The global boundaries are slowly fading, and people are traveling to different locations for various purposes, and with this, their need to learn foreign languages has sparked crazily.

Duolingo identified this need long ago and posted an interesting solution in the form of an attractive and smartly designed app that entertained the need of the public in a different style.

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If you know a unique way to eradicate the complexity of learning issues, you must build an app like Duolingo or even better as the language learning market is expected to see continuous growth in the coming years.

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A smart way to break the cost of development is by identifying how many people you would need as a team of developers, which has a direct link with what features you want on your app. As the features and complexity of your app increases, the cost will go higher, and another factor that fluctuates your budget is on what platform you want your app to be built.

Our developers who are listed as the top mobile app developers can help you in delivering a cost-effective solution and hence we have designed this datasheet to guide you. When you hire us as your technical partner, you get the app designed within a range of $40k-$50k. But to get the precise answer, read out the datasheet.

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