Video games have been in high demand since the beginning of the gaming industry. Video game development has seen an exceptional boom in the past ten years, thanks to the technical advancements and great interest of gamers.

There are video game development companies dedicated to making the video game development process easier and more effective. You can easily hire video game development company and pitch your idea for unmatched game development.

If you want a game producing instant revenues and become a talk of the town like PUBG, Monster Hunter, Royal: Fortnight, and many more. Hire video game developers at AGS for an error-free and most engaging video game. All the games developed within our company are supported by various platforms including android, iOS, and desktops.

Auxano Global Services is a top video game development company dedicated to assisting in video game development. The most important thing that sets us apart from other common game development companies is our skill of mingling creativity with technology. Innovation is a key step in our development process. We develop games customized for you, aligned with your requirements.

Game development is not a piece of cake and requires an in-depth knowledge of design and programming. Our proficient game developers polish your ideas and use our thorough knowledge to back you with the best video game development.

Key Features of Our Video Games Development Services

Auxano Global services develop feature-laden video games which are appreciated by our every customer. We not only develop a game as per your demands but also add additional advanced features to make it more appealing to the gamers.

Video Game development

Engaging Graphics:

The high-class graphics of video games developed at AGS ensures interactive gameplay. We make our games life-like by adding 2D and 3D effects backed with the best graphics.

Immersive sound effects:

Sound effects in video gameplay play a vital role in making them interesting. We incorporate immersive sound effects to grab the attention of the players.

Uninterrupted Gameplay:

The gaming experience needs to be smooth without any interruption. We make sure that there is no halt or any debugging errors which lead to any intervention in the game.

Multiplayer mode:

Video games by Auxano Global Services are developed to support multiplayer mode. The players can get involved in a game with other players by using the internet. Besides, there is also an option to play against highly competitive AI.

Avatar Creation:

Our video games have room for players to choose from various avatars. We focus on careful rendering all elements to make them realistic.

Challenging Levels:

Games are fun when they are challenging. We develop challenging levels to keep all the players engaged for hours.

Seamless Transition:

The transition from modes of the video game or between levels is seamless. Network connectivity also assists in shuffling between player and game modes of the video game.

Exciting rewards:

Every win in the game offers striking rewards and motivates the player to keep on playing.

In-game chat:

Players can chat with your competitors while playing in the multiplayer mode. This imparts more interactive gameplay.

Our Video Game Development Process

The video game development process can be intricate for a person from a non-gaming background. But, it is necessary for you to be aware of our process in order to trust AGS with your project.

The game development process ideally consists of diligent steps including, design, development, program, render, and test. We have categorized these steps to present an easily understandable overview of the process.

STEP 1: Pre-production

  • Idea analysis & Planning
  • Select Engine & Language 
  • Choose preferred technology
  • Prototype Design Plan
  • Test Planning
  • Setting milestones, deadlines

STEP 2: Production

  • Modules development
  • Modules testing
  • Modules integration
  • Game design
  • Creating visual effects and audio
  • Optimization

STEP 3: Post-production

  • QA and Testing 
  • Final game delivery
  • Support and maintenance
  • Monetization

Hire Video Game Development Company

Video Game development

Satisfactory Development:

Auxano Global Services is widely recognized for producing satisfactory video game development.

Best Quality:

Hire video game developers from our company and get assured of the quality of service.

High-tech Development:

We produce the best video game development services by using the latest technologies and game engines.

Experienced Programmers:

Individuals at our mobile game development company have got the knack for game programming.

Proficient Team:

Our team involves experienced graphic designers, audio and video specialists, and technical staff.

Relentless Support:

We proffer regular version updates to keep your video game in line with the technology advancement.

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Why Auxano Global Services for Video Game Development?

AGS is the best answer to those seeking ‘video game developers near me’. We proudly boast about our game developers and our services for various strong reasons.

Video Game development

Get your video game deployed by a highly reliable video game development company now and experience the best. Contact us or know more about video game development feel free to call us on  1.209.736.5046 Or email us

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the stages of video game development?

    At AGS, we follow simple steps to achieve extraordinary gaming experience. Our three main steps are pre-production, production, and post-production. It includes ideating, planning, technology selection, prototyping, game development, modules development, visual design, QA testing & Maintenance.

  • 2. Do you provide custom video game development services?

    We are the best video game development company USA, we offer video game development that suits your requirement. We add innovative gaming options to regular video games and make them more interesting.

  • 3. How much does it cost for online video game development?

    The cost of online video game development depends on various factors such as deployment, features, and graphics. It will expense you between $30k-$600k as per your requirements.

  • 4. Which is the best video game development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a top-notch video game development company having years of experience in this field. We have a team of expert professionals dedicated to developing the best in a class video game.

  • 5. Do you provide maintenance and support after developing video game software?

    Auxano Global Services provides round the clock technical and customer support. We support our customers from the beginning of the development process until long after the delivery of software.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about video game development?

    Contact +12097365046 or email and get detailed information on online video game development or hire video game developers.

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