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Uber for X App Solutions

Uber for X Services

We all need everything on the go in this incredibly fast-paced life. Uber trend is ruling the market nowadays with its fast services. From Uber's taxi app services the Uber for X model came into the introduction and now every on-demand application can be called as Uber. Uber is not only restricted to the taxi and food ordering, but it is also covering almost every service in every industry. At Auxano Global Services, we can make everything just a tap away from you whatever you demand we can make it happen. We are covering these services as our Uber for X products.

Custom Uber for Taxi App Solution
Modernize your traditional taxi business by launching an on-demand taxi app like Uber that your customers love to use. Build your own taxi startup a like Uber with our highly experienced experts.


Our Product Solutions

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    Ubereats for Food Delivery

    We are providing an appetizing food delivery experience for your business. Get a distinguished feature-packed app like UberEats for your customers to order, track, and enjoy their food.

  • uber-img2

    Uber for Car Rental

    We have made renting a car more convenient. Our branded on-demand car rental app development solution is ideal for rental agencies as well as for startups.

  • uber-img3

    Uber for Mechanics

    Fuel up your mechanic service by using a customized mobile app. Kick-Start your dream business by our Uber for Mechanics solution.

  • uber-img4

    Uber for laundry

    Want to make extra bucks quickly? Now give a platform to your laundry services with our solution and see your business flourishing at a rocket's pace.

  • uber-img5

    Uber for Courier Services

    Transform the way of sending and receiving stuff with us by implementing a fully fledged on-demand courier application. We also customize applications according to your needs.

  • uber-img6

    Uber for Packers and Movers

    Do you serve as packers and movers? Let's modernize your traditional way with our feature-rich solution. We can build you an on-demand app so that you can reach to your target audience.

  • uber-img7

    Uber for Tow Truck

    It's time to go digital, reduce your managerial costs and enhance your customer experience with our customized towing app services.

  • uber-img8

    Uber for Plumbers

    We render a delightful plumber service app for you. Now every single service can be modernized and can be accessible to you whenever you need. We can help you attain yours.

  • uber-img9

    Uber for Beauty Services

    We can create a feasible platform for your flourishing beauty business. Make use of our highly acclaimed experts to pave the way towards success.

  • uber-img10

    Uber for Personal Massages

    Grab this source of income by our massage app services. Kick-start your nourishing business with our customized and fully fledged application solutions.

  • uber-img11

    Uber for Doctors

    In this fast going world, every customer's demand is On-Demand services. Whether it is a simple check-up or an emergency medical attention, everything can be demanded by the customer through an app.

  • uber-img12

    Uber for Tutors

    Now the oldest profession tutoring is turning in to uber services. In the education sector, tutors play a vital role, so we are revamping the way it works. You can get tutors for your child by our on-demand tutor app.

  • uber-img13

    Uber for Handyman

    Now let your customers access handyman with our Uber for Handyman solution. The handyman can earn easily by providing their services to their customers at their home.

  • uber-img14

    Uber for Dog Walkers

    In this busy life, people don't have time to take care of their pets. Here you can savor the service of our Uber solution of Dog Walkers. Our experts can solve your real-life problems with their technical expertise.

  • uber-img15

    Uber for Alcohol Delivery

    Raise a toast because you can break the barriers of the market and can be our client in providing Alcohol delivery services to your customers. We bet your customers will love you more.

  • uber-img16

    Uber for Event Management

    Events are the most prominent part of our life, and everyone wants to make them memorable. So we are providing a one-stop destination where you can serve your customers by managing their events in a click.

  • uber-img17

    Uber for Groceries

    Now you can deliver groceries to the customers on their demand by our Uber for Groceries solution. Our experts can lend a hand to make a platform for your customers demand.

  • uber-img18

    Uber for Flower Delivery

    Every occasion is incomplete without flower decoration. Flowers are the life of an event and to make your every event and every party count we offer an on-demand solution for flower delivery.

  • uber-img19

    Uber for Babysitters

    In our new generation of working parents often finds themselves in need of a nanny or a babysitter to be able to keep up with work and personal life. So to fulfill their need, we have our on-demand Babysitter solution.

  • uber-img20

    Uber in Logistics

    We can develop an app similar to Uber Freight solution, an app that matches carriers with shippers. Shippers tap a button to book the loads they want to haul instantly.

  • uber-img21

    Uber for Home Services

    You name it we can build it. Yes, whatever home service you provide we can make an on-demand solution for that such as for cooks, housemaids, etc. We are experts in crafting bespoke needs of our clients.

  • uber-img22

    Uber for Medical Appointments

    Hospitals and clinics can make it convenient for patients to book an appointment with the help of an app from their homes. Our expert solution can be beneficial for both hospitals in managing patients and for patients in getting an appointment.

  • uber-img23

    Uber for Travelers

    We can be an asset for the travelers and travel accommodation providers. Rendering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly connects travelers to local hosts for personal homestay experiences anywhere in the world.

  • uber-img24

    Uber for Fitness

    We can develop Uber for gym app, by providing you with some cutting-edge, scalable technological solutions. Our team with its technical proficiency can skillfully create a platform for fitness freaks.

  • uber-img25

    Uber for Lawn Mowing

    Whether you require to kickstart a specialized Uber for lawn mowing, Uber for snow shoveling or a general Uber for yard work services app. We can provide you with a custom solution for your all requirements.

  • uber-img26

    Uber for Construction

    Labor requirement is a prime barrier in the construction industry so we have figured out a way. Our temporary labor solutions are both economical and practical.

  • uber-img27

    Uber for Oil & Gas

    Our On-Demand Fuel Delivery App helps you in saving a considerable amount of time as you no longer have to wait in the never-ending queues. You can get fuel for vehicle anywhere and at any time.

  • uber-img28

    Uber for Book Selling

    Our experts can give a featured platform for selling and purchasing books on-demand. So if you want to transform your traditional business into digital one, we are right here waiting for your requirements to start with.

  • uber-img29

    Uber for Air

    We are living in future right now, so we have a customized solution for the future, an urban aviation ridesharing product called Uber Air. A network of small, electric aircraft that take off and land vertically will enable rapid, reliable transportation between suburbs and cities and, ultimately, within cities.

  • uber-img30

    Uber for Goods

    What do you think if you will get goods in an app in one click? We can be your technical partner in developing an on-demand custom app for products.

  • uber-img31

    Uber for Electricians

    We provide a robust on-demand local service app development solution for service aggregators and businesses. Our team of experts can build a customized app for electricians so they can get work on-demand.

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