Do you know there are 227 million monthly players and 87 million daily players of PUBG? PUBG Corp. reported operating revenue of $920M and $310M in operating profit for the year 2019. Isn’t it huge? Do you want to know what the reason behind the success is? Why battle royale games like PUBG have millions of players? The reason is that they are exciting and nerve-wracking.

Hundreds of player characters spawn simultaneously in random places, Where they battle it out to death as the game map gradually shrinks in size, and at the end, the number of players whittled down to a single player, who becomes the winner.

This game has earned gained momentum at its early stage only. By the stats and facts, it’s sure to say that the game development industry has a billion-dollar opportunity. Are you planning to enter this vast industry?

Auxano Global Services can become your technology partner to help you jump into this game industry by developing a robust game like PUBG.

Read more to find out about everything that you need to know about PUBG, and it’s app development cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Do I Create A Game Like PUBG?

    If you want to create a game like PUBG, then you should hire a bespoke mobile app development company such as Auxano Global Services. We are a leading game app development company having expertise in the mobile game app development industry. Our result-driven solutions can help you to create a winsome game application.

  • 2. Why should you hire our game app developers to develop a game like PUBG?

    We have vast experience in developing mobile apps for almost all industries. Hence we have the expertise in developing mobile apps of any niche. With over 8+ years of experience in the industry, we would have been the perfect choice for developing a game like PUBG. We have a proven track record of success with many other large companies. Contact us now.

  • 3. Do you provide maintenance and support services after developing a game like PUBG?

    Yes, we provide maintenance and support services after developing a game like PUBG. We also provide several upgrade versions and updates to your app. You can check out our maintenance and support page for more information.

  • 4. Where can I go for more information about PUBG like game app development services?

    You can contact us via email at We welcome you to learn more about PUBG like game app development services, so we can help you build your game app faster and easier than ever before.