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Movement Dynamics provides trainer-led video workouts for a variety of workout styles and goals, complete with different packages. Users can select from more than thousands of workouts in multiple packages


Movement Dynamics provides trainer-led video workouts for a variety of workout styles and goals, complete with different packages. Users can select from more than thousands of workouts in multiple packages, Which you can download to your phone for offline use. Workouts can be configured for distance, duration, intensity, and calories burned. Movement Dynamics doesn't only have an app they also have the website as well as apps for both Android and iOS.

Client Requirement

  • The client needed the web app, Android app as well as the iOS app. Apart from this two desktop versions one for Windows and another for Mac.
  • The client wanted different packages which can be purchased by the user according to his preference.
  • Online and Offline scenario - User must be able to watch downloaded videos offline.
  • There must be modules in the different packages, and those modules will contain the videos.

Key Featurelist


  • Sign Up/Login

    The user can sign up through the website only. From the website, the user will be able to get the login also.

  • Purchase Package

    The user can subscribe plans according to his requirements and also can renew the packages.

  • License Key

    The user will be able to get the license key when he subscribes to a plan. The user can get license key for multiple users from which he can log in to the app.

  • View Packages

    Can view packages for which he subscribed and can download videos which he can play in inbuilt player only.

  • Place Order

    The user can place the order for the books, manuals and other products.


  • View

    Admin can view all the users and their subscribed plans.

  • Cancel/Inactive the Plans

    Admin has the right to cancel or inactive anyone's plan.

  • Add User

    The admin can add a user after he will fill the sign-up form.

  • Can Add Packages

    Admin can add packages and manuals as well as the videos.

  • Order

    Admin can make changes in the order and can also cancel the order.


Defining the Requirements

Since Movement Dynamics was the first to come up with a concept for an athlete training concept, it was difficult to determine accurate project requirements and potential features that would delight the target audience.

Default Video Player

The client needed a default video player so that downloaded videos can be played in the app only. So to develop a player which encrypts the videos and can't be played in other video players was a significant challenge.

Implement the license key restriction

Another challenge was to implement the license key restriction when the user purchases the package for various other users.

GUI Constraint

Another major challenge was to maintain consistent performance, look and feel for users across various mobile platforms – iPhone & Android – because of different Graphical User Interface constraints.

Our Solutions

Built a Video Player

We suggested to the client that you should have an inbuilt player to play all the videos. As in this software, the videos play a critical role in which the user is purchasing various packages. So for the security purpose, we offered the client a custom build video player. This player can be used to play the downloaded videos in the app only. The videos will get downloaded in an encrypted manner which will be played in this inbuilt player. No one will be able to play the videos in any other video player.

Developing a POC first

We preferred to go the AGILE route by developing a Proof of Concept as part of a strategy to test the product with real customers.

Native App Development

After the development we got a good response for the website, then it was extended to native apps for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phones.


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