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Clubhouse Like App Development

Audio-Based Social Media App Development

Are you searching for developing Clubhouse like app? You have landed in the right place. We create an interactive app and are renowned as the top mobile app development company.

clubhouse clone app

Clubhouse Like App Development Company

Social Media has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, and no doubt sometimes such apps help people connect in a better way. Such an Audio-based social media app that made the entire world talk about it is Clubhouse. 

This app has 2 million weekly active users, which is enormous for such a new app, and thus even Facebook-like market giants are taking leverage by building Clubhouse-like app. This buzz has created curiosity for users to join this audio-based social media app.

At Auxano Global Services, we can help you develop social media audio app solutions like Clubhouse with even more interactive features, including the present features.

What differentiates us from other Mobile App Development Companies?

  • Innovative and Skilled Workforce

  • Immense Experience

  • 300+ Apps Developed

  • International and Local Clientele Base

  • Creative Suggestions To Make App Sustainable

  • Data Security

  • Performance Assurance

  • Comprehensive Customization

Clubhouse Clone App Development Services

Why choose us for developing the Clubhouse like app solution?

How To Develop An App Like Clubhouse

We develop applications that can sustain in the market.

Our marketing also helps our clients in getting users initially.

We help you understand how can you monetize your app.

Our team makes sure to keep you in the loop at every step.

We not only develop the app but also integrate new features into the app.

We built such an app that can be accessible to everyone and render an exceptional user experience.

How can you use the Clubhouse?

Organize Virtual Event

Due to pandemic, virtual events are on the surge, and thus privacy and security are also a hindrance. Our audio-based Clubhouse app offers you to create an exclusive event for your group or community where only invited people will be present. And once your event or meeting is over, no data regarding the event will be saved. No data, no fuss.

Connect With Professionals

Network building is the key. Whatever your profession is whether you are a creator, writer, artist or a business person. Connect to professionals other than your niche and get market insights.


Are you always afraid while talking to someone over social media? Fear of data leaking is not going to be in our app. Not everyone can get access to every meeting, and if one wants to join as host, then he/she has to accept the privacy policies. Besides, once the meeting is over the content gets deleted.

Collab with others

In our Clubhouse social media app, any user can start their private chat with another user, but you can also reject the invitation. This will help professionals to chat with each other on collaborations. This private chat will get deleted just after the conversation ends.

Best platform for the podcasts

This app has a massive benefit for podcast creators, and you can build great followers on our audio-based social media app. This app has audio features which enable you to engage your followers with meeting and discussion over their podcasts.

A Boon for Professionals and Businesses

Our Clubhouse like app enables users to share the audio clips in virtual "rooms." When a user enters the room, the audio automatically starts. The room creator decides who can speak, and interested users can let the creator know to join the discussion.

How to generate revenue through the Clubhouse like app?


The most convenient way to earn money through a social media app is by letting other businesses advertise on your platform.

Introduce Premium Subscription

Clubhouse is an app of exclusivity with features like invite-only registration. Users will pay you to get the subscription without having second thoughts due to the app's exciting and compelling premium features.

Physical Merchandise

With an app like Clubhouse, the number of followers will be immense. Then you can go for merchandising options. This can earn you money as well as act as a great marketing strategy.

In-App Purchases

We can also introduce an online marketplace in the app to start selling their products. A small amount can be charged for this.

Features of Clubhouse App


The user can create a meeting/event room with any topic of their choice and mention the time to start the meeting.


This feature showcases the audio meeting rooms created by the people or the communities.


We will also provide the built-in calendar feature to remind the user of the upcoming meetings the user has marked to join.


The user gets invited considering the activities and the meeting hosted by him/her. The number of invites a user is credited with will be shown in the app.


The user gets notified if any of his/her connections get on stage to speak in a room.


The user can create and join clubs as per their interest. The clubs can make room for the members to discuss in the private and in public too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Clubhouse app? Why is it popular in the market?

    The Clubhouse is the new audio-based social media platform. It is highly exclusive and can be accessed by those who get the invitation. In the Clubhouse app, the users participating in a room converse their opinions in real-time through audio-based podcasts. This makes the users more engaged as they can’t save their views to post as a comment another day.

    It became popular because of its audio-based concept and exclusive invite-only access. It is considered as the new audio-based competitor of Twitter and has over 2 million weekly active users.

  • How much does it cost to develop an app like Clubhouse?

    The cost of developing an app like Clubhouse varies on various factors. Four main factors that impacts the cost are as following:

    • Mobile app design 
    • Features-set 
    • The location you pick for development
    • Team size 

    With Auxano Global Services, you create the Clubhouse clone app with our expert mobile app developers’ assistance at very cost-effective prices. As per our experts, the price of developing an app like Clubhouse can cost you around $25k to $30k.

  • How to earn money from a Clubhouse-like app?

    You might be wondering how a Clubhouse-like app can generate revenue for you. We have the answer you are looking for. Though as a social media platform you will earn revenue, there are some other ways from where you can earn:

    1. You can Add Tip Feature for speakers
    2. Distribution of live podcasts 
    3. App subscription
    4. In-app advertisement.

    If you want to develop an app like Clubhouse, then contact Auxano Global Services. We excel in clone app development and also add additional features to make your app unique.

  • Where can I go for more information about Clubhouse-like app development?

    If you are looking for a more detailed discussion about a Clubhouse-like app, then contact us. We have the expertise and experience in developing social media applications that can benefit you in getting a more precise idea. Our app developers have exceptional skills in their respective niches to get the most competitive app like Clubhouse that can sustain in the market.


The above page is written for informational & reference purpose. We do not intend to infringe any copyright policy or do not possess any third-party material.

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