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The WireFinder


The construction industry is inherently dynamic and steadily evolving. There are a number of exercises to maintain such as asset management, managing workforce, etc.


The construction industry is inherently dynamic and steadily evolving. There are a number of exercises to maintain such as asset management, managing workforce, etc. endless activities continuously goes on the construction sites across the large geographic area. It determines to be extremely difficult to create an efficient and accurate inventory system to keep all the logs and to accommodate such a robust and dynamic sector.

Esteeming on traditional and cumbersome methods such as records or spreadsheets are not only unreliable due to human error, but they are also labor-intensive and high-priced. So to overcome the hassle for our client we have created The Wire Finder, an app that can manage all the tedious tasks without any errors and also can keep the logs of assets. It's a complete platform for construction with powerful and easy-to-use software that requires no training. Our app helps the entire team collaborate on the most critical edifice information the construction plans.

This product can be encapsulated as a critical connector between every single activity in the construction area along with the detail description. The geo-tracking implementation also enabled to track every entity registered in the app.

Client Requirement

  • Client required an asset management system with different type of assets.
  • The Requirement of different modules was also provided by the client.
  • Tracking and pinning the detail description of assets.
  • Client also desired for an app that can relieve the pain point of using paper.

Key Featurelist


  • Login/Signup

    The user needs to login via Username and Password provided by Admin on the particular Email Id.

  • Select Mode

    The user can select the mode from the three modes that are
    - View
    - Design
    - Contract

  • Search and Select Project

    The user can search the Project from various projects on the basis of
    - Project Number or
    - Exact Address or
    - Map Intersection

  • Add/Delete/Edit Assets

    The user can add, delete and edit the details of the assets by mentioning all the required information in the Design Mode.

  • Can View

    The user can only view the construction area, the added assets as well as the other information that a project contains in the View Mode.

  • Can Manage Meetings

    According to the privileges provided by the Admin, the user can create meetings, add/delete members and can assign tasks to the members.

  • Mark Up the Alterations

    The user can Mark up the plans with notes, photos and videos, right from the field. Also, can share with the team in real-time.

  • Pin Assets with details

    The user will be able to pin issues to a specific location and can track them end-to-end, whether it’s defects, inspection notes, or design coordination.

  • Upload Project Reports

    This option is only open to “Design” and “Contracts” users. Depending on the user's privileges, the project will be uploaded to each of their respective divisions.

  • Sync with the Team

    All projects will be uploaded automatically as soon as the device gets connected to the Wifi.


  • Add a new user

    Admin can add the ‘New User’ form
    - Upload new user info to the server and create the user account
    - Display the new user’s username and temporary password
    -Email the new user login info

  • Add a new project

    Fill out the ‘New Project’ form
    - Upload the info to the server
    - Create a new project, now accessible by users

  • Locate a user

    - Look for all active users (activated GPS).
    - Display a list of all active users.

  • Have the option to display all users on a map

    Can select a member and can see his details whether he is active or not and all the timings. Admin can see all the details of all the members and can also edit them.

  • Map

    Admin has the option to add any new subdivision/project terrain map. This new layer will be then added to the server, and all users will have access to this map.


In addition to solving challenges like time theft, geo-fencing also safeguards against time theft by preventing users from clocking in before they are at the worksite. For example, DATABASICS’ Clock In/Out module complies with the “7-Minutes rule” defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

To get the proper report of a person who works on multiple sites was also one of the biggest challenges resolved by Geofencing. It enables the organization to capture the attendance of their employees from any location, at any given time. It also allows tracking the real-time location of all your employees on the field or other work sites.

Our Solutions

Created an environment where the focus was on performing the work safely rather than burdening the worker with enormous amounts of time managing the paper documents and procedures. We also defined the geo-fencing boundary to the project with precise measurements to improve the user accessibility. The best part is the admin can see all the activities of all the projects in live view. Given the administrators one place to organize users, projects and various assets. This innovative approach for tracking site progress which removes the need for daily inspections and allows the team to generate accurate and georeferenced data easily.

This application aims to change the way projects are managed, and this platform is designed to simplify the project data sharing between all the users. Keeping all the projects team regularly informed about the site progress enables better collaboration and coordination.


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