Yii Framework Development

Yii is one of the most popular PHP framework available for the development of Web 2.0 applications. Yii is pronounced as Yee and Yii stands for Yes it is. It is based on open source technology and follows OOPS (Object Oriented Programming System) concepts. Yii follows MVC pattern - the central idea behind MVC is code reusability and separation of logic and presentations. It provides the facility to model database data in terms of objects to avoid the complex and tedious nature of writing repetitive SQL statements. Yii comes with a range of validators as well as multiple helper methods and widgets. The indispensable requirement behind any web application is strong security and Yii is very much efficient in it. There is a built-in support for writing and running unit test and functionality test along with efficient error handling.

The Features of Yii Framework Includes:

  • MVC Architecture
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Ajax Enabled Widgets
  • Web Services
  • Security
  • Skinning and Theming
  • Form Input and Validation

MVC Architecture

Yii framework has strictly adopted MVC ( Model View Architecture ) which separates the front end from the backend logic.

Authentication and Authorization

The authentication framework of Yii wires up various components to support the login feature in it. Yii provides authorization via RBAC ( Role Based Access Control ).

Ajax Enabled Widgets

Yii provides seamless integration with JQuery. It comes bundled with ajax enabled widgets such as treeview, data grid, autocomplete input field which facilitates to build highly efficient and versatile user interface.

Web Services

Yii supports automatic generation of complex WSDL service and management of web service request handling.


The various security measures undertaken by Yii includes SQL injection, XSS ( Cross-site scripting ), CSRF ( Cross Site Request Forgery ) and cookie tampering.

Skinning and Theming

This feature in Yii framework helps to switch to varied outlook view of a Yii-powered website.

Form Input and Validation

Yii framework provides faster input of data as it comes with a set of validators and numerous helper method to simplify the task. The above mentioned features of Yii framework clearly indicates that it is a best framework for today’s competitive business and web application world. Our business analyst and technical team are eagerly waiting to comfort you with Yii framework services. Please feel free to contact us any time.