Have you heard of the social media app Mitron? If not then, you must know that it has crossed millions of users and is ready to enter its name in one of the popular apps.

Want to create Mitron like app and want to know how much it costs to develop an app like Mitron and what features your app must have to outrun your competitors. 

Mitron is a short video-sharing social media platform that is intended to bring out youngsters’ creativity and thoughts. It offers a consistent and straightforward platform for the users to create a video, share it with others, and view other videos. This makes it a relishing entertainment place for people without doing anything on the app.

Hence, you can create an app like Mitron and can gain popularity among users. You just have to clarify everything before you hire an experienced app development company to develop such an app. Do you know that it can cost $60k-$80k if you hire without verifying the company and in a different region? Development charges can also be modified as per the region you choose to hire from. 

Hire top mobile app developers listed by the renowned platform and get such social media app within $40k-$50k. To get the exact figure first download our datasheet that explains the features that you need to make your app unique, how much does it cost to develop an app like Mitron, and other information before developing an app.

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