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Personal Care App Development

When it comes to personal care, people often advise you to put your phone away to avoid distractions and relax. But now digitalization has transformed the way, and our phones have become a valuable tool to get the self-care you crave for.

Whether you want to meditate or want to get massage and beauty services, lifestyle solutions offered by us can help you revitalize yourself just in few taps.

If you want to own an application like this, you've landed in the right place. Feel free to reach us!


Presenting Personal Assistant for you

Wondering what's this about?
What if we say that we can make a virtual assistant for you who can take care of your needs from waking you up in the morning to help you sleep at night. An AI-enabled application that can get your things done, you just have to say it.

Our Artificial Intelligence application assists you in making your lifestyle much better. This lifestyle solution by us can be your excellent helper in everyday life for any smartphone user.

Own an application like this with our help. Get in touch with all your requirements and see your idea rule the market.


Communication Application

Communication apps have proven to be helpful in lifestyle by rendering smooth communication. The instant messengers help you get in touch with the people you want. This assists in getting connected effortlessly and enriches your lifestyle.

Our lifestyle communication app solution enables you to stay connected with your loved ones and to manage your work-life by staying connected with your colleagues seamlessly.

If you want to own an application like this, you've landed in the right place. Feel free to reach us!


Fashion Application

Fashion plays a significant role in lifestyle. The fashion application offered by us allows you to stay up-to-date with the fashion trends, wardrobe ideas, accessories to take on, tips for styling hair and almost everything about fashion. It also allows you to share the knowledge, products or services related to the style.

We deliver real-time fashion status from all over the world to the palm of your hands. Get everything that comes into fashion within an application.

Savor our fashion application offerings to get the lifestyle you always wanted.


Fitness Application

Making lifestyle changes is pretty hard to do. To stay healthy, we do multiple things which begin with many resolutions but doesn't end there. In this journey of staying fit and achieving a healthy lifestyle, we can assist you with our fitness application solution for the lifestyle industry.

In this app solution, you can manage various tasks from time management to relaxation, getting sleep to food & exercise in a few taps. Bring positive changes with a few taps by our fitness app solution to get a healthy lifestyle.


Why Is It the Best Option?

The new genre is emerging and shifting swiftly in various fields whether you pick the technology, business or lifestyle. People from every generation whether it's Millennials, baby boomers or Generation X look forward to being a fashionista, trendy and want to get everything at the palm of their hands.

Nowadays everyone prefers to stay fit and healthy by adopting a healthy lifestyle and lead a high-end lifestyle following trendy traits. These trends have opened an avenue to develop hands-on lifestyle applications and software solutions.

Our fully-fledged and personalized lifestyle apps and solutions are comprised of your every lifestyle needs which help the users lead a cheering and joyful life by keeping all the track of daily necessities.


How Can You Take Advantage?

In this hard paced life, people have to plan things with the timer in their minds. There are various things that we all want to do in our lives from being fit to being stylish, balancing work life to personal life and many other things.

Understanding all these facts in the present lifestyle market, you can grab the opportunity to introduce apps or software solutions that bring comfort in people's racing life.

We deliver a wide range of custom app development services which covers all the aspects of lifestyle to provide apps for fitness, holiday planning, self-care, personal assistance, fashion and other variety of applications.

With our expertise in technology and staying abreast with evolving trends, we render you precise and personalized apps through our lifestyle application development services.



Artificial Intelligence

Advances in AI will transform the way we interact with the world around us.


Internet of Things

From connected devices to smart homes, IoT will bring comfort with innovation to life.



By introducing blockchain as the most secure technology now, people rely more on online payments.


Cloud Adoption

With increasing usage of technology, the need for cloud will also rise.

How can we assist you?

  • According to Statista, the U.S market for wellness reached around 170 billion U.S dollars.

  • Verto Analytics published an exciting report revealing that 42% of U.S. smartphone owners used AI-based personal assistants an average of 10 times per month.

  • The revenue in the Cosmetics & Personal Care market amounts to US$79,814m in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 1.8% (CAGR 2019-2023).

  • The Fashion and Apparel Industry Report paints a bright portrait with worldwide revenue expected to rise from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion by 2022.

Services We Offer

  • Personal Care
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Connectivity
  • Fashion
  • Fitness

Redefining Personal Care Solutions

The self-care application solutions offered by us enables you to take care of yourself in the hustle bustle of life. From your morning routine to your sleeping hours, our app development services for lifestyle helps you in taking better care of yourself.

