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Major Benefits

Delivering perfection through our sturdy GPS tracking solutions to fulfill the demands of various industry verticals. It seems a small part of businesses, but it induces many significant benefits to your business such as:


With the automated and real-time updates on the tip of your hand, you can manage your business operations swiftly and efficiently which increases productivity.


Real-time tracking allows you to have control over your moving assets. Apart from industrial solution, you can also track your kid's school bus, assets, livestock, etc.


Track your workforce through our GPS tracking solution where you will be able to see what they are doing, how many times they took the break or are they following your instructions.


If you know before assigning a task that how much time will it take then you can plan your entire business processes in a better manner & can optimize processes.

Fuel & time

WIth real-time GPS vehicle tracking software solutions, you can monitor the riding behavior of the driver, improve time management and can avoid vital fuel consumption.


It can also be used as a solution for medical and emergency purposes. It can track the location of the person who needs emergency care and receives medical help quickly.


How your business can take advantage of it?

Do you know that 77% of smartphone users regularly use GPS-enabled navigation apps?

Yeah, this technology has been quietly changing the technological landscape in businesses in various industry verticals. It impacts the efficiency, productivity, and precision in saving costs as well as maximizes the profit.

The location-based services are used in the various fields from communication, supply chain management, transportation, construction, and many others without which these industries could not modernize effectively. Apart from this GPS & Geolocation services have made possible the rise of the on-demand economy often known as Uberization.

Users smartphones and other GPS devices have delivered the GPS tech into the hands of people by revolutionizing the daily activities.

Solution We Offered

  • Path Tracker
  • Pet Tracker
  • Vehicle Tracker
  • School Bus Tracking
  • Delivery Tracking

Path Tracking App

Our Path tracking app solution offers you the easiest method to track your location by enabling GPS technology. It assists users to maintain records and history of their routes which they have covered along with the date, time as well as distance.

  • Handy Solution

    This route tracking app solution displays the mapped distance between two stations which allows users to find the distance quickly. Here you also get the directions in detail and also can choose the mode of transportation such as by car, by walk or by bicycle.

  • Path Navigator

    Apart from this you also get suggestions for other paths or routes on the map with the time and distance so that you can compare and choose the feasible way for you. It’s the best solution that helped our client and the end users in finding the right path.

  • Features

    The feature list of this app is too broad and also involves two modes of map views. This app watches your movement towards the route, recognizes & shows the danger zones, assures effortless navigation, etc.

Pet Tracking App

Pets are also considered as an indispensable part of the family. Nobody wants to lose their pets. To overcome the issue, we have successfully developed a pet tracking GPS application that can quickly locate your missing pet, or you can check on them remotely.

  • Get Notified

    What if you are not aware whether your pet is safe or not? We provide you with a platform where you can locate your pet and its activities. Apart from this, you can also get to know through an alarm or notification if your pet is in danger.

  • Tracking Facility

    You get the information of the tracking device directly to your mobile app which enables you to track your pets from anywhere. Tracking your pet is a blessing which helps you prevent your pet from falling in an accident.

  • Offering

    Our application solution offers various features such as GPS locator tool supporting application, maintaining pet's history, identifying current and last location of the pet, get notified in case of any danger, monitor your pet's health, single panel multiple tracking, etc.

Car/Vehicle Tracking

Manage, track your car/vehicle with the most advanced vehicle monitoring app for your business. You can also monitor how your car is being driven and keep it secure with GeoLoc Alert right from the palm of your hand.

  • Vehicle Tracker

    View your vehicle's location on a detailed map with pinpoint location along with the traffic information. The GPS technology allows you to plan your routes and send directions from your mobile device to your vehicle.

  • Emergency Assistance

    The most significant feature our app solution includes is the one-touch access through the mobile app provides emergency medical assistance which can help you in case of any mishappening during your travel.

  • Features

    Vehicle tracking app solution offers your various features such as real-time tracking, provides worldwide coverage, enhanced vehicle safety, vehicle management, user-friendly UI, history record, notifications, etc.

School Bus Monitoring Application

Our GPS enabled application solutions assures you with the high quality fully functional app which serves as a whole location tracking device. Our GPS tech app developers know what is crucial for you and thus build a fully fledged app.

  • Secure Portal

    The school bus tracking app has become one of the favorite apps of our patrons due to the secure and precise information it offers. With this app solution school management, parents and children will be able to experience safe transportation from the school to home.

  • Anywhere Access

    Parents can track their child’s school bus on any devices whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or computer. We understand the integrity of this app, which helps the concerned parents to know about their child’s safe arrival at the home.

  • Features

    Parents can track multiple buses at the same time, can access the location of the bus anytime, get notified in case of delay, traffic or emergency, get the route and stop information or get the alert when the child arrives.

Delivery Tracking in Retail

Whether you are a retailer, an eCommerce business or a store, the on-demand world has changed the delivery dynamics. Customers expect sooner and smooth delivery. Our solution has proved to be powerful and also increased productivity with efficient delivery tracking app.

  • Expert Solutions

    We leverage our expertise to render you the custom app solution to fulfill the market demands. Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking solution helps you in keeping your customers in the loop at every step along the way.

  • Get Notified

    Track your package from the time it gets out of the warehouse till it reaches your doorstep with all the notifications such as shipped, In transit, etc. This app solution provides you the real-time information about the progress of order fulfillment.

  • Features

    There are many features you get with our unique solution which comprises tracking the package, tracking report, notification, time and date estimation when you will get the package, etc.

Engagement Model

We offer three different types of engagement model for our patrons. These models come with various specifications, and let the client opt as per their demands, budget and project need.

  • 01

    Pay As You Grow

    This model provides you the opportunity to get your software first with MVP features due to lack of finance then after we can develop a fully functional product as you grow.

  • 02

    Fixed Bid

    We follow a process oriented engagement model that works solely to get your product efficiently in the market with our Fixed Bid approach.

  • 03


    In this model, we offer an alliance to the client, so they can get the desired professionals to work and join the clan. We cordially share the interest and work together.


Risk Management Functions

During the whole development process, we consider this framework, which measures and eradicates the risk factor. These steps focus on tracking, displaying, and understanding of progress regarding software risks.

  • icon-implementing-validation


    Understanding the business context is necessary before jumping to the development phase. In this stage, our analysts identify the scope of your idea as per the market demand and how we can blend GPS tech to grow your business.

  • icon-implementing-product strategy

    Product & Strategy

    After identifying the scope, we mold your idea if required to achieve your desired ROI. Our product strategy comprises the best practices that can make your idea stand out.

  • icon-implementing-build


    This phase is for the development, and before this, we take the measures to mitigate the identified risks. To accomplish the desired product with the supreme quality, we have the best experts.

  • icon-implementing-grow


    Just having a perfect product can't get you what you crave. You have to market it, and for that, we have the best marketing professionals that can let people know about your winning product.


Why Us?

  • gps-icon-why-us-01

    Skilled Experts

    With a well-versed and experienced team, we deliver results that kick-off the market by blending GPS technology.

  • gps-icon-why-us-02

    Effective Approach

    Our unique approach helps you in developing a solution that caters to the need and demands of your business.

  • gps-icon-why-us-03

    ROI Driven Strategy

    With us, you don't only get the development support but also get the ROI driven marketing tactics to thrive your business.

Process Flow

We craft masterpieces with the undying passion, a dash of innovation and a lot of discipline.

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