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Surprising mHealth Stats

Don't believe the words but these statistics will make you think the change is disrupting the Healthcare Industry. As the mobile wave is taking over the whole world, its impact on the healthcare industry is overwhelming!

Mobile Health Apps

Daily Added Apps
200 App
Apps Available

Mobile apps accelerated digital health growth. Applications reintroduced the healthcare methods and wholeheartedly adopted by people.

App Downloads Stats

More than 5 Apps Downloads
41% Download
At least One App
58% Users

Fitness and health app are the choices of everyone. Jump into the race with our healthcare app development services and rule this massive industry.

Connected Health Market by 2020

$37 bn Globally

Ever growing Connected Health market is changing how people look after their health & access to health services.

Global mHealth Market by 2025

$150bn Globally

The global mHealth market will jump to touch the sky by 2025. Get into the game before it’s too late with our healthcare solutions.


Healthcare App Development

Who We Are ?

At Auxano Global Services, we provide engineered solutions for the healthcare industry. We are your technical partners, with our years of experience we can provide you the desired product solution to help the healthcare industry. We help to address the complexities of healthcare management so the life givers like you can focus on their responsibility. We can be your partner in harnessing the revolutionary healthcare technology with our notable experience and using digital solutions to amplify patient experience and to render ease to the users in this critical industry.

We are proud of serving the best crafts out there. With our deep expertise in product design and development to proffer the excellent user experience over the entire customer journey, we work with you to deliver the excellent result at every step.


Healthcare App Development

How Are We The Best?

Stating that we are the best isn't easy. It took us years and many projects to reach this level. Whether you are working in the back office or as a doctor, we help our patrons by delivering effective, efficient and affordable product solutions. Our work has proved that we are the best technology partner for your healthcare needs. We are good listeners, excellent developers, and pro-level marketers. Our offerings drive your profit by saving time so that you can focus on your purpose and makes your business successful.

What sets us apart from others is that we have experience in developing an EHR/EMR solutions that helped in accommodating the unique needs of patients. On the other side, our experts also have experience in building RIS, RCM and LIS made us stand out in the healthcare industry.

Type of Application

Type of Application

Medical software is now in critical demand in the healthcare industry as it enables doctors to monitor and manage patient data and other health records. Check out the categories of healthcare solutions:


Healthcare CRM


Urgent Care Apps


Hospital Management


E-prescribing Software


EHR/EMR Software


Medical Practise Management Software


Medical Billing Software


Pharmacy Management Software

Standard We Follow

Our healthcare mobility solution and software development
professionals ensure you that our offered product abides by all the regulatory standards.



    We make sure that our healthcare solutions are HIPPA compliant, which incorporates security and other confidential information related to the patients and doctors. These sort of conversations and data are secured on mobile devices through the client-server model.

  • FDA


    FDA is responsible for the validation that the software has made to address the cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Our product solutions and healthcare applications are FDA compliant. FDA plays a significant role when it comes to the healthcare industry for software validation.



    All the mobile health apps and solutions we develop abides by the HITECH Act. Our products and solutions pass all the security audits that ensure implementation of HIPPA privacy and security practices.

  • HL7


    This Healthcare IT standard is for protecting the information sharing and retrieval of electronic health info that is related to clinical practice and management, evaluation of health services and other healthcare services that needs the info. We take your data and info seriously, our apps and solutions are compliant of HL7.



    Our healthcare solutions and products ensure compliance of all the necessary standards. DICOM is the international standard to transmit, store, print, retrieve, display and process medical imaging information. Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine is compulsory when it comes to digitalizing healthcare solutions.

  • ISO & IEEE

    ISO & IEEE

    There are a variety of standards used in the Healthcare industry for securing the interoperable exchange of information. IEEE and ISO standards are originally defined for interoperability. Auxano Global Services follows all the requisite standards for healthcare solutions.

Engagement Model

We offer three different types of engagement model for our patrons. These models come with various specifications, and let the client opt as per their demands, budget and project need.

  • 01

    Pay As You Grow

    This model provides you the opportunity to get your software first with MVP features due to lack of finance then after we can develop a fully functional product as you grow.

  • 02

    Fixed Bid

    We follow a process oriented engagement model that works solely to get your product efficiently in the market with our Fixed Bid approach.

