In this era, everybody owns a mobile gadget. It has become a necessity nowadays because it offers everything on the tip of your hand such as entertaining games.

Games are now not just for kids or teenagers; they are also now a favorite entertaining source for adults as well.

Do you know that there are 2.2 billion gamers in the world? Almost a third of people on the planet are gamers. Isn’t it astounding?

Not just this according to research the gaming industry will be of 118.6 billion dollar industry by the end of the year. So, it’s the right time to grab the opportunity to enter the market.

A considerable contribution to the popularity of games goes to the unparalleled and advanced game development engines and tools that have changed as per the demand of the consumers.

All these statistics and facts have made the game app development the choice of business persons. Many companies are moving towards this gaming industry due to its massive growth. As a Game Development Company, we know the in and out of the game industry, and we are here to guide you through your game development journey.

So you know that you need a game idea for entering into the industry, but the next most crucial decision is to choose the right engine for your game development.

Here are the three trending game engines that will help you in developing an outstanding game.

(1) Unity

Unity - Auxano global services

A cross-platform tool launched by Unity Technologies. Unity is an intuitive game development engine which offers a plethora of features for both 2D and 3D game development. This most preferred as the best cross-platform mobile game development is easy and quickly portable to Android, iOS, Windows, HTML5, PC, PlayStation, Xbox.

The Unity Game Engine is widely popular due to its vast number of features and exciting additions that help you in creating a product according to your potential users and your market opportunities. These features, plugins, and additions are available on the internet; you just have to pay for them as per your plan. Unity’s latest version comes with 64-bit support and WebGL, and it is evidently one of the best game engines.

With Unity, you have unlimited scope for creativity no matter which plans you choose. Unity comes with many pricing options such as there are no charges for personal use, for a Plus edition you have to pay $25 per month, Pro edition comes in $125 per month, and you can also request custom plan for your enterprise.

(2) Unreal Engine

Unreal-Engine -auxano global services

Developed by Epic Game Corporation, Unreal Engine is also amongst the most popular and preferred for game development, and the best thing is you don’t need special programming skills for Unreal Engine due to its user-friendly features.

Unreal Engine also enables you to make changes & modify your game without changing the code. It’s easy to use interface, and the possibility of testing your game within the platform makes it a perfect option for game development engine.

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If you want to create an impressive game with outstanding graphics without much hassle, this is the platform for you. This game engine comprises exceptional graphical capabilities and is a treat for 3D game developers. Unreal Engine also comes with advanced tools so that you can take leverage of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Another advantage of Unreal is that it comes with a beginner-friendly solution called Blueprint which lets you get started without any coding knowledge.

Unreal Engine fits all the widely used platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, PC, Console, and PlayStation. Apart from this the versatility and capability of this game engine help you in developing any size of the game whether it’s a complex game or a simple AAA class game. The pricing of this engine is also pretty tempting, as it’s free until your app earns $3000 profit then you have to pay 5% as royalty.

(3) Cocos2D-x

Cocos2D-x- auxano global services

Cocos2D-x is an open source game development kit for iOS, Android, Linux, and OS X platforms. This kit contains detailed documentation and community support. It’s a package of 2D game development was released by Facebook which allows you to create small size games as low as 1.5 MB.

Cocos 2D uses OpenGL to render optimized 2D graphics and is highly resource efficient. It’s a superb game development SDK kit for mid and small sized projects and has limited capabilities in 3D game development. Cocos 2D game development is popular due to its pricing structure as it is free to use and have unbelievable features for 2D games.

Do you want to jump into this billion dollar industry? Consider these game development engines will surely help you and if you are not a technical person, hiring a mobile game development company will be the best option.















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