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Magento is an advanced e-commerce solution that provides merchants with maximum flexibility and control over their online store’s appearance, content, and functionality. Designed to be scalable and supported by an extensive network, Magento offers numerous e-commerce services, including development, design, testing, hosting, customization, and maintenance.

Auxano Global Services is a ISO 27001:2013 certified and leading magento development company that can help you realize all your online business objectives by leveraging the optimal power of Magento and customizing it to meet your specific needs and requirements. Magento is beneficial for B2B and B2C industries and those looking for a PHP-oriented open source solution.

Advanced tools and superfluity of customizable capabilities make Magento a fully-integrated online store featuring flexible display options, multi-sites functionality, multiple transaction options, and advanced user accounts for e-commerce development.

Currently, the best way to sell your products is through online marketing, where you can attract a greater number of customers as compared to the conventional approach. To satisfy the escalating demand of your clients, ensure that you find a framework which improves visibility, offers multiple overlapping solutions, supports many users, and is available worldwide.

Our Expertise In Magento E-commerce

We Specialized In The Following Areas:

  • Unrivaled Magento Web Design
  • Superb Magento Development Solutions
  • Result Oriented Marketing Services
  • Unwavering Client Magento Support
  • Extension Development
  • Magento Point On Sale (POS)
  • Unrivaled Magento Web Design - With a professionally designed website, you can distinguish your brand from that of the competitors; a process which can significantly boost your website’s revenue. Our ingenious team of Magento developers leverages talent plus industry best practices to build high-converting websites.

  • Superb Magento Development Solutions - We build a fully optimized website that exudes efficiency, flexibility, and durability. We always endeavor to make Magento our primary focus. As such, we have equipped our staffs with the latest trends in the Magento development industry. Consequent, we have managed to develop quality Magento sites and their extensions. Featuring certified and bonded Magento developers.

  • Result Oriented Marketing Services - Amplify your business’s online presence with the finest online marketing campaigns that exploits the generation of vital leads to boost your brand’s loyalty and revenue. Our marketing team will work around the clock to multiply your website’s impact through growing customized online marketing campaigns.

  • Unwavering Client Magento Support - Auxano Global Services has designed security features that protect your Magento online store such as continuous monitoring plus site improvements. We offer immediate protection to counter website crashes and new feature vulnerability.

  • Extension Development - With a team of certified Magento developers , you can count on us to build dependable extensions that boost your site’s overall productivity and revenue.

  • Magento Point On Sale (POS) - Our second-to-none point on sale (POS) system can help you Increase customer support. Moreover, you can utilize our quality designed system to expeditiously manage your website’s accounts and important process orders while on the move.

The Power Of Magento

Magento, an incredible open source E-commerce development (OSEDP) platform, offers significant offerings to you (the user) with its improbable development benefits facilitated via (Model-View-controller) as well as (Entity-Attribute-Value) database model with this e-commerce application platform, users have more powers as far as their possibilities are concerned. Considering other frameworks built to offer similar benefits, Magento has the versatility and features to match its amazing name. In fact, 150,000+ sites have been developed with Magento, making it a preferred Magento e-commerce website development option for most startups.

Our Powerful Techniques

At Auxano Global Services, we understand the power of Magento. As such, we have utilized its benefits to the best. We have utilized this vital e-commerce development application to build high-performance sites that demand scalability and reach. Moreover, our developers have managed to apply the flexibility of Magento features to develop website requiring customization like transaction options, multiple site functionalities, loyalty programs, plus product categorization to develop functional e-commerce modules to meet the ever-fluctuating needs of our clients.

Magento Solutions-the Pros

The benefits of Magento development services include:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Scalable Architectural Design
  • SEO Supportive
  • Unique Features
  • Simple Integration Process

Boost Your Visibility and Revenue

Here comes Magento, a powerful platform which allows us to improve the overall appearance and browsing of your site according to the specific user requirements, which are aimed at increasing the sales. We are specializes in several aspects of the Magento framework, from implementation and design to extension customization and whatnot. Our highly trained developers can build prominent and efficient Magento models for your e-commerce enterprise. As a leading web app development company , we can transform your business into a multi-dollar project.

Auxano Global Services - Your Ultimate Magento Solution

Auxano Global Services is a renowned Magento development company offering numerous custom services, including Magento Shopping Cart Creation, Magento e-commerce development, and Magento customization. Whether you’re looking to create an e-commerce website from scratch or improve your existing site, We can handle everything. Right from coding and installation to design and management, we provide powerful and scalable Magento solutions.

Establishing Successful eCommerce Stores

Our highly experienced developers and designers work closely with clients to establish successful e-commerce stores that boost online sales and meet their customer’s expectations. Our Magento solutions allow enterprises to customize the existent features to perfectly match the user needs and design just as required by the business. It’s an effective, navigation-hassle-free platform with inventive features that attracts maximum users, so to provide a high-standard solution.

  • The famous Racing and shooting games

  • Smart arcade games

  • Real-time strategic games

  • Quiz and Puzzle games

  • Educational games

  • Kids Games and Entertainment Applications.

Why not Try us Today

Auxano Global Services has exceptional capabilities and widespread experience delivering successful Magento-base e-Commerce services to various businesses across the world. Our professional developers are conversant with the requisites of contemporary business skills. They observe international internet standards so as to strengthen your online presence while making you more visible as well through:

  • CRM and ERP Integration

  • Tax Systems

  • Third-party Integration

  • Protected Payment Gateways

  • Extensions& Themes Development

  • End-to-end Magento Solutions

  • Result-driven Project Management

  • Technology Consulting

Our exclusive solutions will boost the efficiency and effectiveness of data flow between different systems. Contact us today and find out how we can help you!