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Our Top Projects

Read the stories and get yourself familiar with our unique approach and ability to facilitate the clients throughout the product development journey.

Technology Expertise

Mobile App Development

We develop robust applications that render a magnificent experience to your users & brings tangible value to your business. Whether native, cross-platform or hybrid, our mobile app development team accouche solutions that run seamlessly on all operating systems and mobile devices. Take advantage of our extensive expertise for our industry-specific solutions.

Web App Development

We render web app development services for companies of every size and enterprises. At Auxano Global Services, we monitor your performance and work to achieve excellent product solution with our latest technologies and tools. Make your mark with our outstanding web application development services. Hire dedicated web app developers from us to rule the digital world.

Game Development

The gaming industry is at the boom and it is quite different from conventional apps as it needs the best technology, imagination, skill as well as creativity. Our gaming experts possess the potential to develop excellent games that can run on all OS. Our team of passionate designers and developers specialized in developing games in Unity3D engine and Unreal engine. We also have extensive experience in using tools and technologies to build cross-platform game apps.

Emerging Solution

Technology is present in everything we do and is eventually improving the way of living and working. Our tech vision digs into the IT trends that are rapidly reshaping every industry. We always keep track of emerging technologies and solutions to deliver the outstanding solution to you. These latest technologies give you the benefit such as the highest level of security with Blockchain and human-like chatbot through AI as well as machine learning algorithms. Our expert team can become your companion in this technology blending adventure.


With us, you also get the benefit of outstanding marketing services. Marketing is the weapon that can make you withstand in the market and we offer you the best in-house marketing services. We can help you stand out in the crowd. Grab the opportunity and beat your rivals, transform yourself from ordinary to extraordinary. If you want to make it worth then try and make it different, we have the experts that handle everything from SEO to Content Marketing, so that your idea can reach to the target audience. We can take you to the heights you always wanted to reach!!


Client's Testimonials

  • We have reached Auxano Global services for our app developement requirements. Our idea was unique and was almost impossible until told us and proved that it is possible. We are really happy with their development services and their management.

    CEO of Writetouch
  • Shopzz is an e-commerce marketplace application that is developed by AUxano Global Services. The company is the best mobile app development company, and I have had the chance to work with due to their policies and availability for their clients.

    CEO of Shopzz
  • Auxano Global Services is the best technology partner we have. They developed a quiz game app named Challvia, which is a great platform for marketing too. Their entire team is fantastic and collaborative, and I am happy with their mobile app development services as well as marketing services.

    CEO at Challvia
  • I had the pleasure of working with the game development team of Auxano Global Services, and it was a great journey. My game required a lot of effort, and it had many bugs that their people solved and developed over 100 levels for Imperfect Hero. They are extraordinary in game app development.

    CEO at Imperfect Hero


Technical difficulties

Technical difficulties

  • 01

    Smart Home

    Our Solution of Blockchain in Internet of Things.

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  • 02

    Chatbot Development

    Blending Machine learning and AI to give birth to an extraordinary Chatbot.

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  • 03

    Real Estate

    Virtual Reality as a catalyst in Real Estate with our unique strategy.

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