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eCommerce Marketplace
For Online Shoppers.

For online shoppers and vendors, a single platform where you can get everything.

  • Time 8 months
  • Team 9 members
  • Platform Web/Mobile App
  • Industry E-commerce
  • Type Shopping
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About the Project

  • About-Icon-Overview

    Project Overview

    The central purpose of developing Shopzz, an eCommerce marketplace, is to provide a platform where users will be able to purchase products online through the app. Vendors also can sell their products online in this app.

  • About-Icon-Audience

    Target Audience

    This platform is targeted to shoppers, vendors, and everyone who wants to shop online. This platform is meant to have distribution in Kuwait only.


Requirements by the Client

  • A marketplace where both user and vendor are present, as well as both, can be benefited.

  • Client wanted to let the vendors create their profiles and give them their rights such as adding/removing the product, viewing their featured product, analyzing the insights, etc.

  • As the app is for Kuwait country, the client wanted KNET as the payment method.

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Key Featurelist

1. Sign Up/Login

Signup/Login with essential details. Users can login using Facebook or Google.

2. Filter Options

Users can filter products easily by Collection, Categories, Featured Stores, On Sale, and Just added filter options.

3. Categories Listing Page

All the products will be shown in separate categories to the users.

4. Cart Page

Users can edit or delete products from the cart and go for checkout for payment.

5. Notifications

Get notified of your favorite store's events where you can enjoy the sale with your friends.

6. Like Products & Follow the Stores

Users can like the products and follow the stores, so they can see products when they launched recently.

7. Product Detail Page

Get all the details & images & videos of the product and add the product in the cart.

8. Discount

It displays the list of various stores that offer discounts on various clothes and accessories.

9. Events & Carnival

It displays the list of events and exhibitions happenings with details like event name, location, event date, information, and allows you to call also to get a further inquiry.

10. Payment

Users can apply promo code and Confirm the amount and pay through Cash or KNET.

1. Sign Up/Login

Signup/Login with essential details. A person can request through mobile and web app for registering to become a Vendor.

2. Dashboard Settings

The vendor can get access to the dashboard for maintaining his store, such as bank details, shipping, subscription, etc.

3. Managing Catalog

The vendor can alter or delete the catalog according to his preference.

4. Shipping

A vendor can also add or remove countries to expand his business.

5. Report Generation

Vendors can also generate and study their revenue report to grasp his store's insights.

6. Settings

Vendors are free to manage their profiles.

7. Privileges

The vendor has privileges to make modifications to the order.

8. Subscription Plan

There are different subscription plans for vendors. They can pick anyone according to his convenience.


Challenges-3 Challenges-2 Challenges-1

1. Dynamic UI Generation

A dynamic collection view was implemented to enable the user to see various category segments simultaneously on the home screen. It means the category blocks generated were interdependent on the image size.

2. Enduring the Vertical and Horizontal Scroll

When the consumer selects a particular category, a dynamic, detailed page gets opened in front of that specific category. Managing horizontal and vertical scrolls to prevent the UI conflict was indeed a task.

3. Maintaining Product Lists

Regularly maintaining an updated list of products through catalog management and presenting it in a simple yet effective format was quite tricky. Processing multiple orders for the shoppers, and mapping of products available with stored was also tough.

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Our Solutions

It is a universal truth now that mobile is an influencing factor in the eCommerce growth, and it is opting by businesses at a breakneck pace. Thus, we suggested a mobile strategy for the business to move with the trend as consumers today prefer mobile apps.

We recommended the client use the web-based Backend application and an Admin app. This solution helped in reducing the cost as well as time for both the operation and development process.

Though, with some frame size calculation and implementation of custom logic, the entire scenario of Dynamic UI Generation was wielded quite efficiently by the developers.

Our team of experts overcame with the horizontal and vertical scrolls scenario by using the UI Delegate, where the entire scroll direction was managed in the UI.

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