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Things You Should Know!

Financial technology aka Fintech is no more an emerging market; it's a well-established industry with more than 50% of the global adult population using the internet to pay bills or buy something online.

Apart from this, the worldwide mobile banking and payment industry is very massive, preparing over a billion dollars per day. These surprising statistics show how massive this industry is.

This established industry has enormous potential yet to be unhitched. Grab the opportunity and jump into the industry with our technical solutions and assistance by which your business can flourish like never before.


Challenges We Conquered

Challenges are made to be solved. We can be your technical partner in conquering these industry blockades.

Customer Data Management

Customer data is very crucial in the finance industry. The enormous data this industry gathers need to be secured and managed correctly. Managing such an amount of information is a challenge that technology can overcome.


When it comes to rules, there are many regulations the finance industry needs to comply with apart from government regulations. This is another hindrance in the path of exploring new opportunities in the industry.

Security Challenges

After the digital transformation of the finance industry, a lot of data is available in digital format which is easing the analytics and insights, but on the other side, the information has also become sensitive to security breaches.

Technology Risks

Another challenge that this industry face is the failure to invest rightly in a secure and reliable digital system due to the cyber attacks. Adapting technologies is also risky for this industry due to the sensitive information.

Accepting and Support Services

The finance industry was a complicated math puzzle for people due to complicated procedures, but smartphones and digitalization have remodeled this industry. Although the fear of securing data & getting the right information is a significant concern.

Opportunities You Can Grab

This massive industry offers infinite possibilities. At Auxano Global Services, we hold your hands to
seize the chance so that you can rule the industry.

  • 1
    Proffer unique customer experience
  • 2
    Business and Data Intelligence
  • 3
    Risk Management
  • 4

Solutions driven by technology solutions are capable of improving the customer experience. It can enable better decision making while rendering seamless experience to consumers.

One of the most critical factors for merchants is to render a great customer experience, and the need will rise in the future as well. So the solutions you offer to your users should be consumer-oriented plus providing easy access to your core services. Otherwise, in this race, it's hard to retain and attract users.


Your technical innovation partner must understand the need of rendering user-friendly solutions. When you choose us, you get a wise partner, and our patrons love us for offering the best value to their users while bringing innovation in the best possible way.


Imagine if you have an intelligent business coach that analyzes the financial data for you, identifies the market opportunities, find out the improvement scope and saves a lot of your capital.

Technology can make it possible with an abreast technology partner you can get a system that does all of this for you. This solution can become your helping hand while giving you the most valuable information about your business. Through the mix of AI and data analytics, we can turn this as the fuel to your thriving business.


The proper blending of technology by our experts can give you a groundbreaking financial solution which can assist you in fulfilling your business needs by providing you with relevant information. Our financial app development services can proffer you a fully fledged solution.


Risk management is crucial for any business, and when it comes to the finance industry, it's extremely critical. There are a number of risks and regulations in this industry that a merchant has to take care of.

Risks such as speed of transactions, cross-border transactions, anti-money laundering, data privacy, security, and many other risks can be taken care of by choosing perfect technology. Technology can reduce risks such as blockchain can help in the security of transactions, AI can render great user-experience, and other techniques can address the risks.


Technology advancements enable you to tackle all the risks that the financial industry faces. Our financial app developers have the capability to mitigate all your risk factors through technological solutions.


Investing in technology opens a wide door to remain accessible to your users all the time. The perfect fit for your requirements can help you in retaining your consumers.

In today's era, nobody would like to stand hours in the queue. Instead, they will prefer a mobile app for making transactions. Users need constant connection and information about their finances from the industry so that they can get continuous info about their personal accounts. Most of the banks offer apps for the ease of consumers if you don't have one and you want to engage your users, turn to us.


With our years of experience, we excel in finance mobile app development that comprises of unrivaled UI, perfect technology blend, and ROI driven approach.


Leverage the innovation

The consumer needs seamless and on-the-spot financial services. This is the reason why financial enterprises have been integrating frontier technologies in their operations. Consumer demand will rise in the future, and the financial industry will continue to adopt software solutions to address the needs of modern users.

We drive innovation in financial services by blending technology solutions to streamline daily operations. From financial mobile app development to digital solutions, our financial application development services are value driven.

Services at your ease

Online banking services are proven to be a blessing for the tech-savvy generation who are always on-the-go and don't have time for the extended banking operations. Are you Wondering what role we play in this industry?

We enhance customer experience through software solutions and evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and cloud computing. Along with this, we make the website payments, in-app purchases and online transactions user-friendly to meet customer demands.

Securing assets

Risk and security have always been concerning points in the financial industry. With our fintech app and web development solutions, you get the required push that is needed in this massive industry. But along with the digitalization, the security concern is also rising.

To reduce security threats and to prevent potential hacks, we develop software that can comply with the highest security standards. Our financial app development process is reliable and trustworthy which results as the best fighting fraud software across all the channels.


Advantages We Proffer

With us, you get what's best for your business. Our thorough knowledge and deep expertise can become your advantage to fulfill your goals.

