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A great social media platform where you can share posts that include pictures or videos along with exciting games.

  • Time 5 Months
  • Team 7 Members
  • Platform Android/iOS/Web
  • Type Social Media
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About the Project

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    Project Overview

    Sherr app has made sharing more compelling and exciting at the same time. Through this app, you can share the posts with amazing filters and moods. It also allows the user to follow their friends so they can enjoy post sharing. The twist here is that this app adds a few games while sharing the post as a challenge for your friend to make the sharing entertaining.

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    Target Audience

    This platform is designed for people who love to share their mood on social media. This platform is intended to have an in-house distribution for our client's organization.


Requirements by the Client

  • The client needed to create a platform related to social media where users can share posts amongst friends.

  • Requirements also included the game challenge for the users with whom you share the post.

  • The client required that the post should remain as the story for 24 hours.


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Key Featurelist

1. Signup/Login

Users can sign up entering the information and can log in through the credentials if he/she has already created the account.

2. Add friends

Users can add friends by sending a request to his/her friends or by accepting their requests.

3. Post Sharing

The user can share the post by adding a picture or video with or without preview and also can select the game that he/she wants the other user to challenge with.

4. Game Selection

Users can select the game that he/she wants the other user to challenge amongst the seven different kinds of games.

5. Chat Functionality

Users can chat with their followers using the app chat functionality.

6. Support

Users can mail directly from their account section in case of any support requirement.

7. Wondrous Moods & Filters

Users can pick any mood they want along with their post or can also add text to it. Users can use filters as well to capture images or videos.

8. Block

Users can also block any follower they want or also report the users in case of any insensitive content.

1. Add Games

Admin can add games that users can share before the post.

2. Manage Users

Admin can manage the profile and other activities of the user.

3. Manage Post

Admin can manage posts, and in case of abusive content, he/she has the right to delete it.

4. Monitor Chat

Admin can monitor the chat of users and can act if anything got reported in the conversation.

5. Add Moods

Admin can add moods to the app as per the user's demand and market trends.

6. Block/Remove Users

Admin can block/remove users from the app if he/she finds some insensitive activities.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

After the whole app got developed, the client demanded to add games to the app, which should be shown to another user before viewing the post while sharing. The client also required to create the games in Spritekit, which was not possible as for Spritekit, you need to create a new project. In this case, our developers created logical games in swift only that got appreciation from the client.

Another scenario was that our client required 35 different moods to add in video and photos as an option. Here the challenge was to develop 35 moods in Swift language, which is a very time-consuming task. If we had implemented all the moods in Swift, it could have taken double the time to deliver the project. To conquer this challenge, our developers made 35-40 moods in Webview and gif to implement this functionality fastly.

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Our Solutions

Sherr application received a great response from the users, and that made us happy. We rendered the best services to our client, and our client was very happy with what we delivered to him.

In the Sherr app, when the client demanded a few new features after the development, we took that as a challenge and delivered what our client desired. The introduction of the logical game to the app was one of our solutions to make sharing fun and more exciting, which worked well.

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