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Our Expertise


Agile Methodology

We work in 'sprints' using agile methodologies. These are proven techniques that allow us to add more features, faster, with the benefit that you can test and evolve product constantly. The agile approach enables requirements and solutions to evolve through the combined efforts of the development team and the consumer. It enhances the planning, development, delivery and improvement processes. This flexible and iterative approach can be used in complex projects where the consumer requirements change according to the time.


Modern Technologies

Delivering scalable products means using only the best in class technology. Our talented engineers always stay abreast with the best, stable & mature technologies. From idea to application, the journey with us is predictable and fun. We at Auxano Global Services, excel in developing robust applications that render a thrilling experience for your users and bring real value to your business. Our solutions are the right blend of advanced technologies that run seamlessly.


We plan for Future

Understanding the big picture and observing the smallest details helps us to plan a better future. We offer a competitive advantage by having all teams in-house for design, development, and QA. Leverage our domain expertise that holds the potential to boost your operational efficiencies ensures faster time to value and transform customer services. Tap into our futuristic approach to gain new insights and to reach new heights. We just don't develop your app; we prepare it for the future.

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Value Proposition

Experts in Customized iOS apps


We specialize in custom iOS Application Development Services. We never reuse code for even the 90% similar app ideas. Everything from the wireframe to the code is written fresh by our tech-savvy coders, keeping the individuality alive in every iPhone app.

Security Concern


We provide business and source code protection. From safeguarding our clients' ideas by signing an NDA to keeping their customers security breach-proof by keeping our services and code restricted to be only used by our clients and us.

Build for scale, at a lower cost


Here’s where our engineering team excels: the frequent 'unseen' detail on how we architect our work for the future. Scalability 'out of the box', with significantly lower cost within months.



Native iOS App Development

From the selection of programming languages to the final QA process, we are known for using the latest technologies in the iPhone app development process. Our armor of technology that we use for developing apps for iPhone is what makes every app look and function like the one never seen before, with each marking a new standard for the world to follow. Our native iOS app development services encompass the full process, from product strategy to App Store submission. The primary languages we use for native iPhone development are Swift, and Objective-C.


Hybrid iOS App Development

We write hybrid mobile apps that behave exactly like native equivalents. Hybrid apps target a phone’s WebView inside a native container. In other words, you’ll never know if an app is native or hybrid. IOS apps are developed using the standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and React Native. We have a technically sound team of iPhone developers who carry expertise in mobile application development. We offer services to many domains including social apps, travel portal apps and many more.

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Custom iOS Apps
iPhone/iPad Game Development
iOS App Support, Optimization, and Maintenance
iOS Widget/Extension Development
iOS Consultation
iOS App UI/UX Design


We innovate, we curate, and we deliver

Imagination is the beginning of Creation

+ Imagination
+ Creation
= Ideation

Bringing bouts of color, & cutting-edge tech

+ Color
+ Cutting-edge Tech
= Groundbreaking App

Version of virtual self in shades of brilliance

+ Brilliance
+ Magic
= Breathtaking Experience

Your personal, passion through our eyes

+ Passion
+ Our Vision
= Achieved Aspiration

Strive for simplicity. Deliver sophistication

+ Simplicity
+ Sophistication
= Extraordinary Product

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