At Auxano Global Services, we assist our patrons in keeping pace with fintech's market demands, evolving financial and security regulations as well as disruptive technologies. Savor our strengths in finance software development:

  • Continuous Financial Monitoring
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Secure Transaction Records
  • Centralization
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Actionable Reports
  • Eases Tax Compliance
  • Short Learning Curve

Types of Applications

We craft software for web and mobile platforms using a thoughtful approach to product
development. We implement finance software solutions that assist companies in achieving
extraordinary solutions.

  • icon-finance-tab-crypto
    Crypto Apps
  • icon-finance-tab-insurance
    Insurance Apps
  • icon-finance-tab-banking
    Banking Apps
  • icon-finance-tab-investment
    Investment Apps
  • icon-finance-tab-digital
    Digital Wallets
  • icon-finance-tab-accounting
    Accounting Apps
  • icon-finance-tab-forex
    Forex Apps
  • finance-tab-pos-solution
    POS Solutions

Crypto apps

Cryptocurrency is on the rise. Do you want to build your app? To fulfill your desire, we have the expert team of Blockchain developers who specialize in the development of crypto wallet and cryptocurrency trading apps.

Don't wait! Grab our hand to stay on the edge of the digital era with our excellent financial app solutions.

Crypto Wallet
Buy Cryptocurrency
Exchange Cryptocurrency
Send From the Wallet
Withdraw Cryptocurrency
Track Coins

Insurance Apps

Do you want to eliminate the paper-based outdated operations and boost your ROI with your app for insurance? With our finance app solution, you get an elevated experience, spontaneous mobile solution for agents, patrons, users and employees on the go.

We continuously look for out of the box solutions to resolve your challenges. Our solutions provide an efficient way to connect with your users and boost productivity.

Manage Policy Services
Finding of the Available Insurance
Chat Support & Voice-Enabled Assistance
Pay Your Bills
Modify Your Plans

Banking Apps

Get our futuristic mobility solutions for retail and corporate banks, offering a seamless application with fascinating UI and features. You will get more than a banking app when you choose us, a secure environment, architecture to improvise your operations and a user-driven sound methodology.

Get connected with us today and fuel-up your banking process with our tech solutions.

Easy Accounting
Account Statement and Documents
Services & Products
Interests and Deposits
Transfer Funds
Secure Login

Investment Apps

People are smart as banking technology has evolved, so the demand rises. Investments apps are on the rise due to the ease they offer to the user. We can assist you in creating a high-quality investment app.

Our app lets your consumers maintain their spends, get insights into their investments, to invest just in a tap and many other features which empower them to make planned investments.

Secure Login
Make Investments
Search Various Investment Schemes
Overall Investment Report
Compare Investments

Digital Wallets

eWallets or digital wallets apps developed by our experts are user-friendly along with all-in-one banking solutions. Build your digital wallet app with us that allows users to transfer money from their mobile devices using credit or debit card, contact number, NFC and QR codes.

Wanna own a digital wallet app? Ping us with your requirements, and we will take care of the rest.

Account Integration
Send/Receive/Add Money From the Bank Account
Data Synchronization
Balance Status
Offers and Promotions

Accounting Apps

Our accounting mobility solutions offer more than just everyday transactions. With our custom app development services, you can get the desired software solution that manages the cash flow, cash assets, fixed assets, liabilities and many more.

Manage your accounting operations with solutions provided by us and render value to the users.

Expense Management
Automated Invoicing
Bank Reconciliation
Tax Management
Billing Management
Financial Reports

Forex Apps

Forex trading is on the rise, and we can make it simple & more convenient for you through our forex app development. Get a fully fledged trading platform with all the features that you can wish for.

Don't wait for the right time, ping us right now with your demands and savor the opportunity this industry offers.

Exchange Flow
Support Services

POS Solutions

The retail store chains use POS solutions to accept payments from their walk-in customers. Our expert team of fintech mobile app developers excels in custom POS solution development.

Whether you want a native app or hybrid, we have astute experience in POS solution development.

Inventory Tracking
Sales Reporting and Analytics
Customer Management
Employee Management
Mobile Access
Integration Capability

Features We Offer

We always craft business-driven financial mobility solutions that are fully fledged with multiple functions.

Digital Receipt
Online Payment
Voice-enabled Search
Secure Messaging
QR Codes
Secure Login
Push Notifications
Virtual Cards
Paying Bills
icon-feature-send-recieve-add money
Send / Recieve / Add Money
Fraud Detection
Multicurrency Processing
Invoice Management
Financial Planner
Data Analytics

Why Us?

  • finance-why-us-01
    Security comes first.

    Our fintech developers integrate the latest security practices, as we understand the sensitivity of data protection.

  • finance-why-us-02
    Domain-specific expertise

    Our vast experience in financial software development sets us apart from others

  • finance-why-us-03
    Innovative acceleration

    We blend the cutting-edge technologies in software to make the best use of techniques.

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