Digitization has deeply penetrated the construction industry. And mobile apps emerge as critical utilities to the stakeholders. Regardless of how new or old a construction business is, investing in a mobile app can be the wisest decision of all times. Consequently, construction app development has become a lucrative domain entailing massive growth opportunities.

But, what are the ideas of successful construction apps? You’ve hopped on the best place if something similar concerns you! Being one of the Best mobile app development companies in the USA, we have immense expertise in construction app development services. Let’s discuss the top 3 mobile app development ideas for construction companies.

Top 5 Construction Apps Worldwide

Before jumping on to the trending mobile app development ideas, you should get well-acquainted with the most sought-after app models causing a buzz in the industry. Such knowledge will help you screen out the helpful features and dodge the unnecessary elements. So, here are the five leading construction apps worldwide.

Top 5 Construction Apps Worldwide

1. BuilderTREND

A renowned name in the construction landscape, BuilderTREND, boasts a navigable UI to display the right information across all devices. Besides, the comprehensive app guides the company through presales to financial tools and manages the entire process efficiently.

2. BuilderStorm

BuilderStorm makes it easy to track and manage the entire construction business effortlessly. The app entails a responsive UI that remains compatible with all devices and platforms. Such an attribute simplifies using the app on-site for a better overview of the construction firm.

3. Aconex

Aconex suite encompasses three mobile apps and a software solution. While the apps assist the construction companies on-site, Aconex software simplifies project management in the blink of an eye.

4. Co-construct

Co-construct allows the construction companies to brand the app and run it across all domains. From employee tracking to budget management, Co-construct has multiple unique features that set it apart in the industry. Also, it has a robust project management feature that assists construction firms like never before.

5. e-Builder Enterprise

e-Builder Enterprise is the ideal choice for construction companies requiring a cloud solution to access remote project tracking and management abilities. The comprehensive app runs on mobile devices and provides an overview of the processes to all stakeholders staying away from the construction site.

Why Developing Construction Apps?

A majority of construction businesses rely on crucial apps to manage their projects digitally. Are these apps beneficial to construction companies? If at all, what benefits do these mobile apps bring to their businesses? Let’s glance at the necessities of developing construction apps in the modern era.

Why Developing Construction Apps?

1. Equipment Management is a Headache

Let’s admit that equipment management is a hard nut for construction business owners. So, developing an app that tracks equipment health and sends alerts when scheduled maintenance is due will resolve their problem entirely.

2. Tracking Multiple Projects at a Time

Keeping an eye on several parallel projects is cumbersome. However, an interactive project dashboard offered by the construction apps simplifies monitoring all projects from a single platform.

3. Efficient Reporting and Data Retention

Collecting project-related data, generating reports, and retaining the insights for the long-term is like nailing jelly to a tree for the construction firms. So, a construction app that does everything on their behalf is what they are searching for. Developing a data collecting and reporting app will bridge the industry gap while bringing immense revenues to the developers.

4. Employee Tracking and Monitoring

A construction company is formed of its employees. However, the real challenge lies in tracking all of them. However, modern construction apps enable business owners to track their employees and monitor their activities closely.

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Best 3 Mobile App Ideas for Construction Companies

Did the above top-notch construction industry apps inspire you? Cheers if it’s a yes! Now, let’s walk through the trending construction app ideas having the highest probability of success in the industry. Keep reading!

1. Construction Management App

The construction business is vast, holds numerous employees, and runs on lofty investments. One wrong move and everything might fail eventually. So, managing the entire business is the real issue. So, developing a project management app can be a million-dollar idea!

App Features:

Let’s look at the features that your construction management app should have.

Construction Management App

1. Add/Remove Projects

The construction company can add new projects and their details at any time. Similarly, they can remove a project seamlessly if required.

2. Construction Cost Calculation

It’s a simple feature that calculates the cost required to complete a construction project by providing relevant information.

3. Manage Employees

From attendance to employee operations, the app must record everything about the workers.

4. Manage Documents and Reports

The app must simplify document management and generate insightful reports in the blink of an eye.

2. Site Inspection App

Visiting a construction site repeatedly is such a hectic process. The situation worsens when dealing with multiple projects at different sites. How about creating an app that eases out the site inspection task? The construction firms will love such an app as it would hit their most sensitive nerves!

App Features:

Here are the features you should emphasize in the site inspection app.

Site Inspection App

1. Add/Remove Project Sites

The app must allow the users to add multiple project sites and remove any of them whenever needed.

2. Editing Images

Your app should entail multiple photo editing tools like pencil, marker, and highlighters. These will allow users to mark the areas requiring improvement in the construction site images.

3. Create, Edit, and Share Reports

Creating and editing detailed reports on project site status is an attractive feature of such apps. Furthermore, it should allow hassle-free report sharing also.

3. Construction Raw Material Delivery App

Raw materials are the essence of a construction business. So, creating a raw material delivery app is worth the deal.

App Features:

Construction Raw Material Delivery App

1. Search

Users can search different raw materials from various brands.

2. Payment Integration

The app must allow the construction companies to pay digitally for their purchase.

3. Delivery/Pickup

The app should have raw material delivery and pickup features.

4. Real-Time Tracking

The companies should be able to track their order status at any point in time.

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So, they were the most unique mobile app ideas for the construction companies. Now, you might require the assistance of experienced developers to skyrocket the app project. Right here, Auxano Global Services, one of the Top mobile app development company, comes in! Our industry experience and skilled workforce develop construction apps that no one had imagined. Contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are construction apps?

    A mobile app that handles a different kind of task for any construction business is known as construction apps.

  • 2. What are the main types of construction apps?

    There are mainly three types including construction management apps, site inspection apps, and construction raw material delivery apps.

  • 3. What are the top construction apps worldwide?

    The top construction apps are BuilderTREND, BuilderStorm, Aconex, e-Builder Enterprise, and Co-construct.

  • 4. Why develop construction apps?

    A majority of construction businesses rely on crucial apps to manage their projects digitally. The benefits of developing construction apps are tracking multiple projects, equipment management, efficient reporting, employee tracking, and monitoring.

  • 5. Which is the best construction app development company?

    Auxano Global Services is a leading construction mobile app development company in the USA. Our dedicated developers always revere to clients requirements in order to create something beyond expectations. Our mobile app development services are fully customized to meets your business requirements.

  • 6. Where can I go for more information about construction app development?

    To know more about our construction app development services and to hire professional app developers, contact us at admin@auxanoglobalservices.com or can call us at +1.209.736.5046.

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