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Modernizing the Human resource Management
through Technology.

Our software has revolutionized HR management tasks with advanced technology.

  • Time 4 months
  • Team 8 members
  • Platform Web App
  • Industry Education
  • Type Learning
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About the Project

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    Project Overview

    Our client wanted to develop a human resource management system that can handle all operations of HR through the system. They also wanted to integrate a feature for their sales team to stay connected and to get their trips and detail of their expenses. The client required HRMS software by which they can organize employees’ data easily. Additionally, they also wanted us to build software that can also help employees manage their daily task reports.

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    Target Audience

    Employees, sales team, and management team of the company.


Requirements by the Client

  • Leaves record

    A system that can keep the employees' leave records and here HR can update the record as per their history.

  • Expenses claim management

    HRMS should include claim management for the employee. Here, all the employees’ expenses on behalf of the company will be stored, which can be claimed later by the employees themselves.

  • Manage employees’ attendance

    HRMS software must have an attendance record so that the organization can look after the regularity.

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Key Featurelist

1. Employee Profile

This feature allows the employee to maintain their personal profile. Information like their designation, profile picture, date of birth, etc., will be updated here.

2. Leave record dashboard

Here, the employee can check their leave status. One will have the accurate status of how much official leaves they can afford.

3. Company policy

The information about the company’s rules and regulations to make every employee aware of the work structure and daily operations.

4. Leave Application

This feature allows employees to apply for day-offs and sick leaves.

1. Admin dashboard

We have developed a separate dashboard for the betterment of employee management. We have included Attendance management, Leave records, Expenses claims, News & Job listing, etc.

2. Calendar integration, upcoming birthday notifications

It is always the best idea to remain parallel with time, and that’s why we have a calendar interfaced to manage tight deadlines. The best part is that it also helps to set reminders and schedule future events.

3. Dashboard For attendance

An essential dashboard needed to be installed to maintain the efficiency and regularity of the employees. It shows the attendance and working hour statuses of the employees.

4. Job listing and Organisation’s News

It is a platform for addressing common topics and discussing new ideas in a group chat format. The organization can share new job postings here to help staff know the upcoming job vacancy.

1. Expenses claims with live status

It maintains the expense records of the employees which they had paid on behalf of the company. The dashboard would show till-date expenses and claims you made. It also indicates pending and rejected claims’ details.

2. Search button to find a specific employee’s details

To make communication easy and fast with each other within the organization, we have installed a search option to find employees by their name and connect with them with minimum effort.

3. Employee’s Info Edit/Remove/Add

Here you find the complete information about specific employees, including birthdate, email id, designation in the company, and total duration associated.

4. Reports and analytics

Real-time data ensures the most accurate picture of your organization; you can make data-driven predictions and spot trends for future staff requirements.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. A system that does it all

The customer needed some solutions that could become more than a traditional HR system. They wanted a new system to combine recruiting, onboarding, performance monitoring, payroll, and corporate administration.

2. Automation

The final product should modernize and automate all the HR operations. The system had to store the information in one place for easy access by HR managers and employees.

3. Accessibility

The system had to provide role-based user access for various roles like an HR manager, CEO, Operations Manager, and others for security measures.

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Our Solutions

To meet the customer’s needs, our team developed a robust solution that allows managing employee records, handling onboarding tasks, processing payroll, keeping company documentation in a secure place, and performing many daily HR functions.

We automated all the features of conventional HR management and implemented all the features in the software.

We developed a different dashboard for HR and Super admin so that they can access the data as per their defined role.

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