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The Fat Hen allows customers to view the food items or book a table at their comfort from anywhere.

  • Time 2 Months
  • Team 2 Members
  • Platform Web App
  • Industry Food & Restaurant
  • Type Table Booking

About the Project

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    Project Overview

    The Fat Hen is a fantastic web application that showcases our client's Fat Hen restaurant online and allows customers to view the menu items from their home or book a table with an agile approach. The website was built on the Joomla framework.

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    Target Audience

    This website is designed to enable consumers to view the menu of the restaurant and book table online. This web app is intended to have a worldwide distribution.


Requirements by the Client

  • The client wanted to serve his consumers with the best and quality food at their comfort.

  • The main aim of this project was to allow users to book their table and see the menu from their home.

  • The client needed an interactive web application that can fulfill his goals.


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User Interface and User Experience

In the era of smartphones, websites should be responsive enough on every screen. If your website misleads or frustrates users, then it is not easy to maintain your customer's loyalty for your website.

Here intuitive navigation help websites in the leading audience to the information they are looking for without a learning curve.

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Our Solutions

The client just wanted an online presence for his restaurant chain and wanted to give ease to his users to access the menu and allow them to book their desired table, without any hassle.

In this project, we helped our client to figure out how we can integrate the booking option within the website. The client just wanted a website through which users can see the menu of his hotel chains and can visit directly by booking the table here.

We measured client demands and prepared booking options according to days, timings, and availability of the options in the restaurant. We preferred Joomla for this project and delivered the project on time to our client.

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