Project Overview

xCess Manpower gives the complete professional recruitment solutions across all the sectors at PAN India level. Its main objective is to provide the better employment services for all the industries at all the levels of employment. It basically helps job seekers who can send their resumes & check the openings accordingly.

Technologies Used

  • PHP / MySQL
  • HTML / CSS
  • Ajax
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • cPanel
  • XML

Key Features

Post the Resume
Apply for Current Openings
Place an enquiry & get the confirmation Mail
Search the jobs by adding the keywords, location & position
Make User unable to see the details of the Employers

Business Requirement

The client was not actually looking for the biggest but "the best". They wanted effective recruitment solutions which allow their customers to develop and achieve their objectives.

We implement this by being innovative, professional and honourable in regards to every aspect of our recruitment practice.

They want an effective, accurate and fast-moving employment services that adds the value to their customers recruitment needs by providing them with consistent and efficient recruitment solutions & resources.

Our Solution

Auxano Global Services Pvt. Ltd. developed Web application name 'xCess manpower'. On this website job seeker can upload their updated resume, can go through the current openings & apply for the same.

Basically what a job seeker looks for? Location, positions, any specific keywords right! Here we have added this so that job seekers get the best of what they are looking for.

Additionally websites mainly represents candidates and clients across PAN India pairing recruitment professionals with skilled people to create better outcomes for the businesses, individuals and communities we work with.


  • Web


The Xcessmanpower website is developed using PHP technology and as a backend uses MySQL technology.

While developing this website strict constraints were kept in mind purely oriented for enhanced customer services.

Use of high-end graphics software has given an eye-catching experience to the visitors of the website.