  • On-demand beauty services

    Our on-demand beauty services incorporate application that can help you in pamper yourself after a very hectic week. Let your users relish our on-demand beauty services within a few taps at their doorstep.

  • Home cleaning services

    In this hustle-bustle of life what if you get a helping hand to clean your house within a few clicks. Our home cleaning solutions enable your users to savor all the home-related services they can demand.

  • Massage and meditation services

    What if you can give your consumers the peace they are looking for? It would be great. Right! We can make this happen by developing a software solution, so your consumers can rejuvenate with utmost comfort.

Virtual Assistant as your Helping Hand

We all want comfort and ease in our everyday activities. What if you get a virtual helping hand? A helping hand doesn't hurt anyone, and it benefits you to get the thing done for you. In this digital era, we offer you an AI-enabled helping hand that hears you out and does things for you.

  • Voice-enabled app development services

    The future of interaction belongs to voice-enabled applications. Hire our skilled developers to turn your dream voice application a reality.

  • Reminder apps

    In term of lifestyle app development solutions, we are one stop solution provider for all your bespoke reminder app requirements. Our solutions soundly help end-users.

  • Virtual assistant applications

    The virtual assistant apps are taking the world by storm, and it's time to join this party with our AI-enabled app development services.

Stay Connected with your Loved Ones

The medium of communication is evolving every day. From calls or text messages to instant messaging applications and it is getting better by the time with the advancement in technology. Our application development services allow you to get a fully-fledged communication app that satisfies user requirements

  • Instant messaging apps

    Our passionate team of app developers has now excelled into the instant messaging app development. The professionals we have at Auxano Global Services outshines in customizing the chatting app development as per our patrons' requirements.

  • Video chat apps

    We craft secure and reliable video chat applications developed as per your business demands. Video chat doesn't need only for personal communication, but it also benefits in establishing trust by having remote interaction through video chat apps

  • Social Media Apps

    We blend the agility, technology, and creativity to develop an interactive social media application that assists your audience to engage and communicate with each other.

Become Fashionista with Us

Don't just walk when you can make your fashion services fly with us. Fashion has marked its place with technology integration in a number of enterprises. Our fashion application developers have proved their spunk in creating seamless and spontaneous applications.

  • Image recognition apps

    Do you know that now you can click a picture and search through it? The fashion sector has also adopted the latest tech trends by introducing image recognition in applications. Develop your own app with the trendiest tech that can enhance the end-user experience with us.

  • Beacons in Fashion

    Now you can know on the go what the retailers around you have in their shop for you. The beacon technology has disrupted the fashion division by the quality and comfort it offers. Partner with us to get a beacon app for your fashion store.

  • Stay updated of the trends

    Fashion is a new trend that everybody wants to conquer. The millennial generation has transformed the fashion sector's value. You can take advantage of this by owning an app that has all the global trends of fashion out there with our application development services.

Say Yes to Fitness

Nowadays people are more aware and conscious about their fitness. It's the high time to take leverage on this by owning application that offers ease to the users to maintain their wellness and fitness. We have a highly proficient team to envision a comprehensive picture for fitness app development which includes workout apps, yoga apps, wearable health apps, and many other apps.

  • Workout applications

    Get close to your fitness goals with our workout app development services. Our application renders various exercises and workout sessions that you can opt according to your desire. Along with time and calorie tracking, you can let your end-users achieve a healthy lifestyle.

  • Wearable apps

    Our advanced wearable application development services help you in staying ahead and gaining a healthy lifestyle. We have the experienced team of developers who can bring your vision to life by crafting the fitness wearable app that exceeds all expectations

  • Diet and nutrition applications

    In today's scenario, people take obesity and health-related issues very sincerely. These applications have helped people in working on themselves by maintaining a healthy diet plan. To offer more convenience to users, you can develop a sound diet and nutrition application with us.


Challenges We solved

Enhance Customer Loyalty and Experiences

Rendering a quality product is everyone's expectation, yet many fail to deliver excellent customer experience due to their lack of technical expertise. We proffer you advanced technological solutions that fulfill all your users' desire.

Market Expansion

Cultural and regional trends influence lifestyle products. Getting a complete picture of these trends will help brands grow their market through the category and geographical extension.

Magnifying Efficiency

If you are relaxed, you can work more efficiently. This goes with everything whether you need an app for fashion the more operational ease you will provide to the users the more ROI you will earn.

Engagement Model

We offer three different types of engagement model for our patrons. These models come with various specifications, and let the client opt as per their demands, budget and project need.

