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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Geocoding Mobile App Like What3words?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Geocoding Mobile App Like What3words?

We cannot turn away from the fact that navigation and geolocation apps have become quintessential in our lives. These apps are used every day by millions of users in finding addresses and locations. No matter how new you are in a city, geolocation apps will guide your way through the destination effortlessly.

Yet another revolution in the geolocation world is What3words. What3words changed the definition of location-finding with digital apps using a unique concept of dividing the entire world into squares of 3m X 3m. Each square has a unique 3-code address in the What3words app. Such a concept makes geolocation facilities precise and users can reach out to any location easily. Being a highly popular idea, several brands, investors, and entrepreneurs wish to replicate the app but step back due to the complexities associated.

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Statistics of a Geolocation Application like What3words to Inspire You

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    More than 36% of adults use a navigation app before stepping out of their locations.
  • icon-consultancy-understanding-and-scoping
    A majority (77%) of smartphone owners use different navigation apps in their day-to-day lives.
  • icon-consultancy-understanding-and-scoping
    Over 66.8% of smartphone users are likely to use navigation apps monthly.

What is a Geocoding Mobile Application like What3words?

Did you hear everyone singing praises of What3words? Well, it’s because the unique geocoding app is a ground-breaking concept in the navigation realm. Its thought-provoking concept divides the world into 3 meter-squares and provides a unique 3-word code to each square. What’s the result? You get precise location, pinpointed addresses, and a rapid roadmap from remote places! All these attributes and facilities make What3words a highly popular application among users.

Do you wish to create a What3words-like app? Being the best on-demand app development company, Auxano Global Services can build such a robust product in the blink of an eye. Additionally, our team can blend innovative features into your app to provide you with an invincible competitive advantage.

Want to Develop a Geocoding Mobile Application like What3words?


The unique concept behind What3words gets more downloads and user acceptance worldwide. What3words registers high preference among navigation app users and has become the best choice worldwide. Investors and entrepreneurs crave such a high revenue-generating model and seek professional teams to kickstart their projects. Auxano Global Services is one of the top mobile app development companies in USA and remains well-familiar with the nitty-gritty of geolocation apps. You can overcome your fear of embedding complex geocoding functionality in your What3words-like app and devise high-quality products with us.

Our team has demonstrated experience in dealing with geocoding features and building apps that share locations precisely. We leverage years of expertise and thorough technical knowledge in orchestrating even better applications than What3words for you.

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Harness Innovation to Build Classy Geocoding Application like What3words with Auxano Global Services

Do you think yourself the only one having an idea to develop geocoding applications and generate massive ROI? Unfortunately, no! Several companies and startups get inspired by What3words and aspire to develop better navigation apps for society. Your version can achieve projected success only when it has enough innovation and never-seen-before features. Luckily, we are here to help you! As we are one of the top mobile app development companies in India, innovation backs our operations. Our team invests in continuous research and innovation to make your geocoding app distinct and more helpful for the audiences.

You will get a fully functional geocoding mobile application at around $12,000 – $15,000.

Here is a breakdown of features that we will integrate into your What3words-like app.

Basic Features and Cost to Develop a Geocoding Mobile Application like What3words

End Users

Basic Features

Register/Sign Up

Maps with Geolocation Services

Voice Commands

Multilingual Support

Precise Locations Sharing

Favorite Locations Saving

Search Locations

Cost to Develop a Geocoding Mobile Application like What3words

You will require $12,000 - $15,000 to develop a geocoding app (iOS + Android + web admin panel)


Please note that the costs above are approximate and based on the MVP features. You can contact our Business Analysts teams for a detailed estimate based on your requirements.

Additional Features

Satellite Map View

Adding Images of the Places

Rate and Review the Places Visited

Team Composition You Require For a Thriving App

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    Project Manager

  • icon-consultancy-business-consulting

    Business Analyst

  • icon-consultancy-technology-consulting

    UI and UX Designers

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Mobile App Developer (iOS & Android)

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Digital Marketer

Team Composition We Will Assign To Your Project

  • Expert Requirement Analysis
  • Beneficial Technology Advice
  • Get a comprehensive roadmap
  • Measuring and eradicating potential risks
  • Assurance of quality product
  • Future enhancements and scope







Fabric iOS


Android Studio




swift iOS


Google API












Mantis Bt




MEAN Stack


Google Analytics


Google Search Console



Why Collaborate with Auxano Global Services to Develop Flawless Geocoding App like What3words?

Are you wondering about the benefits of collaborating with AGS? More precisely, are you thinking about the attributes that set us apart in the industry? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with the following list of AGS advantages.

  • Our demonstrated industry experience makes us the perfect mobile app development company to take up your geocoding application project.
  • Auxano Global Services follows rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to validate our deliverables.
  • You can hire mobile app developers from us to develop What3words-like apps at your convenience.
Create a Geocoding Mobile App Like What3words

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost to build a What3words-like app?

    You will require an investment of around $12,000 – $15,000 to develop a What3words-like app.

  • Do you have experience in developing geocoding and navigation apps?

    Yes! Our team has developed several game-changing geocoding and navigation apps, having integration-flexibility and high scalability.

  • Will you offer maintenance support after delivery of the What3words-like app development?

    Yes! We offer end-to-end maintenance support even after the development lifecycle gets over.


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