Gramophones, tape recorders, walkman’s, downloading mp3 on our phones, and so forth have been music players’ evolution. With time, people are demanding something they can easily use to listen to music. In order to serve their demands, various business entities have come up with online music apps.

Digital apps that help us listen to music have been a boon to the music industry and enthusiasts. These apps not only help to listen to music anywhere, anytime and any place but have helped in generating a large revenue for music creators.

Apps like SoundCloud have generated $273 million and have promised to keep growing.
So as a business developer, if you want to make a unique music app just like SoundCloud and generate revenue, then you are at the right place.

Here are some more interesting statistics about this music-streaming app:
1. There are more than 76 million subscribers
2. The number of creators on SoundCloud is 30 million
3. People from 18 to 34 years contribute 63.5% of the subscribers
4. Americans contribute 27% of its listeners

This article will be your holy grail if you are looking for insights on Music Streaming App Development like SoundCloud. We have incorporated in this article the process, important features, and cost that you will need to develop an app.

Let’s start the journey…

Cost Of Developing A Music Streaming App

The business world rotates on the fact of how much money you can spend and how much revenue you can generate in a particular venture. We can not give you any figure that you might need to spend while developing a music streaming app, as that would be misleading. However, you can get in touch with our On-Demand App Development company and ask us about the cost details of the app.

Here are some factors that contribute to the cost of developing a music app.

Factors affecting cost

1. Features

The more features you add, the more will be the cost of the app. Implementing VDO features in the app will further increase the cost.

2. Storage

The more the storage capacity, the more will be the cost of the app.

3. Technological Orientation

When you are developing a music streaming app, always spend on high-end technologies; the user-friendliness, loading time of the app, how long it takes to respond, etc.

4. Number Of Developers

The more developers you hire while developing the app, the cost of development will also increase. While hiring, ensure that you hire a developing company that will offer you all services under the same umbrella.

5. UI/UX

Changing the way you want your app to look is also a contributing factor. The more UI/UX elements and designs you implement, the higher the app’s cost will be.

Now that you know the factors contributing to a higher cost, you can decide what to keep and sack while developing a music app like SoundCloud.

Features To Consider While Developing A SoundCloud Similar App


SoundCloud was launched in 2008, and within a short span of time, it has reached high demand and popularity. if you want your music app to be like SoundCloud, these are the features you must try to add to your app.

1. Search Option


The search option enables the users to search for the album, track, music, podcast, etc. within a few seconds. Including this feature is crucial and can not be skipped. Users can type the music artist or name of the song to easily find the song of their choice.

2. Music Playing

Music Playing

It is the reason that people will come to your app and use it, the play music feature. Users can listen to music, tracks, podcasts, and all kinds of audio tracks according to their own convenience. There is also an option of downloading music so that users can enjoy uninterrupted music even with no internet connection.

3. Curating A Playlist

Curating Playlist

People who love tapping their feet to music tend to be picky when it comes to the songs they want to listen to. They love creating playlists consisting of songs they love. Users love this feature, do not miss implementing it.

4. Record Track

Record Track

Recording tracks is a unique feature that differentiates SoundCloud from its competitors. If you are aiming to clone it, adding this feature is unavoidable. Music creators are in love with this feature as they can create and record their music. They have a scope to share their music within a community. It also allows the music creators to earn by sharing their work.

5. Social Media Interaction

Social media Interaction

This is another important feature that SoundCloud has incorporated into its app. Users can sign up to this app through their social media. Sharing has never been easier with this feature. The user has the option to share their favorite tracks on social media.

6. Real-Time Streaming

Real Time Streaming

Music is a form of art, and art has no language. It has become more evident in the world of modern technologies. Users can listen to trending music from any country or region. For example, If you are in America, you can listen to music that has been going viral and topping the trending charts in India.

7. Following and Finding Friends

Following and Finding Friends

Human beings are social beings, and they love being in a community with like-minded people. An app like SoundCloud has this feature that enables the users to connect with other listeners and build a community.

8. Commenting


Another feature that makes the SoundCloud app different is the commenting feature. When anyone releases any recorded track or shares their thoughts regarding a song, people from their community can comment and express their feelings or communicate with the user.

9. Reposting Feature

Reposting Feature

Like we repost on Instagram and Facebook, SoundCloud helps you repost any content you have created or shared a track you like. While reposting pleases the users, the UX strategy of SoundCloud makes users choose the app over various other music streaming apps like Amazon Music or Spotify.

All these nine features make SoundCloud unique, and consistently they are gaining followers. If you want to build an app similar to this, ensure that you choose these features. Your app can generate revenue and reach more and more customers. These features will give your music app a unique outlook and bring onboard more and more users.

Sectors Affecting Music App Development

Sectors Affecting Music App Development

There is a lot of backend work that needs your focus while you are developing a music app. have a look at the groundwork you need to do before you invest in a music app.

1. Licencing

Before you plunge into anything, ensure to acquire all the licenses that are needed. As an app developer, you will need to pay royalties to the music companies. Ensure that the copyright of the song labels belongs to the music company you are purchasing from.

2. Social Media

The Music Streaming App Development Company might face a challenge when it comes to making an app like SoundCloud as it is more like a music social media app. It supports streaming, sharing, commenting, collaborations, etc.

3. Recommendation

Every user loves an app that will offer them a personalized experience. The personalization is based on the tracks they love listening to, the time they prefer to listen to, and so on. You need to develop a team and an app that will give the users a one-of-a-kind personalized experience.

4. Convenience And Speed

Remember the time when we had the patience to wait for a video to load and see the never-ending wheel of buffering? Long gone are the days. Nowadays, people want it fast and convenient while using it. Focusing on this sector is hence very important.

How Can Auxano Global Services Help You Develop A Music App?

Auxano Global Services is a Mobile App Development Company that has helped a huge number of organizations in making their businesses go online. Here we have a team of professionals who are excellent at communication. They will interact with you and understand your needs and concerts, further suggest to you what will be good for your business.

We have an excellent supporting team who will help you in case you are facing any kind of glitch during the trial period. You can talk to us 24×7 over chats, calls and emails, asking about any solution you need.

Further, we have the latest technologies that will help you curd any kind of technical hurdle that might follow after launching the app. We have been in the business for quite a long time. In order to ensure that we offer value for service, you can head over to our website and check the client testimonials.


While you will be developing a music app, you will need to do a lot of groundwork and do a proper business module. Once you are done with that, we will help you to develop a music app that will never fail. With us, stick up all the features and add something extra that will make your music app like SoundCloud even better.

All you need to do is get in touch with us and start your dream project of developing an app that will take the market by storm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is There Any Need For A Website Before Building An App?

    No, there is no requirement for a website while you are developing an app. All you need to focus on is good marketing, a good landing page and an easy-to-use app that will sustain the user once they enter the forum.

  • 2. What Are Some Similar Music Streaming Apps Like SoundCloud?

    While SoundCloud is taking the market by storm, a few other similar music streaming apps are:
    1. Amazon Music
    2. Podcast Addict
    3. Spotify

  • 3. Is SoundCloud Free Of Cost?

    There are two versions of SoundCloud- a freemium version and a premium version. The premium version allows you to avail a few more features.

  • 4. What Is The Most Attractive Feature That Your SoundCloud Premium Offers?

    The most exciting feature users enjoy using SoundCloud premium is that listeners can add free music. No more ad breaks while listening to music on SoundCloud.

  • 5. Are There Any Music Streaming Apps That Are Ad-free?

    Yes, there are music apps that offer you uninterrupted music listening. Google Play, Jango, Deeper, etc., are a few apps where you can listen to music without listening to ads.

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