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Know About the Ocean
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Be a Virtual Ocean Guardian.

  • Time 8 Months
  • Team 8 Members
  • Platform Mobile & Web App
  • Industry Ocean
  • Type Social
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About the Project

  • About-Icon-Overview

    Project Overview

    Each passing day the global ocean is experiencing a significant impact on climate change and its simultaneous effects. In today’s date, it’s a need to find an appropriate solution on saving ocean life. We are taking a small step by creating a digital platform for ocean conservation.
    Our motive is to spread awareness of ocean conservation and prevention. Through, Moana Pasifika you’ll know the significance of marine protected areas as you become the guardian of your own virtual ocean sanctuary.

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    Target Audience

    We are targeting youth and every individual who wants to speak up to save ocean life.


Requirements by the Client

  • Clients urge was to create a solution to save ocean life by creating awareness among people about ocean creation.

  • Client wanted to educate people about ocean conservation and let people connect with each other and exchange their knowledge.

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Key Featurelist

1. Login/Register

Users can log in or register themselves by giving the required details.

2. Blogs

Users can read and publish blogs and informative posts.

3. Shop

An individual can shop for ocean goods.

4. Talk to Professionals

Users can chat with professional ocean guardians.

5. Build a Virtual Sanctuary

Users can develop a virtual aquarium on the basis of your location.

1. Support Line

One can provide a support line for the users.

2. Analytics

Admin can have the access to see the report of users.

3. Manage Users

Admin can manage users and their profiles.

4. Manage Sanctuary Icons Donations

Admin can manage sanctuary icons and donations received after purchase.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. Avoid Overlapping Virtual Sanctuaries

Users can turn any viewable ocean body on the map into a virtual sanctuary by adding elements. The overlap of the sanctuaries of two users, however, can be problematic. Therefore, we had to find a solution to stop this from happening.

2. Adding High-end Motion Graphics

It was essential to add animated elements and check if they are working accurately or not. To give platform users a premium and consistent experience.

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Our Solutions

We smoothly met the needs of our clients by utilizing the most trending technologies such as PHP language, Laravel for the backend, MongoDB for the database, and our many years of development experience.

We integrated the software with Google Maps API and defined a specific radius to prevent overlapping virtual sanctuaries. This controlled any crossover between any two sanctuaries.Besides, we added top-notch GIFs and animation to the sanctuary icons and employed dynamic motion graphics technology to give them a genuine aspect. Additionally, this ensured that when the symbols were arranged side by side.

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