon Kindle, and Windows Phone.

Creating Universal Mobile Apps

Writing a code once and enjoying multiple markets isn’t just a tempting aspiration but also a rational and practical strategy. Utilizing the powerful capabilities of Cordova and Xamarin, Auxano Global Services creates mobile apps that work across multiple platforms, including Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, with exceptional functionality and unique design allure.

Our Cross Platform Mobile App Offers:

  • High Performance
  • Low Development Costs
  • Native User Experience
  • Quick Delivery
  • Easy Maintenance

We Welcome Your Ideas

We welcome all our client’s mobile app ideas and work hard to ensure that they’re authentically implemented. Our expert developers are ready to offer professional consulting before you start working on your project. Remember, this is free of charge. Once your specific requirements have been analyzed, we’ll help you find the right development technology that’ll perfectly match your application’s needs.

Our Focus

At Auxano Global Services, we carefully evaluate the sustainability of all cross-platform developments based on your business demands; utilize the mobile app to save on time, cost, and effort; and most importantly focus on reliability and robustness of the app to perform various tasks on multiple devices and platforms.

Why Cross-platform Apps?

The cross-platform enable the creation of multiple source codes for an app, which is then converted into code for the respective native environment: Windows, Android, iOS, and much more. This allows for more native-like app performance than hybrid applications. Also, developers can go ahead and reuse codes that have already been written, enabling the platform to handle the compiling, instead of having to write two different codes like you’d for from-scratch native apps. That’s why cross-platform mobile applications are extremely fast and cost-effective.

In addition, this software simplifies the deployment and release of your application’s updated versions, saving you substantial amounts of time and resources. Featuring extended plug-ins and dashboards, the cross-platform can help you keep track of all analytic operations, making things much easier and efficient.

Popular Cross-platform Networks

Not all mobile solutions are equally created, so it is crucial to understand the strengths of each, considering the amount of integration you’ll require, and how much you are willing to pay. Here is a quick outline of the most common cross-platform tools.

  • Xamarin : This software utilizes C# language for developing the cross-platform. C# is a statistically approved language with powerful tooling and IDE support. Additionally, most companies already have professional programmers in their in-house technology departments. That’s why most enterprises believe that Xamarin is an incredible investment.

  • NativeScript : This software seeks to avail web-like programming to mobile app development. It uses Javascript as its main development language. Plus, it supports Angular, CSS, and TypeScript styling. Though it’s quite new in the market, NativeScript is still potentially productive.

  • Appcelerator Titanium : Another important player in the mobile app domain. Just like NativeScrip, this software also utilizes Javascript as the primary language for development and seeks to bring familiar web development prototypes to native mobile app development.

  • Ruby Motion : Here, Ruby Motion is the key language for development. It needs separate GUI codes for Android and iOS, nonetheless, business logic can be salvaged across platforms.

Auxano Global Services Has The Necessary Expertise Handle Your Needs

Over the past years, the mobile app development market has evolved and expanded significantly. Previously, you needed highly-skilled mobile developers to create an application. And you were doing it from scratch in an integrated development environment. But nowadays, seasoned developers can access different types of tools that enable them to create applications faster than ever. Besides, you can now build cross-platform apps that’ll allow you to attract more users to your site, regardless of the location, device type, or income. Best of all Auxano Global Services has the necessary expertise and equipment to create advanced cross-platforms that are extremely delighting to your users.