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Cost To Develop Restaurant Management App like eZee BurrP | Cost To Create An Application Like eZee BurrP | Cost To Make App Like eZee BurrP

How much would it cost to create a restaurant management app like eZee BurrP!?

Restaurant management isn’t an easy task; we can feel your pain in managing everything manually. But we know what you need to efficiently manage your restaurant without wasting loads of time and effort. A POS system for the restaurant can take all your woes away.

Right from what ingredients you need for your restaurant to manage your employees, you can do it all using a POS system. To develop such software that can handle your kitchen and your workforce without bothering your user-experience, contact us. We can create a smooth, easy-to-handle POS system that will make your process more accessible and save your time.

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    The report predicts the global restaurant management software market to grow with a CAGR of 14.5% over the forecast period of 2018-2024.
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    The Restaurant POS Software market will register a 7.6% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ 1450 million by 2024.
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    50% of restaurant professionals say accounting, payroll, and business intelligence software is essential for their business.

About Ezee Burrp!

It is a digital restaurant management system that lets restaurants manage their services and tasks by improving operations efficiency.

This POS software automates all tasks in minutes and lets the restaurant staff deliver their work on time by simultaneously communicating with them. If you don’t want to pay loads to get this software, we can help you create your own customized POS system like eZee Burrp!

Want to develop a POS restaurant management software?


Every restaurant requires Point Of Sales (POS) software to speed up their operations and efficiently manage all the tasks, from handling kitchen requirements to assigning tasks to employees. Whether assigning seating to your customers or taking care that their order arrives in a short period, it also helps in delivering a smooth and fantastic user experience. If you want to create your own custom restaurant management POS system, then we are the one that can assist you in the best possible manner. We have worked with restaurant clients across the globe and rendered custom solutions to them, which enhanced their overall process and made them earn even more than expected.

Benefits of restaurant application

Boost Your Restaurant Brand

Improve Customer Engagement

Get Quality Customer

Enhanced Process Management

Build Loyalty

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Basic Features & Cost to Develop A Restaurant Management POS System

System User


Restaurant Manager



End Users

Customer onboard

Set up multiple menus


Admin onboard

Search for food

Manage real-time inventory

Product management

Dashboard analytics

Food detail

Customize orders management

Delivery management

Restaurant Management

Select food items

Item modifiers

Stock management

Operations Modes

Location access for delivery

Discounts on items

Hardware integration for product stock management

Inventory and Stock Management

Choose dine-in/delivery mode

Dine-in orders

Cost management

Hardware integration update

Add item modification

Delivery order management

Dashboard Analytics

CRM integration


Generate kitchen order tickets (KOT)

Payment management


Synced with kitchen display system (KDS)

Invoice status


User privileges

Notification management


Control operations from one location



Receipt operations

Promotion management

Billing and invoicing for orders

Role Management

Printing provisions

Permission Management


Static page content management system

Notifications for announcement and promotions

Report generation

Inventory management

Stock management

Dashboard view

Weekly/Monthly/Daily Report Generation


The cost to build a restaurant management app like eZee BurP! will be $20k to $35k.


Please note that the costs above are approximate and based on the MVP features. You can contact our Business Analysts teams for a detailed estimate based on your requirements.

Additional Features



End Users

Mobile App for staff

Chat option with staff

Coupons for customers

The reward for frequent visitors

Innovative Solution

What if your customers can order through the system directly assigned to the Chef in the kitchen? Wouldn't it make your process time-saving and more impressive? Hell yeah! We can do it by integrating AI-enabled voice speech recognition technology so you can deliver an outstanding user experience.

Get iBeacons and place them around your restaurant; our developers will feed all the information such as menu and restaurant details in the beacon. Whenever a new consumer arrives, he/she will get an automatic pop-up of your menu and your specialty. It will help you save time.

Team Composition You Require For a Thriving App

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    Project Manager

  • icon-consultancy-business-consulting

    Business Analyst

  • icon-consultancy-technology-consulting

    UI and UX Designers

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Mobile App Developer (iOS & Android)

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • icon-consultancy-enterprise-application

    Digital Marketer

Team Composition to create a POS restaurant management app like eZee Burrp!








Fabric iOS


Android Studio




swift iOS


Google API












Mantis Bt




MEAN Stack


Google Analytics


Google Search Console



Why choose Auxano Global Services as your technical partner to develop a restaurant management app?

Auxano Global Services is a leading software development company. We excel in mobile app development and have developed applications for the restaurant industry, making us the perfect fit for your requirements. You can check our portfolio to get an idea and then can proceed with us. We are humans, and we believe in discussing the app idea so that we both can be on the same page before developing your app. If you want to check our eligibility, give us a call now.

Cost To Develop Restaurant Management App like eZee BurrP | Cost To Create An Application Like eZee BurrP | Cost To Make App Like eZee BurrP

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my restaurant staff communicate with each other through the app?

    Yes, we will customize the app that helped your staff communicate with each other through a system with real-time features.

  • How much time does it need to develop a restaurant management app?

    It will take around 700 hours to develop a POS restaurant management app for your restaurant.

  • How much does it cost to develop a POS restaurant management app?

    The cost to build a restaurant management app like eZee BurP! will be $20k to $35k. To know the exact cost and to develop such software, contact us now.


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