Symfony Framework Development

Symfony is one of the top-notch open source PHP framework which is use to develop web applications for various industry sectors. It is based on MVC ( Model-View-Controller), and constitutes a set of varied tools and methodologies. At Auxano Global Services, we use Symfony to develop websites, ranging from personal blog sites to high traffic yielding sites. The Symfony framework uses a set of reusable PHP components/libraries, databases and other intrinsic features for development of commercial, corporate, social and web applications of any complexity.

Auxano Global Services provides Symfony web development service and has always delivered high end solutions to clients. All our Symfony developers hold years of experience and have keen expertise in implementing best practice and techniques of Symfony web application development in order to create cost-effective and lucrative Symfony web applications.

You can hire our Symfony developers who possess in-depth knowledge of this framework and delivers Symfony web design and development solutions as per client’s need. They are skilled in plug-ins based web development which is aids in simple and faster web application development. Our state-of-the-art-development infrastructure is highly equipped with modern technological resources.

Symfony Framework Services and Solutions

  • Symfony Web Development

  • Symfony Component Development

  • Symfony Consulting Services

  • Symfony Maintenance and Support Services

  • Enterprise Level Portal Development by Symfony Framework Based Solutions

  • Symfony Plug-in or Bundle Development

  • Conversion of Your Existing Application to Symfony Web Application Framework

Advantages of Building a Symfony Based Web Application

  • Symfony speeds up the development and maintenance of web applications and also eliminates repetitive coding tasks.
  • It has a low performance overhead which is used with a bytecode cache.
  • Symfony is aimed at building robust application in an enterprise context.
  • Multiple database connectivity.
  • Independent for any database integration
  • Rich set of tools to increase productivity
  • Compliant to business rule
  • Proactive community
  • Unlimited flexibility and compatibility
  • Ease of Use and maintenance which results in decrease of support costs.

Symfony Web Development

We develop attractive symfony websites leveraging symfony framework to cater all your business requirements to establish an effective online presence strongly. Choosing symfony framework for web app development reduces the workflow, minimal development cost and many more. We utilize the interoperability feature of this innovative framework to harness the benefits of external softwares like Drupal, ORM Doctrine, phpBB, Swiftmailer and so on.

Symfony Component Development

Symfony components is one of the basic foundation blocks on which the best php web applications are build. It is a set of decoupled and reusable PHP libraries. These components can be implemented independently from the symfony framework.

Symfony Consulting Services

As a symfony consulting company our main goal is to deliver the project to our client as per their requirements. Consultation is really essential if you need to be pointed in the right direction. Whether you are a large enterprise or an individual client with a simple question regarding your symfony project we are ready to help you and provide you with our symfony consulting services. Our core focus in consulting services includes configuration management, build/deploy automation, or other DevOps related services.

Symfony Maintenance and Support Services

Maintenance and support of existing symfony websites and web applications. Our services is extended to include 24/7/365. We also provide various enterprise application maintenance support model specifically tailor made for enterprise clients. Our web application support services focuses on two areas : break-fix support and application enhancements. This includes production and functional support for custom applications and package implementations.

Enterprise Level Portal Development By Symfony Framework Based Solutions

Our symfony framework based enterprise level portal development solutions facilitates better collaboration and operational efficiency. We deliver end-to-end business portal, enterprise portal, e-commerce portal, content and media portal development.

Symfony Plug-in or Bundle Development

Do you think that your web application development has become lengthy? Would you like to avoid the mess when developing symfony web applications? Plugins is the best solution to all this problems. Adding plug-ins in your project will enhance its functionality. Various tasks are performed by plugins, but each of them can be helpful and useful when designing and developing your symfony websites.

Conversion of Your Existing Application to Symfony Web Application Framework

Customised web apps work exactly as per your requirement. Our experienced symfony developers are skilled in developing apps from scratch or built them around your existing system ( legacy systems) thus providing a bridge between the old and the new. The developed symfony web apps are methodically coded and are maintenance free, flexible and scalable.

Why to Choose Auxano Global Services for Symfony Development?

Auxano Global Services holds rich experience and proven expertise in symfony web application development. We are a preferred choice in Symfony framework development among the clients across the globe. The fundamental benefits you can avail by choosing our professional Symfony development services are :

  • Efficient and Fast Web Application Development
  • Customised Symfony Development Solutions
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Secure Code Authorization
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • Easy Availability of Plugins
  • Flexible Hiring Options
  • Qualified and Dedicated Symphony Resources, Programmers and Consultants
  • 100% Transparency, Throughout Projects