There are 400 Million entrepreneurs in the world. 


But this is true and now imagine the number of companies. I know you are still in shock but calm down, let’s come to the point of talk that where do you see yourself as a Business Leader.

How well your company is performing against your competition? Do you have any quality that makes you STAND OUT from others?

Do you listen to others or believe in your instinct? Everyone else will tell you that you can’t do this, you are not capable, but the answer resides in you. Ask yourself what can you do this and have faith in you.

You can conquer the world, just need to know what’s your secret weapon.

So, unveil your potential and analyze how Business strategies and tactics help you give the right direction to your business.

The more successful your business will become the better leader you are. 

 The experience turns wounds into wisdom.

Grasp these worthy points and inculcate these into your Business strategy model to kiss the road of success.

What’s Your Game Plan?

Do you play chess?

Of Course Yes!!

When we play chess we always have a strategy and also known as a game plan. We use our chances according to that.

We have the vision to follow.

What’s your Business game plan and your vision? 

All the successful leaders in today’s world understand the simple truth of business i.e. without a vision and understanding of the bigger picture, failure is round the corner.

While the big-picture vision enables you to know the future and where you are going, the incremental gains allow you to continue winning, with forwarding momentum.

Business is also a game, you need to plan every step and also be aware of the consequences. You must have a strategy with purpose and always be ready to face any situation that comes in your path.

Being a Leader is not a piece of cake. 

Identify the sour and sweet side and maintain the balance to reach the level.

Focus on Innovation and Invention

Do you know that both of these words are different from each other?  Yes, Invention means to create a thing which is never been created for example Television while on the other side Innovation refers to make improvements in the things which already exist.

In the present time Business require a new idea or concept that can sustain in the market and can go viral. But how to identify that right?

The answer lies within you.

Earlier when the television was invented we had restrictions such as the channels, color, etc. and we made it better by introducing color TV in the market i.e. innovation.

Analyze the market and give a thought to your vision, the idea of innovation is there. You just need to FOCUS.

In the process of innovation, you can introduce new technology, Business techniques or can use a better process to give more consistent quality of the product.

If your competitor’s products have a reputation for being cheap and cheerful, rather than trying to underprice them on the price you could innovate by renovating your marketing to emphasize the quality of your merchandise and consider charging a premium for them.

Innovation is not about just talking, it’s about the actions. So get moving and start your ride from accidental innovator to a high-performance innovation Business leader.

Saddle up your steed and race to achieve your Target

Ask Yourself!

What are you doing to achieve your vision or your goal?

You have a target but are you working smart enough to reach there. 

Working hard is a great practice but it’s now an old-school thing, the new practice is being a smart worker. 


The methods of doing business are also changing with technology. Now, the traditional techniques don’t work you have to switch to the modern platforms.

Get your business a mobile app and a responsive website.

A responsive website will increase your brand value and presence in the market. It will be helpful for your business if you wanna reach on large scale, or hoping to target international clients. While the mobile app will raise the indulgence of your customers.

Today’s generation spent more time online so your presence online will affect your customers and maybe increase traffic that is helpful for your business.

80% of the time spent on mobile devices is using apps.

The latest technology which is ruling the market ‘Internet of Things’ is mobile-centric. 

So my fellows get out of the traditional comfort zone and adapt these trends to fuel up your business’s growth.

Get your own desirable mobile app with your requirements through the top mobile app development company.

Relentless Optimism

It is rightly said that optimism is the faith that leads to achievements. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

The real value of an optimistic is ‘everything is fine’ stance towards life.

Relentless optimism is what moves the world forward, just have trust in yourself and the right thing will come to you.

Seek opportunities and hit them up with your potential.

Being optimistic doesn’t mean that you are sitting on a chair and waiting for a miracle to happen!

No, my friend!

Even god helps those who work hard to achieve what they desire. 

Fight for your targets, achieve them with your smart work, raise your standards, set the bars high and work to reach there at a breakneck pace. 

Analyze your work and improve it. Success will taste even better if it is gained through working hard.


Rehearse your business decision-making skills by breaking down an incredibly smart way to practice the skills. Realize that you are on the right track as a Business leader towards your big win. Put away the controllers and improve your strategic and tactical skills. 

Hit the road and stay confident the success will get down on its feet. 

Strive for excellence and success will follow you.

Beat Your Competition By Questioning Yourself

About the Author

Nirav Upadhyay

Nirav Upadhyay

Nirav Upadhyay is a Digital marketing Head at Auxano Global Services, a renowned Digital Marketing Company. He started his career as an SEO Analyst in 2006 and has been in the field ever since. He excels at Search Engine Optimization, SMM, SEM and Product Marketing. Alongside his work as a Digital Marketing Head, Nirav also contributes to publications such as Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Businessweek, CIO, Huffington Post, The Drum and TNW.