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Know the location of your employees every time they clock in clock out using Ontrax app. Capture employee attendance with just a simple click. Employees can also CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT at locations with this app. It also supports geofencing and photo capture.


Ontrax is a GeoFence application for the Smart Devices. This app mainly aims to monitor, track, and notify the people on a worksite, such as a construction site. The workers can automatically check-in and check-out once they enter into or exit from the place. They also can view their profiles, working hours, site's document, video or any other information. The admin can assign various privileges to actors such as a supervisor who can see the reports and keep track of their workers. This is a fantastic platform to keep the record of all the workers their task and their activities. The Admin is also able to see the live status of every member.

Client Requirement

  • The client needed a system to track his employees.
  • Clients wanted to have a system where he can manage all the attendance report of the workers.
  • The client required a precise and reliable system that can guarantee the correctness.
  • The client wanted different subscription plans so that other users can also use his app according to the requirement.

Key Featurelist


  • Sign Up/Login

    The user can sign up using the required details with the specific role. The user can also login with the password and id.

  • Accessibility

    The user can access the application according to the role assigned to him. Every position has its privileges and restraints.

  • View

    The user can view a few details such as his/her info, attendance, report, various pictures attached, overall activity.

  • Check into Site

    The user can check into the site through the app by entering the team code.


  • Purchase Plan

    Admin can purchase plan according to his requirement. There are different subscription plans for the site owners they can pick anyone according to their convenience.

  • Can add/delete/alter member

    Admin can add/delete/alter any information and any member from the site.

  • Can assign role

    Admin can assign the roles and can provide privileges as well as can also restrict the rights.

  • Can Generate reports

    Admin can generate and can view all the activity of the members.

Super Admin

  • Manage Subscription Plan

    Super Admin can manage all the plans, their validity, and their limitations.

  • View

    Super Admin can view all the active users as well as the active sites. SuperAdmin can also view all the activity but cannot make any changes in the details of the plans.

  • Can Cancel the Subscription

    SuperAdmin has the right to cancel anyone's subscription plan.

  • Report

    Super Admin can view the reports generated in the various plans.


In addition to solving challenges like time theft, geo-fencing also safeguards against time theft by preventing users from clocking in before they are at the worksite. For example, DATABASICS’ Clock In/Out module complies with the “7-Minutes rule” defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act. This ensures that employers are not only compliant with the law, but that they are fairly paying the employee without having to worry about paying down to the exact minute. Data about where users check-in is stored alongside their clock-in/clock-out data, for additional verification. With employee timesheet tracking with GPS geo-fencing, employers can be sure that employees are paid appropriately and fairly for their time spent on site.

To get the proper report of a person who works on multiple sites was also one of the biggest challenges resolved by Geofencing. It enables the organization to capture the attendance of their employees from any location, at any given time. It also allows tracking the real-time location of all your employees on the field or other work sites.

Our Solutions

Report Generation

Report generation help managers to see the progress graph of employees and tweak the plans to have a better outcome. Vital sales statistics can be viewed at any point to develop the new plan for next quarter to come.

Breaking the Barriers of Remoteness

Geo attendance system has broken the barrier of remoteness. It is rendering consistent communication between employees’ and managers. This has led to a new communication pattern for remote employees.

Implementation of Payroll

Integration of payroll with geo attendance system makes automated payroll process. Hence manual payroll process which requires human resource can be eliminated entirely. This will save cost to the company. Thus the Automated payroll is accurate and error free.


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