Cost of Developing an App Like Airbnb

Have you heard of Airbnb?

Just kidding, we know everyone is aware of Airbnb.

Nowadays, people prefer traveling as their passion as well as a profession, and they look for a home away from home where they can sleep peacefully.

This need is fulfilled by Airbnb, which brought a new and exciting twist in the market. The central concept of this app is the house-sharing service that offers a great feel of home and cheaper accommodation to travelers.

The growth chart of this app is spectacular and has grabbed everyone’s attention. But have you ever wondered how much it costs to build an app like Airbnb?

If you are looking for a perfect mobile app development company to create an app like Airbnb, then first, you should consider the cost factor. This datasheet will solve all your queries.

What’s in the Datasheet?

This datasheet will give you an idea of what factors will affect the cost of your app.

  • Why should you consider an app like Airbnb for your mobile app development?
  • What are the reasons for Airbnb’s popularity?
  • What was the issue that this app has solved?
  • Who can leverage from an app like Airbnb?
  • How much does it cost to build an app like Airbnb?

This datasheet is a result of our thorough research which will help you in getting an idea concerning the cost of your mobile app development requirements like Airbnb.


Download it now and enjoy our significant insights.

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