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Leverage advanced order processing. It's time to jump from traditional approaches to digital approaches.

Get Everything on a Tap

From your product list to your business partners, get everything on the tap, and focus on what you do best "Sales."

Boost Your Efficiency

Just a mobile application can help your sales team to be effective by boosting their productivity.

Pitfalls of Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry has faced many issues due to the late introduction of technology and automation in the processes.

The communication barrier
The communication barrier
Documentation Maintenance
Documentation Maintenance
Sales Productivity
Sales Productivity
Efficiency in keeping up the target
Efficiency in keeping up the target

Story Behind this Sales Application

The food and beverage industry is amongst the oldest sectors in the market. This sector was still using the traditional pen and paper approach for all of its processes, which impacted its growth and revenue directly. This problem came to us when we saw our parent company, "Gujarat Enterprises," struggling with the issues in their traditional approaches.

To overcome their pain points, we researched their process flow and their technology requirements and crafted a solution to boost their sales department. The sales app encompasses all the processes that a sales team requires handy in their phones, which is much easier than maintaining documents of every order and every client. This application has saved 60% of their team's effort and time.

Our Solution


Sales Order Management

All the orders can be created right from your mobile application. Just add the products from the product list, partner, and other details, and you can create a sales order.


Sample Request

Generate the sample request for your business partner right from the app. You can fill in the whole process along with the images here for Sample trial.



When you create a sample request, the app automatically reminds you to take the follow up from the client. This feature saves your time of taking follow-ups.


QI & PI Generation

This app also allows you to create a Quotation for your products and to create a Proforma Invoice for the bulk orders just within a few taps.



This segment allows you to manage your Tour Plans, Daily Visit Report, and Expenses. Here the HR role comes in the picture, he/she approves the allowances as per the designation.



Now keep an eye on your monthly/quarterly/yearly sales target as per your designation and set a benchmark by achieving them before the deadline.



Get all the notifications whether it's approval of your order from Zonal manager or getting a follow-up right in the application.



In case of any query related to technical glitches, you can add it in the support section, and this will go to the technical team.



Our application solves all the pain points by introducing an app that can manage everything right from order creation to managing allowances just within a few taps. Whether you want to meet a client in your area or you are traveling for a sales meeting, you can handle it within the app.

We have tried this app on-field and got surprising results. It improved the productivity and efficiency of the sales department by 60%. This app also helped the salespersons to fulfill their assigned targets by showing their monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. It also showed their completed targets and allowed them to judge their performance efficiency.

Overall this app has proven to be effective in boosting the sales and increasing the overall revenue in just one month. If you want your sales department to do what they are best at, then get this app customized to your needs and allow them to conquer the world for you. The choice is yours.


Employee Zonal Manager PAN Manager Admin       HR      
Business Partners
Order Creation
Order Approval/Rejection
Order hold/in-process/complete
Sample Request
PI(Proforma Invoice)
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Live Tutorial

See how the application work and simplify your day-to-day operation by keeping your sales tool handy.


Sales Application Demos

1. Admin Panel

View Demo

2. Mobile App

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