  • 01

    Pay As You Grow

    This model provides you the opportunity to get your software first with MVP features due to lack of finance then after we can develop a fully functional product as you grow.

  • 02

    Fixed Bid

    We follow a process oriented engagement model that works solely to get your product efficiently in the market with our Fixed Bid approach.

  • 03


    In this model, we offer an alliance to the client, so they can get the desired professionals to work and join the clan. We cordially share the interest and work together.


How can we assist you?

  • On-demand beauty services

    Our on-demand beauty services incorporate application that can help you in pamper yourself after a very hectic week. Let your users relish our on-demand beauty services within a few taps at their doorstep.

  • Home cleaning services

    In this hustle-bustle of life what if you get a helping hand to clean your house within a few clicks. Our home cleaning solutions enable your users to savor all the home-related services they can demand.

  • Massage and meditation services

    What if you can give your consumers the peace they are looking for? It would be great. Right! We can make this happen by developing a software solution, so your consumers can rejuvenate with utmost comfort.

Implementing Lifestyle Solutions by Measuring Risks

Throughout the Lifestyle solution development process, we consider this framework which measures and eradicates the risk factor. These steps focus on tracking, displaying and understanding progress regarding software risks.

  • icon-implementing-validation


    Understanding the business context is necessary before jumping to the development phase. In this stage, our analysts identify the scope of your idea as per the market demand and how we can blend advance tech to grow your business.

  • icon-implementing-product strategy

    Product & Strategy

    After identifying the scope, we mold your idea if required to achieve your desired ROI. Our product strategy comprises the best practices that can make your idea stand out.

  • icon-implementing-build


    This phase is for the development, and before this, we take the measures to mitigate the identified risks. To accomplish the desired product with the supreme quality, we have the best experts.

  • icon-implementing-grow


    Just having a perfect product can't get you what you crave. You have to market it, and for that, we have the best marketing professionals that can let people know about your winning product.


Why Us?

  • icon-lifestyle-why-us-01

    Challenge us to surprise your imagination

    We implement cutting-edge technologies to give you more than you asked for.

  • icon-lifestyle-why-us-02

    Helping businesses to innovate

    Our surreal innovative ideas help companies to make their place in the overcrowded market.

  • icon-lifestyle-why-us-03

    Lifting ideas to outshine

    Our work speaks louder than our words. We have made lifestyle application ideas thrive in the market.

Technologies We are Working With

  • 1
    Application Development
  • 2
    Programming & Scripting
  • 3
    Framework and CMS
  • 4
    Mobile Platforms
  • 5
    Creative design
  • dedicated-icon-custom-software

    Custom Software Development

  • dedicated-icon-web-development

    Web Development

  • dedicated-icon-mobile-app

    Mobile App Development

  • dedicated-icon-e-commerce

    E-Commerce Development

  • dedicated-icon-iot

    IoT Development

  • dedicated-icon-enterprise-app-modernization

    Enterprise App Modernization

  • dedicated-icon-kotlin


  • dedicated-icon-unity


  • dedicated-icon-ajax


  • dedicated-icon-swift


  • dedicated-icon-sql


  • dedicated-icon-ruby


  • dedicated-icon-python


  • dedicated-icon-php


  • dedicated-icon-javascript


  • dedicated-icon-java


  • dedicated-icon-delphi


  • dedicated-icon-asp.net


  • dedicated-icon-asp


  • dedicated-icon-xml


  • dedicated-icon-wordpress


  • dedicated-icon-symfony


  • dedicated-icon-ruby-on-rails

    Ruby on Rails

  • dedicated-icon-react-native

    React Native

  • dedicated-icon-flutter


  • dedicated-icon-reactjs


  • dedicated-icon-nodejs


  • dedicated-icon-angularjs


  • dedicated-icon-laravel


  • dedicated-icon-joomla


  • dedicated-icon-drupal


  • dedicated-icon-dot-net


  • dedicated-icon-codeIgniter


  • dedicated-icon-cake-php


  • dedicated-icon-android


  • iphone-icon


  • dedicated-icon-hybrid-cross-platform-apps

    Hybrid & Cross Platform Apps

  • dedicated-icon-other-mobile-os

    Other Mobile OS

  • dedicated-icon-web-design

    Web Design

  • dedicated-icon-ux-ui-design

    UX/UI Design

  • dedicated-icon-product-design

    Product Design

  • dedicated-icon-graphic-design

    Graphic Design

  • dedicated-icon-logo


  • dedicated-icon-other-design

    Other Design

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