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  • Time 5 Months
  • Team 5 Members
  • Platform Mobile App
  • Industry Business
  • Type Communication
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About the Project

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    Project Overview

    Share That is a geosocial networking application by which you can reach out to new people and get to know their personal and professional life. Get connected with people by your geographical location. You can connect with people within a radius of 800 meters and you can request information.

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    Target Audience

    We are targeting the youth and professionals and everyone who is interested in connecting with new people around them.


Requirements by the Client

  • The client wanted to reach out to people nearest to them.

  • They were looking for an option where they can meet people personally as well as professionally at the same time.

  • Although it's a social app, a client asked for good privacy and security.

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Key Featurelist

1. Sign Up/Login

Users can log-in by giving the required details.

2. Create your profile

Build your profile by mentioning personal/professional details.

3. Find new people

Enable your location and get connected to the people nearby.

4. Get connected with the people

Share your profile and build up personal and professional relations on your go.

1. View Connections

Admin can see with whom you are connected.

2. Profile Management

Admin can manage your profile professionally and personally.

3. View Users

Admin can view the number of users on applications.

4. View Added Information

Admin can view user's information added on profile.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. Accuracy in geo-location

Our developers faced problems while locating an individual’s geographical position and permitting nearby people to see your profile.

2. Securing users data

The application needs to be secure and reliable for the users. Our team made sure to maintain the privacy of the users and the information should be secure.

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Our Solutions

Our expert developing team has the solution for every challenge. We ensure to make the Google map API stronger, so if the user comes in the radar of 800 meters they will be able to connect to the person within the diameter. This justifies our main goal, i.e to connect with nearby people on the basis of the user's location.

On the other side, we have developed a feature that got a big thumbs up from the audience is that user gets two option whether they want to get connected personally or professionally. Moreover, the user has the entire authority, one needs to send a request and the other has the option of whether they want to share the information or not.

Hence, privacy and security is been maintained and the application can be used in numerous aspects. You can use it in numerous ways such as making personal relations, searching for people with a particular talent, looking for freelancers, etc.

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