Auxano Global Services is a leading iPad application Development Company based in USA and India. We are leading the iPad app development industry for past 10 years. If you need a new iPad app for business or redesign current app for all new iPad better user experience, we are the pioneers. Our iPad apps are unique and compelling experiences in communication, creativity, entertainment, reference, reading, science, and utilities. Our team has built few most downloaded and top-ranking iPad apps for the iTunes App Store for categories like business, education, quiz, e-commerce and health & fitness. We are having a vast experience in developing apps for iPad with our share of exposure that your company may leverage and gain from.

We are developing the best UI and UX for apps. Each app of ours is a result of planning & research of client’s idea, ongoing market trends, target audience and various project execution technologies. We believe in simplifying enterprise computing operations and improving user implementation for our client's businesses.

iPad App Development

Our Process for iPad App Strategy

  • Our team detects device capabilities; accordingly adapt the content that will be delivered

  • We believe in keeping things simple with an effective layout. Information is structured into a layout that minimizes vertical and horizontal scrolling and needs for zooming

  • Hide unnecessary text and links to maintain the best use of screen real estate

  • Video formats are adaptive to what is supported by the device

  • Interaction mechanisms are customized based on the capability of the device

  • Response time is taken into consideration by minimum data usage on mobile devices

Before we create a iOS app, we need to think about what will be useful for clients target audiences who will use our application. As we develop client’s project charter, we ask our self some basic questions: Who is my intended audience? Our team takes care of every type of user into account while creating the roadmap for the app. What all features and functionality to be incorporated in the mobile setting? This is been decided as per the services offered by our client in an industry. What resources do we need from communication staff in terms of promotion and marketing? Here effective marketing strategies including paid advertising, real-life promotions and inbound marketing are taken into consideration as per the need. Exhaustively App testing and portability is taken care along with support and maintenance.

Polished and Designed for the iOS Environment

We deliver polished iPad apps, flawless and capable taking advantages of all the features offered by iOS. We are all aware that Apple’s iPad continually pushes new boundaries in terms of functionality and hardware, to this app developed by us gives our clients leverage.

Our Team of iPad App Developers

Auxano Global Services is leading iOS app Development Company . Our team of iOS app developers is experienced to achieve every requirement that your business demands. We have in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge tools and technical knowledge, which enables us to design high-performance custom build mobile applications for our clients need and projects. Quality Oriented work process, on – time delivery and Cost effective services is our key to success. Best industry practices help us to design and implement sustainable iPhone and iPad app solutions like Native iPhone App Development, iPhone App Consultation, iPhone App UX/UI Design, and iPhone App Integration.

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Why Choose Auxano Global Services for iPad App Development?

We cover all the aspects of an app’s goals, target audience, needs, and viability of functions. All projects whether it is for small enterprise or medium enterprise or a large-scale corporation, each project goes through a well-defined approach. Since our developer's expertise in exploring various platform features like push notification, location service in-app purchase, as well as app development tools like the game kit, external API's, HD Graphics, are coupling them with proper customization and then adding to an iPad app development project.

  • To execute steps in quick turnaround time we follow the agile methodology

  • Be it a small or a medium enterprise or for a large corporation, each project goes through a well-defined approach

  • Our in-house team of app designers, iPad developers , and mobile strategists delivers the best Apple app solutions and consulting services across diverse business needs

  • We create robust, flawless functions, exceptional interface design which leads to seamless user-experience

  • We use subtle of animation on state transitions

  • Our entire iOS app meets Apple’s stringent guidelines

Since iPad has been a massive adoption in the enterprise market. Mobile device with easy touch navigation is helpful in numerous ways. Even if one does not have an app idea for the enterprise, game apps and kids educational app also do very well on the iPad. Our team has learned and mastered the UI conventions to deliver the right aesthetics and experience to all our clients. We have delivered hundred of apps till date; our designers understand about what effort and tools it takes to make a great iPad app which is:

  • Stable and Reliable
  • Loads Fast
  • Consistent With The Platform
  • No UI Hang-ups
  • Provides Worthy Functionality