  • 03


    In this model, we offer an alliance to the client, so they can get the desired professionals to work and join the clan. We cordially share the interest and work together.


Benefits From Us

We are specialized in custom software development that blends diverse technologies to render outstanding experience. We can provide you ease in dealing with healthcare issues by providing excellent product solutions.

Whether it's about electronic medical records (EMR), medical practice management, or pharmacy management app, we can accomplish your goals by our expertise.

  • benefits-from-get-everything

    Get Everything You Want

    We can understand how vast this industry is and for fulfilling all your requirements we can provide you with the best technical expertise.

  • benefits-from-value-based

    Value-Based Benefits

    Our healthcare software technology meets industry standards by incorporating all the features and capabilities you need to achieve.

  • benefits-from-privacy-data-gathering

    Privacy and Data Gathering

    By implementing the big data analytics, we efficiently outline the patient's data, maintains the flow to the therapist & ensure that it results in a practical solution.

  • benefits-from-personalized-approach

    Personalized Approach

    With our technical expertise, we address our patrons' concerns and goals holistically, where software can be the tool to nurture the change.

  • benefits-from-exceptional-solutions

    Exceptional Solutions

    Our solutions comprise of health care plans, medical history, daily patient record & other critical information so that the doctor can prescribe what's best.

  • benefits-from-support-guidance

    Support and Guidance

    New software can be difficult to use for the users at first go. So to eradicate this issue, we provide demo sessions and manuals to the end users.

Patient-Doctor Panel

healthcare, the doctor-patient relationship has played a key role in care. The way in which the info is gathered, diagnosed, consent is achieved; patient care and support are provided are quite tedious. To introduce the new method of connecting a doctor to patient and making all the tasks easy to monitor check out our doctor-patient panel solution.

  • 01
    Take Appointments
  • 02
    Order Medicines
  • 03
    Track Symptoms & Reports
  • 04
    Track Past Medical History
  • 01
    Remotely Access Patient Record
  • 02
    Share Medical Images
  • 03
    Collaborate with Peers
  • 04
    Track Patient's Past Medical Records

Technologies We are Working With

  • 1
    Application Development
  • 2
    Programming & Scripting
  • 3
    Framework and CMS
  • 4
    Mobile Platforms
  • 5
    Creative design
  • dedicated-icon-custom-software

    Custom Software Development

  • dedicated-icon-web-development

    Web Development

  • dedicated-icon-mobile-app

    Mobile App Development

  • dedicated-icon-e-commerce

    E-Commerce Development

  • dedicated-icon-iot

    IoT Development

  • dedicated-icon-enterprise-app-modernization

    Enterprise App Modernization

  • dedicated-icon-kotlin


  • dedicated-icon-unity


  • dedicated-icon-ajax


  • dedicated-icon-swift


  • dedicated-icon-sql


  • dedicated-icon-ruby


  • dedicated-icon-python


  • dedicated-icon-php


  • dedicated-icon-javascript


  • dedicated-icon-java


  • dedicated-icon-delphi


  • dedicated-icon-asp.net


  • dedicated-icon-asp


  • dedicated-icon-xml


  • dedicated-icon-wordpress


  • dedicated-icon-symfony


  • dedicated-icon-ruby-on-rails

    Ruby on Rails

  • dedicated-icon-react-native

    React Native

  • dedicated-icon-flutter


  • dedicated-icon-reactjs


  • dedicated-icon-nodejs


  • dedicated-icon-angularjs


  • dedicated-icon-laravel


  • dedicated-icon-joomla


  • dedicated-icon-drupal


  • dedicated-icon-dot-net


  • dedicated-icon-codeIgniter


  • dedicated-icon-cake-php


  • dedicated-icon-android


  • iphone-icon


  • dedicated-icon-hybrid-cross-platform-apps

    Hybrid & Cross Platform Apps

  • dedicated-icon-other-mobile-os

    Other Mobile OS

  • dedicated-icon-web-design

    Web Design

  • dedicated-icon-ux-ui-design

    UX/UI Design

  • dedicated-icon-product-design

    Product Design

  • dedicated-icon-graphic-design

    Graphic Design

  • dedicated-icon-logo


  • dedicated-icon-other-design

    Other Design

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