The number of worldwide consumers including you have spent on mobile apps has passed 17.5 billion U.S dollars by 2017 and is forecasted to reach 34 billion by 2022. Nowadays users are consuming over 85% of their time on smartphones.

The question is what did the discovery of these smartphones gave us? Of course, the ease of use, mobility, and everything can be done in just a single tap whether you want to send money to your son or brother who is living a thousand miles away from you.

The invention of smartphones granted access to a virtual and connected universe to people. All these facilities we get is through the numbers of applications. With over 4 billion users of the world population, you can’t deny the power of mobility.

You can’t afford to ignore this trend if you are running a business with a big vision in any industry. This is the reason why the companies are rapidly opting for mobile apps to provide their customers with a richer and more enchanting experience.

The mobile app market is particularly attractive when one considers the potential it has and realizes that it is a continually expanding and evolving field.

The number of app users is increasing, and this trend is expected to continue as smartphones become embraced even more. There is no better time to get into this exciting world of app development.

With this now, mobile app development services are thriving with the influx of technological advancements. The cost of developing an app also increases in line with the rising struggle. In this order, you also need to maintain the performance as well as the affordability of the app.

With the day-by-day acceleration in IT companies and technology, India has turned a one-stop solution for all web and mobile app needs, particularly for businesses.

And here is the catch, if you hire a mobile app development company in India, then you don’t need to pay too much to get the quality product. App developers in India take the lowest hourly rate for building high feature apps for Android and iOS as well as cross-platform apps.

There are thousands of qualified app developers with a high level of professionalism, dedication, time management, and quality bearings. Statistics have proven that India is a hub for offshoring and software development services. (stats of the number of developers)

Explore the other advantages you get when you choose an app development company in India.

The client comes first approach

Indian app development companies focus on the client-centric approach by delivering overall quality to the client. They provide feasible solutions to the requirements you have while pondering on your core values.

Even if you are not a technocrat, you have to tell them what you exactly need and they will suggest you the best ideas to fulfill your dreams. The best part is that even if you are on a low budget still you will be on their priority and you will get your product delivered on time. Ultimately you will be happy when you will hire mobile app developers.

When you get a free consultation, and demo don’t hesitate

Even if you are in a dilemma that you should hand over your project in the hands of Indian app developers or not, have a conversation with the company without paying a single penny. They will suggest you the best possible way of making your dream come true even if you have budget constraints.

Not only this they will give you a demo of their previous projects related to your industry so that you can have a live view of their work. Modernized with the advanced tools and technologies, app developers in India are remarkably experts in developing highly intuitive, interactive websites.

Post-launch services

When you hire an Indian company, you can expect a long-term relationship which goes beyond the delivery of an app. Their maintenance services are reliable and even after deployment also dedicated professionals will be available for you if you face any technical issues. A few companies also proffer marketing services as their post-launch assistance.

The cost will be low, but the quality will be high

The cost factor is eminent which impacts offer every decision and India provides a winning cost advantage without compromising with the quality. Many firms give a comprehensive solution for all the development needs with the most advanced mobile app development tools at a cheap cost than other countries such as the US, Germany, UK, etc. In India, you have the best quality at the most economical prices.

You can hire dedicated developers with excellent talent at lower wages. The hourly rates you can get for a basic app at just $15 per hour, and for a complex app, it will go up to $250 per hour depending upon the features and complexity.

Do You Need Help? We are here 24*7

Yes, you can count on the Indian app developers 24*7 for support. The time-zone difference is not a challenge to access support. Most of the companies have a team of professionals who are available to you anytime you need assistance.

Even the timezone becomes an asset for you as it facilitates you to get the project done on time with active participation at every step.


App development companies also assure their clients that they will not share their project information with anyone by signing a Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA). So, hiring App Development Company from India will not only give you the advantage of cost, quality but also gives you the security that your information is safe.

Get the look and feel of the app before it gets developed

A few companies also provide the convenience of prototyping. A team of designers and developers work to create the mobile prototype to give you a look and feel of the original app. With this service, the static wireframes can be converted into dynamic, interactive and intuitive.

You can get a live preview of your app before it is developed. It also helps you understand the usability of the app from the user’s panorama.


The transparency of a company can help you a lot in taking the real-time decision in your project. Most of the Indian firms believe in offering complete openness. Many firms get the repeat business due to their glassiness in the policies.

Integrity and fair dealings are a prominent part of their nature. While developing an app, they notify their clients at every step and embrace the agile methodology.

Summing it up

Mobile App Development Company

After analyzing the benefits you will get in choosing India for your project, you must consider a company’s experience and what people say about it. Choose the one that fits your budget and requirements. India offers a vast pool of experts to develop the app. They build flawless websites, interactive mobile apps and they understand your needs very precisely.

At Auxano Global Services, our developers use an agile process that you won’t get at a bigger shop, and we have served global clientele with customized software solutions. So if you want an app to add wings to your project under your preferable budget, you have landed at the perfect place.

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