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Cost to Develop Livestock/Cattle Tracking System

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Livestock/Cattle Tracking System?

What lies behind successful farming? It’s efficient management that makes farming and livestock raising go as expected. However, numerous farms and fields exist in the world where thousands of animals live and provide monetary benefits to the owners. The owners, in turn, spend hours and hours orienting the animals, feeding them, catering to their health problems, and safeguarding them from thefts and poaching. Indeed, a hectic job!

Thanks to technological advancement for providing the farmers with efficiency and saved time they craved for an eternity. Nowadays, farmers can track animals and their health using digital apps from even a remote location. Several cattle tracking systems have been developed to facilitate the farmers in managing their livestock every time. Being the best on-demand app development company, Auxano Global Services can develop a premium cattle-tracking app for you to assist you on the farms.

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Statistics of a Livestock/Cattle Tracking System to Inspire You

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    More than 94.4 million cattle live in the US as of 2020.
  • icon-consultancy-understanding-and-scoping
    49.8% of the population relies on agriculture and animal husbandry to raise their livelihood.
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    Livestock accounts for 4.9% of total GVA and 28.4% of agricultural GVA.

What is a Livestock/Cattle Tracking System?

Managing livestock associates neverending efforts towards herd tracking, health monitoring, ensuring birth success, and so much more. A manually operated farm can never check on all healthy parameters and hence, register exceeded costs and reduced profits. Right here, the livestock tracking system comes into the frame! Nowadays, farmers can invest in cattle management systems and automatize most, if not all, operations.

The alert-creating and sensors-enabled digital systems monitor your animals round the clock and trigger alarms if anything goes wrong. Consequently, birth rates, herd health, fodder management, and profit points improve to the optimum level. Auxano Global Services is one of the top mobile app development companies in USA and develops superior livestock tracking systems in the blink of an eye.

Want to Develop a Livestock/Cattle Tracking System?


Digitization is the only option if you wish to optimize herd quality and profits generated from livestock farming. It becomes essential to leverage technology in minimizing your efforts while generating better outcomes on-fields than ever. So, you can gauge the importance of building a fully functional livestock tracking system to facilitate farmers at any point in time. These utilities help keep your animals healthy and increase birth rates which produce refined products, in turn. As we are the best mobile app development company, our team creates custom livestock tracking systems for specific farms and their requirements.

We embed innovative features to improve mundane livestock tracking systems and make them more helpful in day-to-day jobs. Our demonstrated experience in creating agricultural utilities helps us in building a robust toolkit to introduce digitization to animal husbandry.

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Bring Innovation to Create Masterpiece Cattle Tracking System with Auxano Global Services

Innovation and digitization go hand in hand. When creating revolutionary livestock tracking systems, innovation takes the center stage. An innovative mindset can extract unusual use-cases in the agricultural domain and benefit animal rearing optimally. Integrating never-seen-before features into your cattle tracking system automates your farming process and brings alleviated outcomes to your doorstep. Auxano Global Services is one of the top mobile app development companies in India and can develop premium livestock tracking systems to enhance animal health and optimize the outcomes generated.

You will require spending around $7,500 – $10,000 to build a fascinating livestock tracking system. Additionally, an investment of around $5000 is required to build a complementary web application.

Below is a curated list of features we will embed in your one-of-a-kind cattle tracking system. Have a look!

Basic Features and Cost to Develop a Livestock/Cattle Tracking System

System Users

User Mobile App

Basic Features


Scan QR Code to Connect Devices

Treatment Alert

List of All Cattle

Medicine Dates

Hospital List

Veterinary List

GPS Tracking

Whole Day Reports


Cost to Build a Livestock/Cattle Tracking System

Your require around $7,500 - $10,000 to build a livestock/cattle tracking system (iOS + Android) and $5000 for web application


Please note that the costs above are approximate and based on the MVP features. You can contact our Business Analysts teams for a detailed estimate based on your requirements.

Additional Features to Build IoT Devices

Node MCU

Male and Female Jumper Wires

Acid Sensor

GPS Device

Heartbeat Sensor

Lithium Battery

Other Supporting Sensors

Team Composition You Require For a Thriving App

  • icon-consultancy-software-consulting

    Project Manager

  • icon-consultancy-business-consulting

    Business Analyst

  • icon-consultancy-technology-consulting

    UI and UX Designers

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Mobile App Developer (iOS & Android)

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Digital Marketer

Team Composition We Will Assign To Your Project

  • Expert Requirement Analysis
  • Beneficial Technology Advice
  • Get a comprehensive roadmap
  • Measuring and eradicating potential risks
  • Assurance of quality product
  • Future enhancements and scope







Fabric iOS


Android Studio




swift iOS


Google API












Mantis Bt




MEAN Stack


Google Analytics


Google Search Console



Why Choose Auxano Global Services to Develop Livestock/Cattle Tracking Systems?

Choosing a livestock/cattle tracking system development team is the most challenging job of all. However, you can collaborate with us to unlock industry experience and a skilled workforce to develop your valuable project. So, are you wondering about the benefits of collaborating with our team? Here are the most lucrative points for you.

  • We have a robust portfolio entailing several agricultural management systems with groundbreaking practical benefits.
  • You can hire mobile app developers and management system builders to work on your cattle tracking utility.
  • Auxano Global Services lets you integrate several third-party products with livestock tracking systems like wearable devices to better monitor your animals.
Why Choose AGS as the App Development Partner to Develop Livestock Cattle Tracking System

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost to build a livestock/cattle tracking system?

    An investment of around $7,500 – $10,000 is enough to build a comprehensive livestock/cattle tracking system. Besides, you will require around $5000 to build a complementary web application.

  • Do you provide custom cattle tracking systems?

    Yes! We analyze your specific requirements and build custom cattle tracking systems for you.

  • Will I get maintenance support after the development of livestock/cattle tracking systems ?

    Yes! Much like any other product, our team offers continuous maintenance support to keep your livestock/cattle tracking system bug-free even after delivery.


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