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A Construction Product

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Gain complete visibility over the costs and performance of your assets and equipment in a single central system


Track Equipment, Materials and Even Employees with our Solutions


Stop worrying about wasting resources or time, and ensure your crews stay safe with all the equipment they need, securely at hand.


Golden Brick's Story

By the year 2025, the construction industry is expected to grow by 70% to US$ 15 trillion (PwC, Global Construction 2025) and the world population to reach 9 billion by 2050. Construction as an industry has been slower compared to other sectors in responding to digitization and lean execution strategies to the fullest extent possible. The story behind GoldenBricks is that once a client from the construction industry came to us regarding his software needs. At that time as a part of our process, we researched the whole sector and realized that the construction industry is far behind the digitalization. Then after making the required project of our client, we started working on GoldenBricks, a one-stop destination product for all the needs of the construction industry.

Access all project information from wherever you are. From drawings and specifications to snag lists, RFIs, photos, and videos. GoldenBricks is your single source of perfection. With proven adoption on the job site, GoldenBricks is easy to pick up and reliable on projects of any size. Get work done with teams from any device, whether you’re connected or offline.

It’s your platform—roll up your sleeves, mud up your boots, and tell it like it is. Bare the heart and soul of your work, and expose its real impact on everyday lives.

Pitfalls of the Construction Industry

We've all seen the staggering reasons that paint a disturbing picture of construction. According to our survey, there are a number of pitfalls of construction sector that we have identified.

Pre Sales Planning and Management
Pre Sales Planning and Management
RFI Sync - Lack of Communication
RFI Sync - Lack of Communication
Task Management
Task Management
Asset Management
Asset Management
Labour Management
Labour Management
Report Generation
Report Generation
Tracking the Labours
Tracking the Labours
Paying the workers
Paying the workers

The Problems

Despite advancements in technology, the construction industry still sticks to traditional, manual methods that are slow and time-consuming. Construction is indisputably a complex industry. Each construction project involves dozens, if not hundreds, of stakeholders and participants. Projects require a significant degree of detail, and thus it consists of numerous errors due to manual processes. The industry plays a vital role as it builds roads, bridges, dams, airports, and other structures on which society runs and their one error or mistake can be dangerous for the community as well. So to help these passionate people do their jobs even better, we provide an entire suite of integrated software to manage their tasks all the way through project completion, including programs to manage daily activities in the field, track labor and equipment, keep workers safe on the job, and much more.

Our Solutions


Project Management

Because you work from the office and the job site.Access all project information from wherever you are.


Pre Sales Process

Everything you need to land more jobs and create more precise measures. GoldenBricks manages your pre-sales process so that you can work in peace and can get help in reducing costs and go paperless.


Financial Tools

We know how hard it is to manage the payments of the workers and to keep account of that is a complex task. GoldenBricks can relieve your pain point as it schedules payment for you.


Asset Management

Asset tracking system can provide your construction business with all the tools you need to negotiate these problems. Features like GPS-based location tracking, custom reports on asset utilization, history trails recording the evolution of your equipment, and detailed services.


BlockChain Technology

The construction industry is a billion dollar industry, and it contains many private as well as susceptible information such as payments, contract details, assets, etc. To ensure the security aspect of this industry what can be the best technology than Blockchain.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Construction Productivity Software that inspects the quality and tracks progress so you can react in minutes, not months. Artificial intelligence measures progress and examine the quality so that teams can increase productivity with timely identification of issues.


The Result

Our construction app bridges the gap between companies to make communication effortless between the field and office staff and eliminate waste in everyday field activities. The best construction management apps help improve the performance of your project without asking you to change the way you work. Stay productive, safe, and profitable with a daily plan. Get our software that feeds you relevant information to prepare for upcoming work and then helps you communicate your plan to the right people. Everything you need to work at your fingertips, wherever you are.




Project Management

  • Daily Logs
  • To-Do's
  • Scheduling
  • Docs, Photos & Videos
  • Plan Markup

Pre Sales Process

  • Reduce costs and go paperless
  • Collaboration is key to successful jobs
  • Customized login page
  • Generate professional proposals

Financial Tools

  • Payments
  • Budget
  • Integration
  • Time Clock

Asset Management

  • Location tracking
  • Custom reports
  • Asset utilization
  • History trails
  • Maintenance modules

Golden Bricks Demos

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Our Work

We Won Many Factory Awards & Got Many Ceritificates for our projects

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