There are several people who inspire us from various walks of life. Their stories and their ideas prove them as powerful as well as inspiring personalities.

Most of the entrepreneurs don’t start their run by falling in love with the problem or by seeing other going in the same direction they choose to be different, they choose to fall in love with the solutions.

Our company is also inspired by some of these heroes and trying to deliver an out of the box solution that can make a change in people’s everyday life. They have transformed the software and mobile world by giving their phenomenal vision to the industry.

Not only this they have also proved that age is just a number. The belief that their work should carry with it a significance and it has been cemented in the mind of these new generation founders.

Fostering a mindset that their spark can help others and also carry a motivated direction is no small task. These powerful persons also have amazing and inspiring stories that can drive you to pursue your dream right away. Their work and their out of the box solutions made then our role model.

Let’s introduce the most influential people whom we admire the most:

Appster Founders – Josiah Humphrey and Mark McDonald


They proved that nothing is impossible and as they realized their goal very early when kids usually just play video games.

I truly relish their story as Humphrey and Mark met online and understood that they are perfect to be called partners. When they were 12 they had a plan of having their own business and at 15 they were determined their potential and struggled a lot. From lying parents for attending a conference led by the American motivational speaker Tony Robbins to struggling for a place. Here this phrase is suitable that success doesn’t come the easy way.

In 2011 they started their business journey with almost no venture capital as a Marketing Consultancy and also fought with many ‘burn the ships’ moments. From paying the huge rents to investing all the money they had still they worked from the rack of dawn until the wee hours.

Then Humphrey came up with the idea of building apps and it appeared that there was a lot of demand. This kick-started their business.

Today Appster has a team of 400 across offices in Melbourne, San Francisco and Gurgaon, India with a revenue of $19 million. This not so glamorous story touched our heart and we are following their footprints.

Fueled Founder and CEO – Rameet Chawla 


A tech entrepreneur whose company is worth many millions breaks the stereotype of being a nerd as a coder. He believes in a purely out of the box fashion trends and maintains high tech meets high life.

With a $30 million worth Fueled is a purely software and app development company whose founder is a very incomparable personality. Rameet believes in shaking up things.

He has an amazing story as he quit investment banking as a financial analyst and found his passion in the app development industry. Rameet was not able to fit into the corporate world.

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Belongs to Indian origin and had completed his graduate degree in finance from NYU. He had a diverse background and a creative mindset. Without caring for the future risks he jumped off from the ladder and climbed the new way of his passion.

A person full of energy and passion with diverse talents keeps himself on a tight schedule. He contributes 14 hours of a day in working, 7 for sleep, one for unwinding and waking.

Truly an encouraging character.

Cheesecake Labs with the Four founders – Alexandre, Cassio, Marcel and Victor 


Brasil based mobile app development company founded in 2013 by four friends Alexandre, Cassio, Marcel, and Victor. All these friends got a project in 2012 to work on a fun iOS project called Dyfocus.

They loved working with each other and also got great appreciation from the client. So they decided to pivot a more solid business.

One of the co-founders Victor was an employee at Uber and had great contacts in the US valley, so they started building products for US firms. After working with US organizations for a while they realized that third-party projects were not as fulfilling as working on their own ideas. Then they reshaped their workflow of remote collaboration and helped Brasil developers in providing a proper platform to work with the needy US clients.

From innovative mobile solutions to the crash tracker they have built amazing tools. Cheesecake Labs is a fine example of blending the latest technologies to bring an exceptional solution to help clients.

Hashicorp Founder – Mitchell Hashimoto 


Can you believe Mitchell Hashimoto started his first startup when he was just 12 years old???

You seem shocked but it’s true!!!

He designed Cheat Neopets, web game cheats. But later a year he received a cease and desist letter from Neopets. Mitchell thought that his career is finished. After this incident his dad whom he described in an interview as a strict Japanese father limited him two hours a week of computer time. No one understood his computer love but this never stopped him. He started to sneak in his coding after his parents went to bed.

When Hashimoto went to college his dad told him that he had a year to pursue his computer thing. So he laid all his efforts and designed software to automatically register students for classes if they paid him.

This saved kids from the pain of standing in line and became an instant hit. He made almost half a million dollars through this.

At 23 he joined a development company which was the choice of his father and there he worked on Vagrant which changed the game and become the foundation of his startup, Hashicorp.

Now 25, Hashimoto has never stopped automating. An amazing and fabulous oneself that inspired us to stay motivated and is a role model for our innovators.

Hyperlink Infosystem Founder – Harnil Oza 


In any career path, it is very essential to have an inspirational and powerful character as an idol, who fires the passion inside you. Harnil Oza is of them. He founded Hyperlink Infosystem when he was just in his 20’s.

