Tour and Travel Mobile Application Development

Reach Millions of Potential Tourists with Our Tour and Guide App

Nowadays, there is an escalated need for people to communicate and interact rapidly, effectively, and productively with their representatives as well as municipal services. Travelers are becoming increasingly reliant on their SmartPhones and tablets while on the go. It’s estimated that about 85% of savvy tourists use their phone while traveling abroad. Auxano Global Services builds outstanding mobile apps that enhance the urban experience, keep people connected, and make states more fun, sustainable, and vibrant places.

Tour and Travel Mobile App Comes of Age

Mobile technology has led to the emergence of copious traveling applications in the market, all featuring unique segments and strategies. These tour guide platforms have powerful capabilities that fully cater for your security and travel needs by serving as a comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a travel company or a tourism-related industry and are seeking to showcase your city or country in an exceptional way so as to make it more attractive for tourists to visit, consider getting a travel guide app. That’s the only futuristic way to stay connected with both your guests and clients.

Promote Your Services with Tour And Travel Mobile App

Like other industrial domains, the travel sector has also been subjugated by sophisticated technologies, the internet, and mobility techniques. Travel apps can help promote the services of tour companies as well as hospitality-based organizations. They make advance bookings easier while also simplifying operations and management tasks.

The Unique Features of Travel Apps

  • Maps
  • XML API integration
  • B2C internet booking
  • Custom travel solutions
  • Social media integration
  • B2B tour reservation systems
  • Audio and video guide
  • Celebrated restaurants, hotels, and well-known joints
  • Museums and galleries
  • Nearest hospitals

Tour and Guide App is The Best Way to Boost Your Revenue

We are determined to assist local governments to connect, interact, and communicate with their tourists or citizens. The applications created by our expert developers redefine that relationship through an array of valuable features. Each app is customized with your city’s colors and logo. There’s a misconception that tech-based solutions are extremely costly and complex to manage. Here at Auxano Global Services, we offer the most affordable mobile app development services without compromising on quality. Naturally, the ultimate value is fully dependent on the project type, customizations, and the intricacy of added features.

Innovative Mobile Aps from Auxano Global Services

With most tourists bringing their mobile phones on their trips, Auxano Global Services provides an innovative mobile app to engage clients after booking and at their destination. Not only do we focus on improving loyalty as well as customer satisfaction, but we also offer a meaningful opportunity for organizations to generate more revenue.

You seriously need travel guide applications as an ultramodern way to interact with your customers and tourists. We at Auxano Global Services have a proficient team of developers who’ve been creating top-notch apps, particularly tour apps which are highly beneficial to various travel companies.

Our tour and travel guides have been tested

We have successfully accomplished a wide range of projects that are highly rich in features and capabilities. They’re full of innovative ideas that’ll bring incredible benefits to your enterprise. Reach out to us with your specific requirements and let us build something ground-breaking for you. It happens often that visitors aren’t able to fully explore a destination because of inadequate awareness.

Being unfamiliar with the right locations to visit, eat, hang out, or stay can bring a lot of discomforts. That’s when mobile devices with travel guide applications come in handy. These exceptional platforms eliminate the need for guides, brochures or maps and give you full control of your trip. A comprehensive mobile app featuring audio and video guides of historical places, museums, and restaurants can be extremely empowering for the traveler.

What We Offer?

Over the years, Auxano Global Services has catered to varied segments of the travel industry by building ingenious tour guide applications. Each custom mobile solution meets the client’s specific requirements and adds value to the user-experience. Moreover, it attracts more people and generated added revenue. We utilize advanced and inventive technology to develop apps that are easy-to-use and outstanding in design with optimal usability.

It’s Your Turn

Tour guide apps are cropping up in the present world where tourism and hospitality is a booming industry globally. They’re an incredible way to promote destinations, hotels, resorts, galleries, and museums. Also, travel applications are a novelty as they’re widely being adopted by most travel operators and agencies.