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Auxano Global Services is a complete IT solutions provider, striving with a vision of delivering exceptional ROI driven solutions to every client. Our future holds our bright vision, and we are determined to accomplish it. Whether it's a new technology or a puzzling challenge, we have spent hours with countless coffees to transcend in it. We can spur your growth bar through our insight-driven methodologies and proven strategies. Our whole and sole mission is to use advanced technology to address the needs of our patrons' businesses.

Service Offerings

We are a game development company that offers best-in-class game development services while rendering exceptional experiences. The gaming industry is a billion dollar industry with tremendous potential to unravel, and we help you in taking leverage of this opportunity. Our game app developers have the experience and expertise to build games for all the frameworks. We create an engaging and rich gaming app that can become the choice of your users. Explore our game development services:

iOS Game Development
Android Game Development
Desktop Game Development
Xbox Game Development
AR/VR Game Development
iPad Game Development
Windows Game Development
HTML5 Game Development
PlayStation Game Development
PlayStation Vita Game Development
Apple TV Game Development
Android TV Game Development
Facebook Instant Game Development
Linux Game Development
WebGL Game Development

Game Engines

With the best industry experts, we render extensive services using both Unity and Unreal Engine based on our clients' requirements. Unity and Unreal Engine are leading the game industry by delivering next-generation graphics from complex simulation systems to advanced dynamic lighting.

Unity Game Development

To make rapid, reliable and highly effective game app development, Unity is the engine of choice for most of the renowned mobile game app development companies. This integrated authoring tool is used for developing 3D and 2D video games or also used for dynamic fonts, real-time 3D animations, and architectural visualizations.

Unity built-in editor also enables you to view the assets and preview the look of the game without compiling again. This easy to use game development engine is also used to develop the game app in any platform.

  1. 1. IOS & Android Game App Development
  2. 2. 3D and 2D Game App Development
  3. 3. AR & VR Solutions

Unreal Engine Game Development

With extensive experience in developing games using the Unreal Engine, we offer comprehensive game development services that surpass our clients' expectations. The Unreal Engine enables the developers to create next-gen graphics experience. In Unreal Engine, the powerful editor contains numerous highly specialized editors to help you focus on detailed information.

Our game creator team are always passionate and stay abreast with the latest gaming trends and have a solution for every challenge that comes in the way.

  1. 1. Sequence Editor
  2. 2. UMG UI Designer
  3. 3. Audio Enhancement

Game Development Approach We Follow

Game App development process is very unique in contrast with simple application development. Game development involves a creative mindset, innovation, and expertise collectively. With us, you get a better client experience and an unbeatable team of 3D game maker. Delve into our unconventional game development approach:

Technology Stack

  • 1
    Mobile Technology
  • 2
    Web Technology
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • Unity

  • Monodeveloper

  • Visual studio C#

  • Unreal Engine

  • C++

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Cocos2D

  • Unity

  • Monodeveloper

  • Visual studio C#

  • HTML5

  • WebGL

  • Facebook

  • Google Firebase

  • Oracle

  • SQLite

  • Google Cloud

  • Maya

  • Max

  • Blender

  • Character Development Kit

  • Adobe Animate

  • ZBrush

  • Spine

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Aftereffect

Challenges We Have Solved

Jumping into the billion dollar industry

If you have a robust and unique idea, then it's undoubtedly an opportunity, but if your idea already exists or is not that extraordinary, it can be a challenge. We help you here to enter in this flourishing industry by creating an unparalleled strategy that can earn the desired ROI.

Customization to the core

For every game, you need to develop all the features, assets everything from scratch which demands thorough customization. We help you here by preparing detailed documentation and analyzing the whole game requirements.

Platform and Device support

All platform and devices don't support highly animated games. So when it comes to higher level games, optimization becomes a challenge which our experts resolve through monitoring the rendering options.


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