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The Travel industry has witnessed remarkable growth in previous years. This is one of the largest industry which is flourished by technological advancements all around the world. With a steep growth, traveling is also one of the favorite things which everybody adores. Whether it's a weekend or you are in holiday mood traveling is the best way to escape and revitalize from the hustle-bustle of life.

In this fast-paced prompt world, the travel industry is continuously evolving, and it is quite challenging to stay abreast with the changes, growth and travel trends. Traveling industry has significant direct and induced economic impacts.

As per the Adobe Digital Insights, the travel industry market research states that 41% of the business and 61% of the leisure arrangements are made online. Don't get surprised these numbers will go high only in the near future because it's a never-ending industry. So to gain the advantage on your competitors, you should adjust your approach, plunge in the travel trends and render your users and patrons a perfect and unique experience with our travel mobility solutions.

Why it is right time to take advantage

Technology has helped in giving new life to the travel industry as now you can reach more people than ever. As a result of the tech innovations, travelers are more informed, younger and tech-savvy. Now the travel industry has stepped forward in 21st century's technologies, and people are embracing it enthusiastically.

Nowadays everybody has smartphones, and they prefer the ease of traveling offers through digital methods. When you are aware of all these facts, trends which are fueling the present travel industry scenarios, you should adopt the digital strategy to make the most out of this market.

At Auxano Global Services, we understand the potential of digital services and have expertise in successfully implementing leading travel technology solutions in term of providing you with the most exclusive travel solution that can achieve the desired ROI and bring value to the users.

Features we offer

Traveling industry solutions and applications should have features that can address users' needs while exploring. With us, you get the perfect blend of technology that proffers the most advanced features, and our travel mobile app development approach give your users an extraordinary seamless experience. Dive in to explore a few unique features offered by us:

Travel Planner
Taxi Booking
Travel Guide
GPS Location Tracking
Admin Control Panel
Hotel Booking
Time Converter
Weather Forecasting
Itinerary Generator
Currency Converter
Language Translator
Emergency Services
Chat Support
Trip Reviews
Washroom Locator
Secure Payment Gateway
Social Dining
Discount and Offers

Types of applications we develop

The idea of owning a travel app or entering into travel business hovering in your mind. We can be your technical partner in accomplishing a functional travel solution that can render value to the users and increase engagement.

Challenges in the Travel Industry

Constantly Changing Requirements

In a period market technology changes and according to that the market demand. To meet the market demands, we come up with innovative solutions such as we incorporated Blockchain in the payment gateway for securing the transactions within the app.

Data Growth

To render the outstanding user experience you requires to manage enormous data. To eliminate the big data issue that occurs here, we offer a solution that captures meaningful data and insights so that customer can enjoy a seamless travel experience.

Offline Availability

The Internet is just similar to water when you have to rely on applications and what if you are out of water? For overcoming this network hurdle which is every travelers' pain point, we eradicate the necessity of internet connectivity for using every feature.

Solutions we provide

Our revolutionary travel solutions can unravel the opportunities this industry holds. Dive in the tech blends proffered by us :

  • 01. Artificial Intelligence Used in Ticketing
  • 02. On-demand Travel Solutions
  • 03. Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Travel Industry
  • 04. Our Travel Mobility Solution
  • 05. Get Customized ERP Travel Solution

With us, you get a highly advanced and interactive ticketing experience through our AI solution.

  • Get Helping hand in Reservations & Bookings.
  • AI Enabled GEO based features
  • Quality results and suggestions

Our On-demand solutions help the user in fulfilling the critical aspects. With custom UI, robust analytics, and advanced admin panel.

  • On-Demand Taxi Apps
  • Vehicle Rental Apps
  • Travel Guide Apps
  • Hotel Booking Apps

What if users can have a look & feel the of the place they want to travel? Amazing right!

  • Travel Guide Apps
  • Virtual Tour Apps
  • AR- Based GPS Apps

Mobility solutions have become necessary in this mobile world. We have unique travel mobility solutions that render ease to the users.

  • Customer service Apps
  • Payment gateways Apps
  • Locality suggestion Apps

We proffer the best ERP solutions in which you can manage all the traveling concerns.

  • Financial Accounting Module
  • Customer Relationship Module
  • Quality management Module
Our Specialities

Our Specialities

Our travel solutions help you optimize efficiency by performing your business according to consumer's demands. We bring the travel necessities to your hand by rendering consumers the ability to get wherever and whenever they want.

Experienced Professionals

With a well-versed and experienced team, we deliver results that kick-off the market with its performance and UI

Custom Solutions

Whether you need a hotel booking app or an ERP solution, we can fulfill your every demand blending the trendiest tech

Dynamic Approach

Our dynamic approach helps you in developing a comprehensive software solution that caters to the need and demands of your business.

Analytics Optimization

Our Analytics optimization through Big Data solutions helps you in fulfilling the consumer demands and will make you their primary choice.

Accelerated Loading

We know the pain of losing users due to slow loading. Our app solution ensures to fulfill consumer's request very quickly.

User Friendly UI/UX Design

An interactive design wins the heart of the user. We know that, and that's why we proffer the best design solution along with the smooth experience while shopping.

Process Flow

We craft masterpieces with the undying passion, a dash of innovation and a lot of discipline.

Why Us?

At Auxano Global Services, we are committed to providing you with the best travel application development services that can get you better ROI. Our innovative approach can help you in staying ahead in the competitive world. Wanna Know why we are the best?

  • Our well-defined strategy and in-depth research make us stand out.
  • The innovative foresight to meet the needs of the travel industry.
  • Guarantee to secure customer's data.


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