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Feel the excitement with diverse,
replayable, & unique gameplay.

Imperfect Hero is by far the most extensive platformer, with massive replayability among it’s three major game modes.

  • Time 8 Months
  • Team 4 Members
  • Platform Android App
  • Category Arcade Game
  • Type Entertainment

About the Project

  • Project Overview

    Imperfect Hero is a game app developed for our client who wanted to relate the alien conspiracy to the gaming world. The client wanted to give a 3D experience to the gamers through this game. This game has many levels and is created to provide value to the gaming world.

  • Target Audience

    This game app is developed for gamers who love gaming and have a curiosity about aliens. This game app is intended to have a worldwide distribution.

Requirements by the Client

  • The client was looking for a reliable mobile app development company that could quickly develop an interactive 3D game app on both platforms, Android, and iOS.

  • The client wanted the game to be like Mario but with an alien theme.

  • The requirements included a minimum of 100 levels within a very minimum budget.

  • The requirements included a minimum of 100 levels within a very minimum budget.


Original Image
Modified Image


1. User Interface and User Experience

In the era of smartphones, websites should be responsive enough on every screen. If your website misleads or frustrates users, then it is not easy to maintain your customer's loyalty for your website.

Here intuitive navigation help websites in the leading audience to the information they are looking for without a learning curve.

Our Solutions

We used different scripts for each and every obstruct. For a realistic environment and particle, we used our plugin. So it consumes less memory with ample playing space.

We developed every component, obstruct, character, powerups, animation, and particle its script. So no concern for code junk.

Finally, our team developed the app using the Unity 3D platform within the deadline. We also conducted crowd beta testing before officially launching the app in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.