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Cost To Develop an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic | Cost To Create an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic | Cost To Build an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic?

Much like any other industry, the automobile landscape witnesses massive transformations since technology penetrated the automotive market. Several ground-breaking tech stacks surface never-thought-before opportunities before the stakeholders. Also, they have become critical to skyrocketing customer experiences. So, it’s the right time for automobile businesses to leverage technology and uncover hidden growth prospects.

Some pioneers like Your Mechanic make us realize the grave opportunities created by technology in the vehicle industry. The all-new concept of an automobile service marketplace by Your Mechanic makes premium vehicle-servicing facilities achievable on-demand. These comprehensive platforms aggregate several businesses in one place and allow users to narrow down their searches using specific filters. When digital transformation is at its peak, investing in building an automobile service marketplace like Your Mechanic is a billion-dollar idea.

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Statistics of an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic to Inspire You

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    The ever-increasing growth of auto repair makes it a $63 billion industry.
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    The United States alone holds 175,000 mechanical automobile repair shops.
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    68% of customers prefer choosing a suitable automobile service from a marketplace app.

What is an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic?

Are you wondering about what the marketplace concept is in the automotive industry? Well, the marketplace apps consolidate several individual businesses offering similar services. Customers prefer the unique comparison options available on these marketplace apps to find the best company effortlessly. Similarly, the marketplace concept drives more value to the automotive aftermarket industry.

Your Mechanic-like apps hold a myriad of mechanical services and allow the customers to book appointments with skilled mechanics anywhere. The users can call a repairer on the site of vehicle breakdown or access their services at home. So, do you wish to create an automobile marketplace app? Being the best on-demand app development company, Auxano Global Services can assist you with premium products.

Want to Develop an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic?


Your Mechanic is a clear indication of what changes technology can bring to the legacy automobile aftermarket industry. The company has launched interactive mobile applications which provide superior repairing services at vehicle owners’ locations. All the users need is to register themselves with the platform, choose the type of service they wish to access, and find a business that caters to their requirements. Right then, customers can call expert mechanics anywhere and at any point in time. Developing a marketplace app and releasing it in the automobile industry is the wisest decision nowadays.

Being one of the top mobile app development companies in USA, our team is well-acquainted with developing different marketplace apps like Your Mechanic. We leverage cutting-edge technologies in your unique product to set classic benchmarks in the vehicle aftermarket industry.

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Unlock New Experiences with Innovative Automobile Service Marketplace from Auxano Global Services

The automobile industry requires new technologies and all-new features to create mind-boggling marketplace apps. Extending the age-old functionalities might not fetch the latest benefits for marketplace app owners. So, you need to innovate and extract next-gen features for your service aggregator platform.

Auxano Global Services is a leading name among the top mobile app development companies in India that invests in conducting extensive industry research before developing your project. Our team evaluates your requirements and strategizes on implementing innovative features to create an everlasting impression on your users.

To develop an automobile service marketplace app like Your Mechanic, you will require an investment of around $30,000-$35,000.

Below is a detailed breakdown of all services we will leverage in your unique marketplace platform. Have a glimpse!

Basic Features and Cost to Develop an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic


Vehicle Owners

Service Centers


Basic Features

Sign Up/Login

Sign Up/Login


Verify Phone/Forgot Password

Create and Manage Profile


Add and Manage Profiles/Add Vehicles

Service/Category Management

Profile Management

Search and Select Garages/Service Centers

Manage Customers Dashboard

Vehicle Owners Management

Select Services/Categories

Manage Staff

Service Centers Management

Appointment Booking

Appointments Management

Requests/Appointments Management

Payment Details/Confirmation

View Order/Appointment Details

Payments/Transactions Management

Order/Service Tracking

Service Status Update

Notifications Management

Push Notifications for Service Updates

Service Reports

Invoices/Reports Management

Service reminders/ Tyre Replacement/ Oil change

Service Reminder Notifications

Cost to Develop an Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic

A cost of around $30,000-$35,000 is required to develop a mobile app (iOS+Android) + a web admin panel.


Please note that the costs above are approximate and based on the MVP features. You can contact our Business Analysts teams for a detailed estimate based on your requirements.

Additional Features

Loyalty Rewards

Booking Analysis

Promo Codes and Offers

Video Tour

Calendar Management

Dashboard Analytics

Social Media Integration

Chat Module for Customer Support

Customer Analytics

Rating, Review, and Feedback

Push Notification Settings

Roadside Assistance

Revenue Analytics

Chat Module for Vehicle Owners and Service Centers

Innovative Features

Voice Assistance Integration: We uplift your traditional marketplace apps by integrating voice assistants for seamless service booking from your customers. They can synchronize your app with Google Home and Amazon Alexa to give voice commands when booking an automotive service.

Blockchain-Backed Transactions: Add an extra layer of security in your marketplace app by leveraging Blockchain at the backbone. Hire dedicated mobile app developers from AGS and utilize cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain to safeguard your payments.

Chatbot Integration: Make your marketplace app more interactive by leveraging robust chatbots on the platform with our team. We have demonstrated experience in developing creative and trained chatbots to assist your customers when booking an aftermarket service.

Team Composition You Require For a Thriving App

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    Project Manager

  • icon-consultancy-business-consulting

    Business Analyst

  • icon-consultancy-technology-consulting

    UI and UX Designers

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Mobile App Developer (iOS & Android)

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Digital Marketer

Team Composition We Will Assign To Your Project

  • Expert Requirement Analysis
  • Beneficial Technology Advice
  • Get a comprehensive roadmap
  • Measuring and eradicating potential risks
  • Assurance of quality product
  • Future enhancements and scope







Fabric iOS


Android Studio




swift iOS


Google API












Mantis Bt




MEAN Stack


Google Analytics


Google Search Console



Why Should You Partner with AGS to Develop an Automobile Service Marketplace?

Hiring a complementary technical partner for your marketplace app can be challenging. However, you can go with the one having a myriad of attributes, making them the best mobile app development company like Auxano Global Services. Here you go with our features.

  • We have years of experience in creating diverse marketplace apps across various industries. Our dedicated developers team leverages the expertise to build a unique product for you with no technical glitches.
  • Our team follows an agile approach towards developing your automobile service marketplace to ensure quick delivery of bug-free products.
  • We subject your marketplace app to rigorous testing and quality assurance before delivering the final product to your company.
How Much Does It Cost to Create a Automobile Service Marketplace like Your Mechanic?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost required to develop an automobile service marketplace app like Your Mechanic?

    You will require to invest around $30,000-$35,000 to develop a fully functional automobile service marketplace app like Your Mechanic.

  • Do you integrate chatbots in automobile service marketplace platforms?

    Yes! We can implement next-gen chatbots to enhance user experience with your automobile service marketplace platform on your demand.

  • Will you offer maintenance support even after delivery?

    Yes! Our team provides you with a premium maintenance support service to troubleshoot all your concerns even after product delivery.

  • Where can I go for more information about Automobile service marketplace development?

    To know more about Automobile service marketplace development and to hire dedicated developers, contact us at admin@auxanoglobalservices.com or can call us at +1.209.736.5046


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