Privacy Policy of Auxano Global Services as per the I.T.ACT, 2000

Welcome to Auxano Global Services Pvt Ltd. We value your privacy. Personal Information is the stuff which we seriously believe in shielding it.

Auxano Global Services is highly committed to transparency and enforces legal methodologies to ensure that our clients information as well as that of our website visitors remain intact and secure.

Auxano Global Services exerts high amount of weightage to protect your privacy because it is something imperative to any organisation. Here we provide a thorough notice elaborating our procedures towards online information practices.

Our website is purely developed to establish a communication channel with the public and potential customers to share information about our products and services along with obtaining personal information from the visitors who wish to avail our services.

Our Privacy Policy Covers The Following Areas :

Information gathered through our website includes :

  • Organisation Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Contact Number
  • SkypeID
  • Country Name
  • Descriptive Message

The above information is mandatory for the visitors who are planning to gain the benefits of our service and not for those who are browsing our site just for information purpose only.

Usage and Disclosure of Personal Information

We use the information provided by you only for the sole purpose of closing the deal which you initiated for. This information is not shared by us to any third parties except in the case where it becomes indispensable to support and finish the deal. The content of the email message along with the email details is retent by us.

Cookie Related Security

Information stored in your browser cookies is used in some areas of our website, just to enhance the performance and reduce the webpage loading time. This cookie information is used for navigational purpose thereby enabling us to tailor our offerings as per your requirement. Any third party website you access by clicking the link on our website in the form of image or advertising banner may use cookies. However, it is essential for us to inform that we don’t have any control to such cookies and we don’t hold any responsibility regarding it.

Our Data Security Policy

Our enhanced data security policy protects your data from cyber breaches. We use high-end encryption technology along with the implementation of https protocol which is one of the secure version of commonly used http protocol.

Amendments in Existing Policies

We hold exclusive right to change this policy anytime, without any prior notification. We strongly suggest you to periodically visit our privacy policy web page, so that you come to know about any amendments.

Contact Us

If you have any query regarding our privacy policy, we kindly request you to drop a mail at or write us at S-001/A, SAKAR – 7, Nehru Bridge Corner, Ashram road, Ahmedabad, 380009. Gujarat, India.