MCA dropout student started his own business without prior knowledge of setting up a firm in his hometown Ahmedabad. With no venture capital, Harnil just knew to code and he has enough self-belief, so he started up with a few techie friends.

The company was fortunate enough that after a year iPhone 4 got introduced in the market and from then the app market boomed in iOS as well as Android. In 2013, the company expanded to five people and never looked back.

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The motivation and faith Harnil has was remarkable. He started his venture on his own finances and supported by his father. He resisted investors and now have become a well-known mobile app development company all over the globe.

Even being a college dropout he managed to create a sustainable business in Hyperlink Infosystem.

Chop Dawg studios founder and CEO – Joshua Davidson 


Chop Dawg is a Philadelphia based software company that helps non-technical entrepreneurs turn their dream into live products. Joshua Davidson started in 2009 when he was a just 16-year-old teen who wouldn’t even know what a startup is.

He used to go door to door asking people do you need a website. He absolutely proved that passion encourages you and drives you in order to achieve success.

And one day someone said, yes I need a website and he gave that client his best. At that time he realized this is what he wanted to do. He is a school dropout and firmly avers that you don’t need a degree to pursue your passion.

He holds a principle that “Just give your 100 percent into it and the results will shock you.”

Chop Dawg quickly grew as Davidson started tapping the power of social media. He also has 407k followers on Twitter. His software company is a fine example to get motivated from.

Chronicled Co-Founder – Samantha Radocchia 


Co-founder of Chronicled Samantha did her anthropology thesis on a video game. It was not just a video game, it was a virtual world where people’s avatars lived, played and worked.

In 2010, she rose a company working to promote inventory interoperability between ERP and EOS system in the apparel industry. Watching her father grow a family run business into a national retail chain inspired her to become an entrepreneur.

In 2014, she founded Chronicled, an Internet of Things startup building blockchain identifications for physical property to design a system for authenticity, connecting and ownership.

At Chronicled, they offer out of the box protocols and smart contracts to model and automate supply chain business processes. She says that working optimizing supply and logistics is in her blood.

Beyond this, she truly believes that we have a real opportunity to make a positive impact in this world. She is no alien to risks as she became a competitive skydiver at the age of 18 accumulating over 700 jumps and attained a pilot’s license at the age of 17.

3 Sided Cube Founder and CEO – Duncan Cook 


Ceo and founder of 3 Sided Cube an internationally renowned app development business on the UK’s South coast. He believes that technology should be used for doing something well i.e. either life-saving, life-changing or problem alleviating.

Duncan quit his job in 2008 without thinking about the risks and at that time recession was also at a peak. Then he started 3 Sided Cube on his own with a personal loan of $32,780.

From then Duncan has won many industry awards and was invited to the White House when one of his apps saved many American lives. The company has become a key partner with International Federation of the Red Cross, rolling out apps to over 80 countries in more than 40 languages.

Duncan is an ex-designer, developer, and project manager. A true leader who is inspired by impact, he has pushed his team to work out of the box. He is not focused on earning profit instead he wants to help others through technology.

Freshworks Studio Founder – Samarth Mod 


Cofounder at Freshworks studio born in an inland town in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. He moved to Victoria at the age of 25 to pursue MBA.

Mod founded Freshworks studio a mobile and web app development company with his friend Rohit Boolchandani. They also struggled as they took the challenge of maintaining their business idea and their MBA at the same time.

Mod said that “Time and Money both were against us at that time.” But somehow these warriors endured.

Samarth is a resilient, gentle and passionate tech entrepreneur with expertise in designing and developing. He is an immigrant to Canada and previously worked in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

The company also faced failure in their phase of the startup but after 2014 Freshworks has benefitted from the networking instincts of its founders.

Five Founders – Viktor Marohnic and Luka Abrus 


Five, mobile design and development agency founded in Croatia with several offices in Zagreb, Osijek and New York. The founder of Five Viktor and Luka are genuinely marvelous. Viktor is a tech whiz who started his first startup before they were called as startups.

Viktor stated that regardless of the fact that we were just a company of a few we never looked back and then Luke came in. The beginning was hard but it’s true hard work pays off.

Luke Abrus before Five worked in Microsoft for 7 years and also written 3 books as well as was a lectured at VERN University. Luka and Viktor relentlessly worked and now their company is one of the popular software company. Nowadays they are working on Shoutem, on building the next generation mobile platform.

The company has 90+ employees with 4000 clients all over the globe.


Mobile App Development Company

To achieve distinction in life and to set the objectives of life, it must have inspirational personality in life to follow in their footsteps. In the technology world, various personalities can be found who are exceptionally talented and anyone can connect with their success story. These persons have achieved success in a short span of life that they are the true picture of modern success.

Our company truly consider them influencers. From the trending technology to the new innovation we follow them and try to improve ourselves. They are the true leaders and a strong example of champions against the odds, showing us the path of success.

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