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Increase the Chances of Winning by Getting More Elevated Predictions

  • Time 4 Month
  • Team 5 Members
  • Platform Mobile App
  • Industry Sports
  • Type Predictor App
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About the Project

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    Project Overview

    Predicting the probability of winning in sports is highly challenging. Because sports is such a game where anything can happen at the last minute. We have come up with a mobile application that allows users to find the winning chances of the team they are supporting. A Plus Tips is an appropriate solution for sports enthusiasts to grow their chances of winning.

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    Target Audience

    We are targeting the youth generation and sports enthusiasts.


Requirements by the Client

  • Client wanted to create a platform where sports individuals can know the winning probability of their favorite team.

  • To make the application highly reliable and it should contain every sport.

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Key Featurelist

1. Invite Freinds

User can invite their friends and enjoy playing together.

2. Receive the Probability of Winning

You can receive the ratio of the winning team of the sport you have selected.

3. User Support

You can ask for support in case of any query or problem.

4. Purchase Plans

You can purchase the plan as per your requirement.

1. User Management

You can manage the user’s profile.

2. Payment Management

You can add payment methods and manage the paid plans.

3. User Support

You can provide a support line for users in case of any problem or query.

4. Generate Analytics

Admin can get access to the analytics of the application.

5. Add Excel Data

Admin can get all the data on user’s tips in an excel form.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. Real-time Data Updation

To give the probability of winning, it is very important to be updated every moment to get accurate results. The application's admin has to update the data to uphold the application's accuracy.

2. Managing Purchase Plans

You can buy the plans according to your interest. However, it was necessary to ease the platform UI to simplify purchasing plans on the mobile app.

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Our Solutions

A Plus Tips application is the ultimate solution for sports individuals. It is highly beneficial to know the winning probability of a team in a game. It is developed using flutter technology and Node.js and Socket.IO which is known for its high-end performance and functionality.

Our business analyst team developed a method to divide the website's purchase plans into more manageable chunks to manage the plans effectively. Consumers can pick one or more plans from these categories based on their interests. Because of this, our customers could easily handle the purchase plans and provide a top-notch user experience.

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