s Special Care Unit Survey Web Application | Case study

Project Overview

'Special Care Unit Survey' is a Health Care portal iPad Application. While discharging from Hospital, Patient can give their feedback or opinions about services they have provided. Patient can give their reviews for Nurse, Rehab, and Respiratory and also for all categories.

Technologies Used

  • Volusion integration checkout services
  • CodeIgniter 3.0
  • Ajax
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • XML
  • cPanel

Key Features

Able to select their own Care Taker
Easy to give the Answer in Emojis
Timer to Answer the Question

Business Requirement

In this era, it has been very essential to get the reviews from the customers.

If you see the shopping carts it will ask its users to share the experience about the products. The same thing is yet to be introduced in Medical Industry.

Here also it should ask the patients about the services being offered to them in the form of survey. The questions & answers should be made in simple manner.

Our Solution

Give the feedback about the Services being offered by the Hospital. It is very simple to answer as it contains the creative emotion icons.

Timer is also being placed on the top to give the reminder. Patients can choose their care takers by viewing their unique photos. Give the Reviews on all the categories like Nurse, Rehab & Respiratory.

Employees can view their reports which are made on the basis of Surveys & that are analysed by the Admin. Employees earn the coins on the basis of the Reports being generated in the form of Pie-charts.


  • Web


The Special Care website is developed using PHP technology and as a backend uses MySQL technology.

While developing this website strict constraints were kept in mind purely oriented for enhanced customer services.

Use of high-end graphics software has given an eye-catching experience to the visitors of the website.