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Our Mobile App Maintenance and Support Services

Delivering customized application maintenance services to accomplish your goals.

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    App Monitoring
  • 2
    App Upgrade
  • 3
    App Enhancement
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    App Support

App Monitoring

We render an exceptional user experience by maintaining the performance of your mobile app. Under this service, we analyze your app performance and enhance it. Explore what services do we offer:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Usability Review
  • App Crash Monitoring
  • Source Code Repository & Versioning
  • Renewal Monitoring
  • App Store Management & Monitoring
  • OS and Device Update Review
  • App Feedback Monitoring
  • 3rd Party Integration Update Review
  • Server Monitoring
  • Analytics monitoring

App Upgrade

Providing smart ways to increase the agility of your app by maintaining the UI and upgrading your app on regularly using emerging technologies. Check out what we do to make sure that your app outperforms in the market:

  • Mobile app performance optimization
  • Refactoring deprecated code
  • Correct errors
  • Improve app interfaces and interactions
  • Upgrade to support upcoming OS and devices
  • Perfecting existing acceptable functions
  • Operational level support
  • Major upgrades and additions
  • Support new library versions
  • Data model migrations between update

App Enhancement

By our app enhancement services, we help you make effective business decisions by giving real-time information. We understand the value of this data for your business to acquire the target audience.

  • Feature extension
  • Migration script and backend server modification
  • Release plan and management
  • Performance enhancement
  • Minor, incremental and major improvements
  • Usability enhancement
  • Security enhancement
  • Continuous testing
  • App porting

App Support

Our support, as well as maintenance services, make your app more convenient to use. Here at Auxano Global Services, each of our client's concerns are addressed satisfactorily.

  • Solving customer queries
  • Enterprise system integration
  • App Deployment on app stores

Service models

We work as per your preference, choose one of these models to leverage our Android and iOS app maintenance services, which enhances your app’s performance, boosts app productivity, and results in higher ROI.

  • maintenance-annual-maintanance-contract

    Annual Maintenance Contract

    We offer yearly services in which comprises of app optimization, bug fixing, app upgrades, maintenance, etc.

  • maintenance-part-time-person

    Part-time/Full-time Team Allocation

    Under this model, you get a dedicated team for part time or full time, which maintains your app and its performance.

  • maintenance-scope-based-componant

    Scope Based Maintenance

    In this model, the client decides what services he/she requires by analyzing the app, and we will work as per the scope of maintenance at a fixed hourly rate.


Why choose us for mobile maintenance and support services

With our support and mobile app maintenance services, you get a highly functional app incorporated with trending technology that stands out in the market. Find out what makes us best out of the rest:

  • Client-centric approach
  • Free trial services
  • Skilled professionals
  • Result Driven Approach
  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Cost saving
  • 24*7 support from industry experts
  • Value-added services
  • Prompt query response

Technology & Tools

We have expertise in various cutting edge technologies and software tools to elevate your mobile app maintenance process.




Android Studio


React Native


Ionic Framework








How much does app maintenance cost?

App maintenance is crucial, and no one can ignore its impact on the business. There’s a myth in the market that app maintenance services costs a fortune.

The maintenance cost of an app varies as per the app complexity, features, etc. Besides this, another factor on which cost depends is who you hire to do it for you.

At Auxano Global Services, we offer free maintenance and support services for the first two months, which also include effective marketing services. Through this, you will further get an idea of how we are going to work and bring results for you.

Don't wait for the right time to give the required push to your app. Our services will not only act as a catalyst for your app but also boosts the productivity and efficiency of your app. To know more, just tap the button below and see your app thriving in the market.

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